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  1. The police officer that pulled the man out of the car a second before impact is one brave police trooper. Glad both are ok.
    Police are humans too. The police dept.'s should not turn their back on them if the officer asks for counseling. They are human beings,,in a tough job with lots of stress. Help them, don't turn your back.

  2. "It has nothing to do with us"? Easy for some privileged punk who evaded the draft by having daddy get a quack to write a false letter.

  3. There is nothing presidential about this con man . Like he brags all the time I have money lots of money but he has no class because you can't buy it. A very dark time in history and we're living through it .

  4. The only person I've notice that has no affect with trump's insults is Pelosi. She really just shrugs it off and fires back.

  5. Police officers are coming to terms with their terroristic tactics perpetrated on certain demographics of people. Now the job is not what it used to be where you could freely terrorize a certain demographic of people and neighborhoods. So now they result in taking their own lives. Cuz it's not like the good old days where you can get away with murder

  6. We (the U.S.) will never flourish again until we do away with two-party rule. Having democrats and republicans automatically divides all issues.

  7. Dustin Spence, The epitome of the opulent lifestyle the USA affords. Meaning, a young man with too much time on his hands.👍

  8. (4:55) these fkn people are all 80 year old middle schoolers. It's embarrasing and infuriating that we allow these psychopathic dipshits to decide for us. Both sides.

  9. Thank you Ghetto dwellers for creating a unmanageable workplace for our law enforcement patriots. God Bless the USA law enforcement agencies.

  10. Either Erdogan told Trump to get out or else or Trump was more than happy to let the Kurds be destroyed, either way Trump is a devil.

  11. this was not a unilateral decision to pull our troops from syria. trump was hard at work making phone calls consulting his Top Generals and expert Advisors regarding this matter. if you don't believe me, just ask Putin!

  12. Sure that was a brave trooper, but take a look at that Honda CRV, if that's what it is. A train hit that thing and the cabin looks fully intact! I think the guy would've survived the crash even if the trooper hadn't been able to get there!

  13. Trump needs to get out of Syria just like they don't want him of the few things Obama did right was to stay out of it(Dems sided with Obama for his neutrality, but hate Trump for leaving..go figure)..let them fight over desolate desertland and bring home the we can spend years debating who raised a flag

  14. Trump is betting on playing stupid to excuse himself when taking orders for Vladmir Putin. Donald Trump is not an angel either. Donald Trump will use his made up opinions to justify actions in serving and supporting Vladmir Putin.

  15. I bet a trillion billion dollars trump couldn't find Turkey or Syria on a map. Im also wondering about Incirlik AFB by Adana…are all Americans out??? What about the smaller Army posts? I know at one time it was lefts to the Turkish army but more recently we had returned. Update please?

  16. Trump has turned on the Kurds the same way he has turned on everyone in his administration.
    Trumps uses people and then throws them under the bus.

  17. With so many police officers taking their own lives, I am shocked that weekly psychological counseling hasn't already become a mandatory part of each officers' paid service.

  18. the Democratic Candidates ought to remember President Reagan's 11th Commandment Rule . "Thou shalt not speak ill of fellow candidates" and get out of the circular firing squad. focus on the Enemy of America Donald Trump (none of the proposed policies can take place with that Traitor in office)

  19. Don't the Democrats know that they are sunked already in the 2020 election? Including loosing the House? The Democrats clearly don't believe in the people Due Process Rights! Under the 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the USA, gives everybody a Constitutional Right to " the process that is due" when it is written, such as the written House Rule to start/begin the impeachment hearing frist, "then" begin the impeachment proceeding's/inquiory. This is only what President Trump request for before he corporate.
    What happens when a judge( Speaker) walks into the courtroom and "don't" start/begin the hearing but the prosecution starts direct examinations anyway? You have the prosecution opperating itself unlawfully, hence there are "no" rules…anything goes…the prosecution can have any power , their can't be any appeal, because the hearing never did started/begin.
    I Remain,
    16 OCT 2019; 23:39 H.H.


    Sad that we still can't depend on the western media to deliver the WHOLE truth… what "invasion?" The US regards the PKK (Kurds) as a terrorist organization… And the YPG is part of the PKK… Which the US worked with as allies. The difference is Turkey still regards the PKK/YPG as "terrorists" and wants to resettle the millions of Syrian refugees in Turkey back into their country. They may not need to use military action if the PKK/YPG kept trying to stop the resettlement.

