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  1. What the lion was thinking:
    That is too much PORK for one paw!!!! I'm on a lean diet.
    Now had that been a polar bear, his mouth would be watering at all that blubber.

  2. She knew what she did. Her biased text messages proved her way of thing about Black people. She posted a lot of racist remarks about her views on Black people. I'm curious to see if she defends them with tears also like her testimony. She deserves life for taking a good man from society. In my opinion she did it intentionally. I mean she saw him as just another statistic. Her views of hatred against this beautiful race of forgiving people. What happen in her life that made her feel like this? She should've never become a law enforcement officer. She had a terrible agenda going into that job like most of them. It's to protect and serve the public in the community. She killed a man like fly without using her training to back off or help him by doing CPR after she saw that it wasn't her apt. She wanted to rely on her white privileged to get her off. She deserves everything she gets. Let God judge her now. I'm done. Rest in Love Botham Jean. Your life was not in vain and you were loved.

  3. By Harry and MeGhan . You know what that is. White Prince married a Black Woman. Is there anything left to say. I heard one of their so called public comedian figures in the UK saying some real disparaging things about Meghan. It all sounds like racism to me. But, that's just me. People show you who they are,believe them.

  4. "YOU HAVE SIX HPURS TO FIRE THAT PROSECUTOR OR NO MONEY" – JOE BIDEN … NBC be like, "there's no evidence. Political bias journalism!

  5. Congress Pass Real ID After 911 Interesting … What's next A Chip in the arm or forehead The Bible stays True

  6. Funny, Ukraine's President rarely gives press conferences, yet he does just to help President Trump! Smells funny. And the media must love those door cameras – gives them lots of news stories and helps them help the government by keeping citizens scared!

  7. It's always sickening when I hear, "Of course all of this costs money" after a trillion dollar tax break for ppl that didn't need it.

  8. The mother of the child , laughing like is funny that is very irresponsible. Yes there is another way for his education. HOME SCHOOL

  9. She is innocent it was an accidental shooting and everyone knows that.. this is once again about race I mean take a look. No matter how hard it is to swallow it was an accident she did not plan on finding and shooting anyone! Everything happens for a reason.

  10. Aww that was awesome showing we can unite when we want to! Thank you to all men and women for your service past, present and future!!
    That touched my heart seeing all those ppl there for him!!

  11. Why didn't they call 911 and arrest them seems to be older kids like they did that lilttle oh 6 year so-called black girl and charged her for catching a temper tantrum 💯👀👀….. This world is unjustly Wicked..

  12. I know these kids aren’t raised in good homes, but I also think the “Industrial Age’ public education that is ran by the state is a system that was only designed to create massive amount of jobs for the 1800-1900’s. It is way out of date and government institutions don’t change with the times, the just stand their ground. We are 19 years into a new century and millennium and a whole new age of information, internet, technology, and entrepreneurship. Which means once you attain the knowledge and you have an internet connection, you can make money from anywhere in the country or world! And public education only knows how to do one thing, and that is to program kids from a young age to work a job for 25 years and sit in big city rush hour traffic in the morning and night. That system was important from the 1800’s until the early 2000’s. But not anymore. That’s why you will see more and more kids freaking out and going crazy. This dictatorship of education can’t last much longer. The truth will be found out! And knowledge is moving fast. They won’t be able to cover this up for much longer. And that includes all the traps of colleges too. They are done!! The scam is over!!

  13. The school should make an isolated room that looks like a prisoncell and have a police officer take the kids out of class.

  14. Only attacking her because she is black…
    They never dug into Kate like they take jabs at her …

    I wonder why

  15. Far left antifa Mellenials are a problem because a lack of discipline due to parents not allowed to spank their children anymore. The results are catastrophic like kids destroying class rooms, injuring teachers, and school shootings Without discipline today's youth think there are no consequence for their idiotic behavior until they are sent to jail causing another issue of overcrowded prisons. Hence why I live in Europe now, so much happier here!

  16. Guyger broke into someone's home and violently murdered the home owner with her service weapon. Plain and simple. No excuse. No nonsense. Lock her up for life.

  17. wtf do I need a real id license are they going to let me drive the plane. so the law is if you don't drive you can't fly

  18. Justice has been been served. Police brutality and police officers murder us the people daily . Thank God for the jury.

  19. I don't care how old the kid is if they assaulted me, I'm pressing charges. Because as a teacher that child is not teachable or does not want to learn and the other kids should not be punished for their stupidity.

  20. Can we get a whole video of every breaking news NBC Nightly News had starting when Lester Holt started on Nightly News?

  21. when I was growing up, (1970s) the quick application of severe pain, both stopped and prevented future incidents of tantrums. This treatment consist of the application of a wooden paddle, followed by the parent applying a leather belt at home.

  22. “You’ve gotta wonder what a lion’s thinking here.” 😂😂😂 Ahahahhahahaha! Lester, you’re THE BEST!!!

  23. Good job NBC for giving the TRASPASSER clout. This should have never been aired. She purposly went in there to taunt the lion so she could have her 15 minutes of fame. If only the MEDIA would stop broadcasting stupidity, then maybe this nonsense would stop. That poor lion would be SHOT DEAD if he attacked her. Who's fault was it in the first place? That lion showed more common sense than that stupid woman. Good Grief.

