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  1. “A smart teenager with a spare thousand dollars in their basement might be able to pull this off”
    Bruh I don’t have .69 cents to buy a chicken nugget

  2. What a pathetic representative of the people of the USA throw acid in that poor mans face like that. I hope they throw the book at him.

  3. Attempted Bomber – smiling because he’s a proud Trumper. There are many out there that just haven’t carried out their plans yet. Trump’s hate has spread like a terrible virus. Putin sits back and laughs at how we are self-destructing.

  4. The attempted synagogue bomber, the acid attacker and the increase in hate crimes are all a direct cause of the electoral college putting a hateful criminal in the Oval Office.

  5. Sick f*** with the acid. Burn him down. Absolutely beyond human reason. This is a violent crime he should be put away for the rest of his life in a padded cell

  6. We are now in China this is what China does to their citizens. Spying on us how free are we really. Think about it everyone they are spying on us where is the real freedom? This is happening in the United States of America. Going behind our backs spying on everything we do. At least China is open about there's. Who is the greatest country in the world?

  7. 1st report. I think thats called entrapment. Or something along those lines. You coax someone into doing something, you supply the materials, then bust them for possession of the materials you supplied.
    I know its the feds doing it, but if someone else was to do that, its called conspiracy to commit a crime. 20 years to life in prison. Yes there are bad people out there. But you can easily radicalize someone into going forth by supplying them with the ability to commit. Right or wrong? This seems to happen a lot and its played out the same way.

  8. NBC, I knew you hated white people but you're going above and beyond. Now it's every single story of criminal activity is white folks?

  9. One sided, you talk about what the president said about the Ukrainian ambassador, but you say nothing about all the sh!t she's been saying about him that started this?

  10. Not one word about the American family from Utah that was shot and burned alive at the Mexican border? A foiled white supremacist plot is more important? These were women and children!

  11. Your credibility for fair and balanced is absolutely done. So much bias and misinformation it's sickening. You're digging your own grave right next to CNN.

  12. Anything to keep the war going. How can you trust the government or news when one day the truth is this and another the truth is that

  13. They need to spash acid on the face of the guy who injured our fellow american citizen.
    Let him have his OWN medicine.

  14. Snoozer post time again (6am Eastern time) – approx. 12 hours after the broadcast. I'm watching yesterday's news. I get it, "Don't watch it then…", or "big baby". Try this – it's 2019 not 1929. Or, get with it. Or, maybe I don't want the app or cable and just want to watch it here.

  15. The cookie story at the end lifted my heart a bit coming as it did after news of the resurgence of ISIS and the hate crimes in America.

  16. I guess they may as well interview Parnas but whatever he says is less than garbage unless he can corroborate his statements with undeniable proof.

  17. Hate Crime: Viniger can stop any acid from burning. Plus bring back skin order. Only works if caught on time. Clear Viniger is even better.

  18. Here's a sure fire way to avoid getting hacked- take your Amazon, Google, or Apple smart home device and throw it directly in the trash can.

  19. The acid thrower's mug shot wasn't shown – come on NBC – if he was a minority I bet that pic would be all over the story … 🙁

  20. Most annoying voice and she picked news as a job. Well I guess if you are a professional soy boy or whinny victim liberal lady you would work for enemy of the people

  21. Cookies will good normal….because NASA doesn't go into outer space– as we know the world is flat.. and that is why cookies cook flat. 🙂

  22. These Hate Crimes, are sickening! All of this crap has increased dramatically since the tragic event of Nov. 2016! Ignorance Abounds!

  23. The Oklahoma Prison release is a good step forward for Criminal Justice Reform. There's no reason People's lives have to be destroyed over Minor, petty offenses!

  24. I bet a lot more People get sick from Food Cooking habits that are unsanitary, undercooking, and Foods contaminated when purchased, that they don't ever know why they were sick.

  25. So much for trumps " make AMERICA great again"…It was til spoiled sociopath rich man got in office. Who ever voted for him..what an embarrassing time for our country.😞😣

  26. Whoever says Isis is defeated in the American government system should be immediately dropped off in Isis control territory and see how defeated they are!

  27. There are a million Iraqi ppl peacefully protesting against their government's corruption and have been for weeks in Baghdad at Tahrir square and elsewhere.. and instead you report on the boogy men of ISIS? 🙄 What nonsense.

  28. Rather than trying to blow up that synagogue, why didn't that guy go after one of those slimeball "data collection" agencies instead?


  29. @NBC News ~ @NBC Nightly News ~ Thank you so much for listing in the descriptions section: the time stamps and news topics.👍 We Love you, NBC News! 💙💚💖💛💜

  30. Jail is a violent dangerous place and excessive punishment for non-violent offenders. No one should be used as an Example due to the underfunded system.

  31. Sending non violent prisoners home early is a good thing..!!! Other states.. PAY ATTENTION!!! Locking people up isn't ALWAYS the answer!

  32. Consumer Score is for the China like re education camps coming to Americans when Dems takeover the WH. 2million in China camps. Tainted food so folks adjust to Lab Grown Food pushed by the NWO

  33. The day I become that lazy that I need a "smart assistant" I hope to be dead! Are you kidding me? turn on the lights???? Turn on your brain!!

  34. I am so glad the Transit worker was a strong man. That was incredible. Hope he gets recognized with some kind of award for being a TRUE HERO. Just amazing.

  35. Be strong Mahood… You are a legal US citizen. Bad people are found everywhere. Don't let this incident get the better of you! Take care and best wishes. We are all rooting for you…

  36. The fbi director is jewish and the media is owned and operated by jews (look it up). They make up these stories because they want to do away ewith protestant christianity. Youtube search "PROTOCOLS OF ZION" audio book.

  37. The fbi director is jewish and the media owners. They hate white christians. Youtube search " PROTOCOLS OF ZION" audio book.

  38. NBC please be more consistent with your uploads….obviously the person responsible for uploading your content doesn’t understand how this all works. 1. Uploading 15 one minute videos of ‘nightly news’ all for one day DOES NOT WORK and is annoying. 1 video 20 /30 minutes long of the correct date is professional and conducive to a news segment… more videos does not equal more views… Quality not quantity. Please as a viewer for the past 2 years this is driving ppl crazy .

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