  21. Of course the woman SHOULD NOT return to the UK. It was an accident! Go back to the UK and properly morn your child.

  22. I was worried they would say it was Mike Strank who was misidentified! It would be so heartbreaking as He's from my hometown and we're so very proud of him..we like to brag about him and raising the flag!!

  23. OUIoui GAGNON rising the FLAG russia 🇷🇺 SYRIA 🇸🇾 KURDS SYRIA 🇸🇾 help the CURDS ?< GET IT TURKEY 🇹🇷 PKK YPG CURDS The CROWN prince CAN HELP Its HIS HOOD 100% Somalia 🇸🇴 To fortify Your rear Sounds LIKE SYRIA 🇸🇾 is HELPING YPG and PKK Russia 🇷🇺 My ass needs a seat At debate watch USA 🇺🇸 flourish SHEs trying to HELP us USA 400 million EASY Nuit all sick CLEAN it up FREE health care science no MORE C^H!$ c6h14 attackes Trying to say OTHER ? I worked was attacked caught THEM 100% damage done Massive storm 100% OUI big FLAG GAGNON True WE FOUND another Hero I bet one was MEXICAIN ?< USA 🇺🇸

  24. Trump tell true
    Kurds terrorists PKk killed millions chrétiens and Muslims in SYRIA stolls North Syria for building New contry Kurdistan..

  25. Trump is the ultimate fool and a Dangerous one at that! Traitor to our Allies, traitor to his countrymen. TRAITOR? Just one shot. Trump is Dangerous to one and all!

  26. Pelosi…married for 56 years and 79 yrs old. Amazing and FOCUSED.
    I've got big balls

    I've got big balls

    And they're such big balls

    Dirty big balls

    And he's got big balls,

    And she's got big balls,

    But PELOSI has got the biggest balls of them all!

  27. I would salute Trump every day until I die IF HE DOES THE RIGHT THING A MAN WOULD DO AND RESIGNS; because he's in over his head, and he is ruining our nation!

  28. Kurds will fight with anyone who will arm and give them ammo. Their a warrior tribe. They hate everyone and are hated by everyone. Why are we the police men of the world. Where are the french. The Germans. The u n you won't see the Brits over there to smart.

  29. Idealistic foolish women has all the answers. I have a plan. What plan. At what cost. To me. Keep your plan I'll keep my cash

  30. Trump is in big trouble for quid pro quo…try searching "getting Ukranian prosecutor fired". Biden is bragging about this !!! Trump is going down !!!

  31. Remember what quid pro Joe said, "if he's not fired in 6 hours, you don't get the money". No corruption there ? Really ?? Keep saying "it's been debunked", but you cannot erase the words that came from his mouth !!

  32. Thin skinned third rate Pelosi threw a hissy fit and stomped out because she is a childish lightweight. What a cry baby !! Trump will remove her power, if AOC doesn't take it first.

  33. I don't want this to become a chant, but, send her back to face the accusations, and accept the consequences. This is wrong.

  34. Israel the Gentile fullness of mind is accomplished contemplated God Head USA ESTABLISHED . . . OUR INDIVISABILITY MATT 5 41 SECOND MILE IS BEGUN .9 MILLION CONSECUTIVE YEARS TO COME

  35. the US gov't needs to be overthrown as violently as possible & the media aholes who sold us the 9/11 fraud need to be hung in public. You too Lester.

  36. Cut Turkey off with sanctions. Stop doing business with those devils. Pelosi, Trump and Biden need to go!! GET OUT of Politics!!

  37. El Payaso 🤡 Anaranjado continúa con sus pendejadas. Sin vergüenza, señor "presidente"; sin vergüenza. 😶

    Hombre desgraciado. 🤨

  38. This Syrian situation that our Country is 100% involved in, is an Absolute Disgrace for the United States and is a very Shameful act deserting the Kurdish fighters who helped us on the part of our Government, and it's officials. Every Honest, hardworking, red blooded American should want to Throw up right about now. A Sickening act of Betrayal orchestrated by this President.

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