  24. When You take Prayer, and the Bible OUT of Our Schools, taking out DISCIPLINE, and Structure, You get CHAOS AND HOPELESSNESS!!! You can expect NOTHING LESS, than these types of meltdowns to be more common!!! You are dealing with it in the WRONG WAY as usual!!! As a Minister, I see that You are fighting a "spiritual" battle using the "flesh and blood " method, as stated in Ephesians 6:12 of the Word of God, and this will NEVER WORK!!! It Is time to GET BACK to BASICS WITH GOD!!! "Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the Ways and See and Ask for the OLD PATHS Where is the GOOD WAY, and Walk Therein, and Ye Shall Find Rest For Your Souls," But they said We will not Walk therein!!! Jeremiah 6:16!!!
    Therefore, this will Continue and in fact, get worse!!! My Question Is, who cleans up the messes these disruptive children make, in the Natural and in the spiritual???

  25. Oh America where have you gone? Have you lost your spirit, your ability to reason? From coast to coast the news of the day is violence, corruption from trusted Government officials, When will it end?

    OUT OF SCHOOLS,,,theirs no way around it,a lot of kids act up because they know they can get away with bad behaviour and habits that turn deadly in adult life

  27. A REAL ID? Just another way for the government to control us! And YES, I have my REAL ID! I'm still walking around in this old body. That's my REAL ID!

  28. I hope china gets into a major revolution and leads to other revolts across the globe . time to throw off the world governments that are all treasonous to its people .

  29. students that do stuff like what was described in the video need to receive jail time or probation and charged with assault .. simple acting out doesn't require jail time but should be forced to receive counseling and be suspended for a time . teachers need to be protected and not be forced to work in a hostile work environment .

  30. they need to bring back the paddling in schools, an stop tryinf to normalize special needs kids by putting them in classes with normal kids. when we were kids they had special classes just for those type of kids. it may sound harsh but it worked in the past , what they are doing now evidently isnt working .

  31. Why do you need a real ID if you have a passport?! I thought passport is required to travel vs. ID? This is just more bureaucrap

  32. Every mother thinks their kids are “good kids” maybe do something different with your parenting or get them some counseling. It’s not normal.

  33. Real ID is the best Facial Recognition software in the world….. That cop deserves 20 years, must have been playing loud rap music…

  34. If he is special needs maybe he needs to be in a special classroom with other kids like him and a teacher or two trained to handle him.

  35. Room clear is a safety precaution…it's not a choice how can you keep teaching when a student is having a violent outburst.

  36. I really feel bad for the teacher who got stabbed with a pencil. But on a more serious note why is the mother smiling talking bout she knows her kid is a good kid oh yeah then keep that monster home then.

  37. Has Lindsey Graham been abducted by aliens and brainwashed, or worse he has been kidnapped by the Ruskies;( shortly after the death of Senator John McCain), and a perfect doppelganger of Senator Graham was put in his place?!?!? 👽💨😑

  38. If you are going to say "her tearful appearance" you might consider having footage of her with tears, not acting like she is crying.

  39. The law for Real ID was passed in 2005. States knew about this when they issued licenses that were going to expire AFTER October 2020. The states should be mandated to issue replacement licenses for FREE since it was their fuckup!!!! Anyone that loses money on flight tickets because their state didn't send them a certified letter telling them to come in or mail in documents for their free replacement license should be fully reimbursed by the state.

  40. Did anyone else see how the fat head bald white dude looked hatefully at the family after their reaction upon hearing the verdict? LMAO priceless!

  41. "Impeachment Firestorm"
    Can't wait for this ignorance to blow up in NBC's face just like the Mueller Russian Hoax did.
    America remain the most media manipulated nation in History.

  42. Hey before you losers start another lie you should clear the air and watch this a true journalist. NBC are liars and reprobates.Period

  43. The notion that you need special ID to fly is sickening it's streight outa Nazi Germany in the 30s. This isn't America certainly not the one I grew up in. Just let the Oligarchy strip away all our personal freedoms with no resistance see what it'll get you.

  44. 16 vape deaths and it's a national crisis. Over 11,000 gun deaths and over 22,000 gun injuries in the first 9 months of 2019…not a peep.

  45. The cop didn't do it on purpose, she got confused and was scared for her life.
    The Family needs to forgive her not act like evil beings.
    Like the Brother, good example of forgiveness.
    Jail does nothing for the community.

  46. Security officers should place the student in a special room and to have the parents pick up their child….it’s the parents responsibility to get help for their child, not the schools! Troubled kids should all attend special schools for those needing help.

  47. Why is it that so very many cities across the United States that are run by liberals are plagued with such insanely high crime rates?
    Saint Louis for example is so incredibly dangerous that if it weren't for the Blues and the Cardinals the city would go belly up. You aren't even safe driving down Hwy 70 just passing through.
    This trash hole STL has been liberal run my whole 37 years of existence and it only gets worse and worse every year. I'm sure it has nothing to do though with the liberals running it though…….riiiiigggggghhhht.

  48. I think removing all the other students is a safe thing for them, but that leaves the student out of control alone with the teacher or another student. That one on one might lead to death.

  49. This is sick…. I believe in Jesus and forgiveness but she was was convinced… Do you think a man would be given hugs and sympathy. Duel standards, pretty discusting if you ask me.

  50. banning vapes but not cigarettes, for cousing much less deaths, yes of course thats not related to the tabacco lobbys, wtf ?…

  51. The first day of Court Amber dressed like she was going to a fashion show… she was living her best life… I thought she was one of the lawyers

  52. Breaking news Breaking news the witness of Botham Jean's with murder last night🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 Amber has hired a hit man from jail

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