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  1. Man can hide and lie,Cheat ,steal , fix the rules change the rule. Hurt take consume, not replace all natural resources. The good news is wickedness will and is coming to an end. You can run but you cain't hide. You evil ones cain't and want get away from god love and the true wraf of god. You have won nothing! Time is short!

  2. The president did a victory lap after the Barr summary then ran of to try to completely wreck the AHCA but this will always be a cloud over the president and their is bipartisan agreement on this.
    The president is only acting this way because he has an attorney general who is willing to cover up for him.
    But Congress, please keep calling and keep applying pressure until we see Bob Muller's 2 years worth of work that we paid for.
    And by the way Don Jr is pretty quiet.Is he scared?

  3. YouTube crams so many commercials down your throat that you are forced to pay or just fuckn be annoyed. Money whores.

  4. With that same logic Reagan should have been under investigation for the back end diplomacy he/his team conducted with Iran to release the hostages on the day of his inauguration. The hostages being released on the day he was sworn in was NOT a coincidence.

  5. Wow I want to commit 16 felonies and get away with two days community service and 10k fine.

    As I always been saying there is two types of justice one for the haves and one for the have nots. It’s a social economic status issue, not a race, just ask OJ.

  6. NBC NEWS EXCLUSIVE IS THE BEST NEWS EVER! Thank You! Excellent Hard Work ( Honest Reporting ). I Love IT!😎🤗

  7. First off, Trump needs to admit that Trump caused this investigation by his own words. He said on national television that he told Lester that he fired Comey because of Russia. Betsy is clearly the most selfish woman on the planet. Set some priorities that still supports the Special Olympics. The fact that all special education is being cut… shows that she doesn't really care about children and their future at all.

  8. Why in the world will the liberals not give up that they lost the 2016 election and move on? President Trump supplies an ample amount of silly comments to choose from yet they dwell on trying to reverse their election loss.

  9. Justice for all adjudicated. Cautionary message, sparking a civil rights protest for a fake hate crime has huge potential to harm citizens. So…this is justice for offences that incited no actual violence. The justice system doing it's job is making America great again.

  10. She (devos) probably is in need of cash for herself or general motors. Smollett just gave up a chunk of cash.

  11. Go, @Comey 💞
    #SupportTheFBI #SupportRobertMueller FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump @FBI #ChristopherWray @FBIAgentsAssoc @FBIMostWanted

  12. Comey is left confused as to why his pal Mueller didn't find that the President was guilty of obstruction of justice. After all that's what his pal Mueller was supposed to do. That's why Comey wanted Mueller appointed as Special Council. Something is amiss.

  13. I trust Mueller Explicitly. I'm not sure about Barr yet. It seems Trump was interviewing for a Loyal acting AG. His son's appointment? Nepotism makes me nervous.

  14. If Trump has nothing to hide release the full report, this will continue to hang over him. Of course we still have the SDNY investigating his financial dealings which I believe ties him to Russian oligarch loans and this cannot be touched by his administration. 🙂

  15. The JamesComey interview. I like what I here from Mr Comey Folks, Mr Comey appears to be an honest man. On the other hand, I wish I could say that about our current president. I do not trust Mr Trump. Nutjob Mr. president, take a look in the mirror.

  16. Trumps golfing trips to Mara lago is costing tax payers 11,000,000 a month, and his stupid Trumpsters praise him for not taking a 400,000 /year salary.

  17. 8:40 Our president is the BEST speaker! He knows all the BEST words!

    My GAWD is he an embarrassment! I've never facepalmed so often, before! My mind is continually blown and not in a good way…

  18. The Obama's, and George Soros are behind Smollett's dropped charges, just like they were behind the racial plot that he hatched, and was entrapped in. Soros, and his pals never would have come out of the shadows to free Smolett if they weren't afraid of what Smolett might have said in Court. This is going to blow up big in their faces.

  19. How can the chief law enforcement officer in the country obstruct an investigation when he’s innocent?
    How could I cover up a murder if the murder never happened? The president can fire the FBI director for any reason he wants. Trump didn’t collude with Russia hence he didn’t obstruct

  20. Smolett should sue the City of Chicago. The police obviously erroneously arrested him. It could be worth millions to him.

  21. James Comey is a great American patriot, Thankyou Sir, history will be on your side, your Grand kids and great grandchildren will aways love you and Be Proud of your accomplishments and that's what really matters. ☆☆☆☆

  22. democrats would like people to think they care about the special olympics but its all politics. if it was up to them they would abort every "special" child before (or even after) they are born. just like nazi germany. nazis=democrats. both are monsters.

