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  1. I don't understand you ask someone for money, happy when spending it But when they ask for it back they are the criminal! and then you cant make any money off them for borrowing it LOL

  2. No quid pro quo mentioned, trumps ending our involvement in useless war, hardrock hotel collapses due to cheap migrant labor.

  3. I rode the underground "Memebers" train from the Longworth H.O.B. to the Capitol. As a staffer your not allowed on the train unless your with a member of Congress. I was with my boss but got left behind when the car was completely full on the train…unbeknownst to me, Mr. Cummings witnessed this and immediately put his hand on my shoulder and said we will catch the next one.
    It was then my pleasure to chat with Mr. Cummings for the next 5 minutes as we waited and then boarded the next train. He was humble, personable and extremely funny. He did not treat me like the young hill staffer that I was at the time. We chatted about each others road to congress and what my ambitions were. He was gracious and generous. We reached the Capitol and the voting bell was sounding…he turned to me and said.."I hope I will be here long enough to see you cast some votes on the house floor." and with that he gave me his infamous smile, turned and walked into the floor.
    I stood there for at least 30 seconds in complete disbelief in how nice he was. As a young congressional aide you are low on the pecking order and the rare few MOC's that treat you like a human being, you always remember. I never forgot that story and have often shared it when asked. It seems more relevant now then it did 30 years ago with the way partisan politics has steadily moved towards the gutter rather then honoring their oath and respecting the institution and its members.
    RIP EJC. You were one of the greats.

  4. The Democrats need to work on the homeless problem. Wasting time doing nothing.

    I thought they were for poor people but worried about Trump.

  5. So i guess the emoluments clause doesn't mean anything to Republicans since its Trump doing it. This Government is so corrupt it's sickening.

  6. Take away the nuclear codes from Donald Trump because he's a narcissist and he Ain't Goin out like that.. one way or another this piece of s*** is going to be the end of us

  7. He not going to get Impeach.Trump has to bring in what is Written, Death to AMERICA,He killing us slowly but Surely😢😢😢

  8. America will abandon the Kurds people just like how they abandon the hmong people during the Vietnam war

  9. "Kurds feel utterly betrayed by President Trump". I feel utterly betrayed by NBC news. You used to have integrity. Now you're just infotainment.

  10. calm down, the stable genius knows best…like adding a new 3rd term amendment,for the safety of all of us dummies…Trump 2024🤔

  11. Toxic pre-made baby food, what's next.. but why not make your own blended food for your time..? No time for your number one priority..?

  12. If Trump goes down, he will try and take as many Republican senators as he can down with him. Even beyond that, I truly believe that Trump would (will start) start a nuclear war in order to try and stay in power. Just wait and watch, this will indeed happen if he is not immediately removed from office.

  13. no quid pro quo?yeah right and mexico is going to pay for the wall,kurds need to burn down trumps hotels,he doesnt want to profit yet he keeps profiting ,student loan debt ,poisoned baby food ,faulty construction,u amerikkkans are a fukin laugh riot and yet very pathetic as well

  14. So disappointing to her adults still talking about angels! What a joke! Grow up, it’s beyond time to shake of silly myths.

  15. People willingly get loans and then wonder how they will pay them off. Why didn't they think of serving their country and having the G.I. Bill pay for their education? They made their own problem. Food is dangerous in the USA and giving it to children even in baby food is very bad. The USA is about making money not what is safe or right. You want to get healthy move to Western Europe.

  16. Thank you President Trump for the strong economy and getting money back from all those countries that used to take advantage of us. God bless you!

  17. Just a question about baby food. If this has been a critical issue for quite some time (as it seems to have been) and, as stated, the metals inside affect development and mental capacity, would it be too much of a stretch to link baby food with the increased amount of mental disorders, learning disabilities, and autism in kids? As a mother of three, it terrifies me to think that the baby food I fed my kids when they were young is what may have caused my middle son to have Aspergers.

  18. Donald Trump and his Defenders patently irrational.. a predictable pattern whenever they get caught in a corner they start referring to the previous administration . . in affect to say, two wrongs does make a right.. There does seem to be a trend for sociopathic Behavior. Out of the right.. As far as. Getting used to wrongdoing . another sidestepping maneuver to mitigate admissions.

  19. Nice eulogy for Elijah Cummings. We live we love we fight we fight, as humans, but in the end we die. And at that point, we must have Humanity for fellow humans.

