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  1. stonewalling or not is the evidence that tells all , so hello let's have it. show what you have DEMS, or I think is better for me to say socialist /communist dressed as DEMS.

  2. I like NBC News but u really dropped the ball on the wildfire story by not pointing out it was lack of investment on infrastructure by the utility for decades while raking in profits for shareholders as the reason they have to shut off power now. A very critical part of understanding how corporate greed and short term planning has actually killed people. Very disappointing.

  3. The us has historically left allies to fend for themselves. This is not the first time they have left the Kurdish allies defenceless

  4. Not the first time USA abandoned Kurds, so USA is ok with another genocide on Kurds? And the world is going to let Turkey do another genocide

  5. Trump and his administration are unprepared simpletons with essential designations at the very adult table. Turkey air raids on American allies is no surprise as Trump's Foreign Affairs policies is like watching a game of Jenga, watching anxiously, hoping the entire scaffolding doesn't come crumbling down. Trump is such an embarrassing imbicile, a wrecking ball, an ogre moving about in a China store. Trump is the perfect traitor. So un-American.

  6. I'm sorry but I cannot accept the allegation of assault that was not reported immediately. If mr. Lauer assaulted that woman in his motel room she should have went to the authorities at that time.

  7. The Kurds are not Muslims, THEY ARE SECULAR AND EGALITARIAN. Look at 2.06, you will see female fighters in their ranks!!
    We made them a promise, they’ve lost 11,000 helping us fight ISIS. And they are guarding 12,000 ISIS fighters and 70,000 ISIS wives and children. Trump might be a lying selfish backstabber, but are the rest of us honorable? Call your congressmen and women!!!!!!

  8. If you guys think 🤔 a video of some muppets will stop 🛑 those Big Time pharmaceutical plants or even attempt to slow down on production we fooling ourselves. Sorry!! They don’t want it too stop……. Ita a Billion Dollar Industry.. Simply as that. That’s just my opinion

  9. I predict that a transgender puppet will be shoving gender identity propaganda down our children's throats before long.

  10. The Kurdish woman has not even finished talking and the moderator has simply interrupted and told something completely different what this woman did not say at all.

    Americans believe it.

    That's what they do with Ukraine.

    Spread only fake news.

  11. tRumpf's DONE FOR, for real, this time!

    He has 'screwed the pooch' and committed 'Collusion' on Live-Stream TV, and there's NO WAY he's back-pedaling out of it, not this time!

    He needs to start packing, because he is finished, for good!

  12. How is it possible any President can just alter Troops and allow our Allies to get killed with no oversight? Can he just bomb on a whim?

  13. Drugs being addressed on Sesame Street? The place where I learn my ABCs and my one two threes? What's next, Bert and Ernie talking to kids about homosexuality?

  14. hmmm I wonder what would happen if I was a drunk chick and elected to go to some tv stars room late at night .. hmmmm I wonder … stupid is as stupid does she got what she deserved and most likely wanted .

  15. These women coming out in public writing and Selling books are all victims? Its almost a trend at this point. This guy sounds more believable, in this case.

  16. I know this is a sensitive subject, and i am not taking sides. IF Matt Lauer's accuser's allegations are that he sexually assaulted her in 2014, didn't report it then, and she continued a relationship with him after that, doesn't exactly make her look very credible.

  17. There were no Americans in that place those 10 are all United States citizens stop lieing on the Americans of the continent

  18. I'm sure Senator Sanders means well but there Comes A Time in life when you need to Simply sit down, and let someone else do it.

  19. Fellas, it's time for us to protest this "Me too" crap! Women are lying and costing men their careers and their reputations, and the Men of America are sitting back and tolerating
    IT !" Women aren't Angels born with wings! WOMEN LIE TOO! In most cases, the women are accusing men of sexually violating them years after the supposed incidents. If it took place ten years ago, a woman shouldn't be able to wait 10 years before reporting the incident! What's their repetitious claim, " I was traumatized, and didn't know what to do"? That sounds like something a little girl would say, not a woman in her 30s and Beyond. HYPOCRITES!

  20. CIA and White House gives money to the Kurd and Free Syrian Army to attack Alassad the legitimate president for a while now. These terrorist forces crested by the U.S. took over the border and are threatening to invade Turkey. This is why they are fighting back good for them I say. And good for Trump for not escalating this war and ending 20 years of military invasion bringing kids back and safe for the holidays. Merri Christmas ya!

  21. After 20 years of war in Iraq and the Middle East what Trump has done is replaced Erdogan for Saddam Hussein and made Turkey the most powerful and unreliable ally in the region. Throwing away the lives sacrificed to bring "peace" to the region. Putin is Smiling

  22. Trump is like that employee that knows he’s about to get fire , so we start lashing out and doesn’t care about the damage. My only question is where will he go after his presidency? He has to be one of the most hated man in the world.

  23. Hello there Lester Holt!
    Please understand transparency that it is biased to state the partial tweet of President Trump.
    Please watch this clip around 2:40 with the screenshot of President Trump tweet.
    There is: (like I have done before).
    The disgusting truth is that the reporter is only stating half the truth and would question you as a righteous reporter.
    I believe that the reporter is misleading the public when he did not mention that President Trump has done it before which means President Trump is guilty of a crime and will do it again based on President Trump tweet, (like I done it before).
    I question the integrity of the reporter.

    Om Mani Pad Me Hung!

  24. The United States mission is not over and stupid Trump withdraw the American troops without succeeding their mission this Trump knows nothing about war only about making himself rich now what the next president will have to take care all the catastrophic events that Trump did

  25. This government is proving the point, that America is everything a democracy shouldn't be…little truth to any claims of moral superiority or ethical behavior by anyone.

  26. I've HAD ANGINA attacks. It's not specifically a HEART attack but clogged vessels leading from or to the heart. A heart attack is a failure of the heart to function as designed, requiring surgery. I know have 5 stents. Another one and maybe I'll get a set of steak knives.

  27. The US MIC does NOT have any interest in the "protection" of US citizens. They are TRYING to cause problems in the US by doing what they've been doing around the world for far too long. This is about world corporate greed and "it's the MONEY, Lebowski." War is a Racket and Eisenhower tried to warn us of the MIC.

  28. This will only perpetuate more war. Is the US trying to drive terrorists into Europe? Seems like it. That way, the EU is sure to NEED NATO.

  29. Trump doesn't understand that the House is not a court of law in the traditional sense. You know, what he is used to seeing.

  30. Wow. A 2 minute interview with Bernie and all they could ask him is, “ do you think you can continue a campaign?” Thanks for supporting our best chance to save our country NBC.

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