  23. My respect and appreciation to the ultimate sacrifice made by SSG Atkins and his family. Please lock up Hillary and Mrs. Clinton, Jessie Smollet. Oh btw, impose 8 year term limits in Congress and the Senate!

  24. McCabe, Strozk and Page say Comey didn't wear pants during meetings and at 6ft. 8, he would just start sucking himself off.

  25. I can't believe Drumpf actually did something honorable for a veteran. That must've left a terrible taste in his mouth.

  26. I have concerns with the words: 'urgent upgrade' even in a benign accounting job those words are frightening. Boeing has demonstrated they put profits ahead of the flying public! And I see the Chicago police have skipped a few steps: like judge, jury and proving a crime. We should be lucky he is still with us; being at the wrong end of cops never goes well!

  27. Do you people realize how much other money is given to the Special Olympics just in Donations ?! This will not hurt their cause one bit ! Do some research !

  28. Enough of Comey, Comey's a snake. Hey Comey, where's all that 'new information' on Clinton that you announced just before the election, then turned around and said 'Never mind!' after the damage was done? Why wasn't COMEY investigated for such a massive breach? And why did Trump dump you? One snake recognized another snake?

  29. Get over it Comey, still sore over getting fired 18 mo. ago. I heard Wal-Mart needs greeters, we know you love to talk!!!

  30. Democrats: Ok, so no collusion… fine. But there's gotta be something in there we can use in the next election. C'MON.

  31. The FCC should yank NBC New's broadcasting licence for its blatant forwarding of the failed Russian Boogeyman
    stunt, for promoting hate, and for its shameless slander of our democratically elected President over the last two years.
    .~ NBC News; You are a disgrace to American Journalism and to our Republic.

  32. So glad Mr. Comey was fired in disgrace.
    He is a treasonous liar who has stained the credibility of the FBI & our Republic.

  33. Comey wanted to do anything to distract from him and Hillary concluding to keep her out of prison. The Mueller report probably tells how he talked to Hillary's lawyer and days later all evidence of her crime was gone.the FBI isn't crooked anymore now that this criminal is out of it

  34. As lies pile up, credibility of this admin = zero. Thank you Mr Mueller. Let's see that report (however incomplete, it may be — given it was cut short and most agree it's difficult to indite or subpoena POTUS).

  35. "If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed."
    – Mark Twain

  36. What are these lying Liberal "journalists" (wink wink) going to do now that America knows they are just Democrat Party Shills? Are they going to stay on television with a straight face like nothing has just happened????? Why aren't these Democrat Propagandists OFF THE AIR???????

  37. OMG.. Seriously. ..? So if you commit a none violent felony in Cook County Illinois and You Pay $10,000.00 for "Court Cost" (ya right) and Then of course if your famous and commit to volunteer for 2 days. .. You can have 16 Felonies Dropped… Sealed Away… Bye.. Bye, like it never happened. Hmm.. and people are pissie about Famous people With Lots of Cash Wanting a Great College Education for their Children so they pay money and lots of money to get their children in. Now what the Fk is Wrong with this picture. …? Please Explain that. Who don't want the Best for their Children.? They pay their money they earned for a big bump on that list.. Right in to a College Dorm. They ate not accusing people of false things., They are not deliberately trying to hurt somebody, They just want their child to have the best. Smallet accused people of his race.. of beating him etc.. with 16+ Felonies and walks with a $10k marathon and will owe a two day walkathon, And it will never become part of public records. Imagine that Fkn B.S.

  38. Thank you, Lester Holt; and thank you to the reporters at NBC News and Nightly News for their work and to NBC for posting it on YouTube.

  39. Comey better Lawyer up !!!!! I was A Dem But Neva Again !!!!!! This Whole Russia Thing Opened My Eyes To The Truth !!!!!!

  40. how do you trust a man that says he is investigating leaks but when the truth came out he was the leaker……. Comey will do or say whatever helps his deepstate agenda.

  41. Devos is the worst, she is destroying education and support for handicapped kids. She supports tax cut for the rich – hmmm that’s ok?

  42. Bill go going fishing with Kids Friend TRC Please Soo n El Rancho There’s President awards for learning how Gorge would time John Arizona Jerome deep voice Daughters remember that’s good farmers Letterman would ask Lenno how did you feel after that workout Jimmy was chasing you are you okay

  43. Democrats are soft and drumph have all the media in his pocket apart from the Rachel maddow show, if that was happening somewhere else in the world America would have been bombing that country by now ,at least we thank God no body strong to do that .#king mushroom

  44. Mark Thomas wrong again. Hes yet to actually donate anything. Especially when his weekly trips to his own resorts . Are a clear violation of the law. No public official can profit off his office.

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