  20. The nonreality presidency. How does anyone watch the shameful behavior of 45 and cheer. He's betraying his oath of office his country and our people.. Think of the words of the passing Congreesman Cummings. " WE'RE BETTER THAN THIS".

  21. America is not a democracy it's a republic miss pelosi .. wen y'all Democrats going to do some work the people are tired of this horse and pony show . Y'all gonna loose the next election because y'all have Kno agenda

  22. Mitch McConnell would argue that keeping toxic metals out of baby food would only help Democrats because brain healthy people are more likely to vote Democrat. At least McConnell is looking to future voters.

  23. $300,000+ my god did you not get the point of a business degree? Never run a business or department you will run it into the ground.

  24. quoth the moron party "you didn't hear what you heard, don't believe anything you read or hear, truth isn't truth" hahahahaha just as faux "news' tried saying drumpf never said he was holding up a Normandy memorial for an interview

  25. Thanks NBC. One must pause on such a day, and take a look at a classy, principled, just patriot like Elijah Cummings and compare him to the clearly selfish, unprincipled Trump and his cronies. When you don't care about the environment, you get toxins, like arsenic in baby food. What a sobering day! God bless all the Cummings family these days.

  26. Omg sad about the death of Mr Cummings, only 66 yrs old.
    Death to Turkey and erdogan the terrorist. traitor Trump running the country like his business, what a corrupt man.

  27. 20+ years what has she's done with her time. I am a new college grad 40k and IT jobs are paying 65k 70k just got an offer I can pay the loans in 6-8 month with an added PT job. She hasn't been paying in 20 – 25 years that's why.

  28. Trump has the blood of the whole Kurd race on his hands. And people are STILL going to vote for him at the next election!

  29. He didn't say "personal political reasons", you said that….😒, the more you put words on his mouth the more you harm yourselves….😒😒

  30. Like i said before, the Democrats can do that, but the Republicans can't, we the people say quit the bull crap Democrats.

  31. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that see that P falucy is sick, stupid house speaker. Glad there is a vacancy in the house senate seat in Congress now, that big mouth never cared about his district in Baltimore.

  32. If Obama had a property thl was selected to host a major event while in office there would have been an outcry and impeachment

  33. My only suggestion for anyone who has a student loan. Stop paying on it, and I mean everyone en masse. You have been told by the overlords that student loans are the only loan that can not be dismissed, I say BS to that. It's only the ones profiting from your now indentured servitude that tell you, it's illegal because they are the ones who have created the laws
    to benefit in the way of interest on your hard earned money. If everyone stops paying they will change that narrative real soon. They will make all kinds of empty threats but rest assured there will be nothing that they can do, if everyone sticks together and does this as a form of protest & civil disobedience, They will not be able to put you in jail and they will threaten you a black mark on your credit, I say you can not eat good credit. The greed must stop at the top!

  34. I am not American just curious , what if Trump wins again? Can Nancy survive that? she seems very stressed and stress kills. 5 kids 9 grandchildren is a huge reason to live.

  35. Where can one get an unbiased newscast? FOX is pro-double-Trumpers and NBC with the rest are double-anti-Trumpers. Come on guys – give us some fair reporting.

  36. We elect Congress, Corporations OWN Congress. There are LEGAL chemicals added to food in this country, something to make a vegetable LOOK fresh longer, not STAY fresh longer is an example, thats banned in most of the rest of the world because they are known carcinogens.

  37. Sallie Mae and Navient are ruining people’s lives..there should be a national movement on this…thank you nbc and the lady who has the courage to take on those people

  38. 😔 Congressman Elijah Cummings is a great loss … Watch Trump bring the White House's flag up in less than 10 days, like he did with McCain.

    I pray that Congress has services for Rep. Cummings in the rotunda like Sen. John S. McCain III and Pres. George H. W. Bush.

    Peace … 🥀

  39. American forces are not the worlds mercenaires. Enforcing world peace was the intent when the UN was formed. They are an utter failure at that goal. Time for the US to stop being a mec.for the UN . Trump was 100% right and the only US president with the guts to do what was right of our troops, who should ALWAYS COME FIRST.

  40. When Nikita Chrustjof was asked about the communist party in his visit to America..he said.. well we don't really call them communists… we call them liberals…
    we in Europe have the same enormous problem.
    Remember the Saul Alinkis quote 
    True revolutionary dont flaunt their radicalism..they cut their hair,put on suits, and infiltrate the system from within…

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