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  1. Let me guess. You Trumpeters-in-denial of course want to think it's no coincidence that most of those affected by that mass-shooting are Latinos, right? Oh, you think it's a "false flag" or whatever??? Liberals aren't the ones wearing MAGA hats, proclaiming hatred of non-whites – YOU ARE.

  2. Wait. Is that a BLUE Non-MAGA-hat Trump's wearing, with a #45 on it to remind him of which President # he is??? LOL!!! Grabs the popcorn and settles in for the political comedy-hour.

  3. Ok, parents, STOP BEING MORONS. Maybe it's drivers' responsibility to pay attention, but guess what? Most of them are in one of the following categories at any given time:

    1. Mentally impaired.
    2. Drunk.
    3. On drugs or prescription drugs.
    4. Distracted.

    The bottom line is, they're not going to pay attention when your child is crossing the street. That's why YOU need to be PROACTIVE and CROSS THE STREET WITH YOUR CHILD while holding their hand. That means that if the bus stops on the "wrong side of the street" then YOU GO TO THE "wrong side of the street" BEFORE THE BUS ARRIVES and WAIT for your child where the bus will be stopping. Don't know for sure which side of the street that will be on? You know that handy-dandy phone you're using to record your child coming home from school? IT HAS THIS NEAT FEATURE that allows you to CALL YOUR CHILD'S SCHOOL and ASK THEM FIRST. Easy-peasy!

    When you are with your child, HOLDING THEIR HAND, you can stop them from continuing to cross if it becomes randomly, unexpectedly unsafe. No child's "legal right to cross" is WORTH THEIR LIFE BEING LOST because some driver doesn't belong on the road, but guess what?!, THEY'RE THERE ANYWAY, ready to mow your CHILD down IF you let them. If you want your kid to believe you when you claim to love them, YOU'LL FOLLOW THIS ADVICE EVERY TIME. Don't like it? Complain to me at your child's funeral after they've been hit by some moron who doesn't deserve a DL.

  4. We will be with you, are definitely praying for you and your loved ones. Please believe it. Greetings from your german friends! 🙏🏻❤️

  5. 5:50 The government could have just droned him instead of chasing… They have the high tech surgically precise armed drones… Why to use that high tech stuff in some shithole country, they should use it here in the US.

  6. Superstorms? No worries. Floridians luv swimming with gators and after an ice free arctic in 2019 or 2020 nothing but gators and cockroaches will be alive anyway. You have months; not years let alone decades.

  7. blowing by a school bus should be 1 year loss of license. no exceptions. as bad as drunk driving if not worse. most drunks do have some respect

  8. I'd like to see the people who are 1st to board 737 Max Flight.
    Suicide flight, will it fly for try to tunnel like a mole?

  9. Screw you Texas and all of the corrupt law makers who have taken money from the gun industry and the NRA to losses gun laws , for . Profits. The more people get shot and killed ..the more money in your pocket .
    Texas law makers are guilty of murder

  10. Unbelievable that people would intentionally run a school bus stop sign and endanger children. Make them pay the fine at court or go directly to jail (no bail) and make the fine HUGE–a 2nd time would definitely take their license and make them wear an ankle bracelet so you know if they are driving. People get off too easy, so don't care.

  11. Terrific very many in harm's way… "Say: God sufficeth all things above all things, and nothing in the heavens or in the earth but God sufficeth. Verily, He is in Himself the Knower, the Sustainer, the Omnipotent." "Is there any Remover of difficulties save God? Say: Praised be God! He is God! All are His servants, and all abide by His bidding!" ~ Baha'i Prayers

  12. On the School busses they need to fix where kids need to be picked up and dropped in Safe places with crosswalks, not just anywhere they want/ I have a perfect plan and solution for this problem. I know that people need to have pacient , but the way the system is right now is incorrect.

  13. What's that narcissistic, orange, toddler talking about? He's never heard of a cat 5 but he knew they existed? Wtf?! Andrew, Allen, Maria, Katrina, Irma…just to name a few category 5 hurricanes. And people are voting for this guy in 2020 again? Get this guy outta this office!!!

  14. Russian collusion hoax failed. Now they go back to blaming hurricanes on Trump not attending the G-7. So obvious. Mainstream media is so far from the real American pulse it’s just ridiculous

  15. you fire someone in this age you just killed them really they won't get a new job ever again so they have nothing left to lose so be careful who you fire now days.

  16. We are in a spiritual battle of good against evil. Prayer is our greatest weapon against these forces of the air. In the Holy name of Yeshua.

  17. NBC lied and anyone with Google can look it up right now. The only category 5 hurricanes to hit the United States have been Hurricane Andrew and hurricane Michael. Hurricane Michael was upgraded after the fact because of a 5 mile an hour wind difference. The shitbags can't even report a f**** hurricane correctly

  18. Smart move Texas. That's one of the smartest decisions they could've done after two shootings where victims couldn't fight back so easily. Though I think people should do some training with their firearms so if they ever run into a maniac blasting up a place, they'd know what to do while police are on their way. Texas, don't end up like us here in Cali. We have a lot of the laws that the anti-gunners want, and look how well it's working out for us. Don't do it. But more needs to be done. Allowing people to have weapons to defend themselves alone shouldn't be the only solution. We need to look at things like bullying, unstable relationships, disgruntled at work, drug abuse, criminal activity, stress and other things that can make a person unhinged and snap! Those things need to be addressed, because even if said guns are banned (which I'm completely against anything the anti-gunners try to push on the whole country) the evil intent isn't going away. It'll still be there!

    THE TRAMP ESTATE as it Mared the Lakeo…..Mar-i-Lago
    Dorian, Dorian,… knock Mari-i-Lagos door right in
    sayin' words like "chosen one" is SIN!
    take the roof, and take the Course! golf club water sports for G-seven its worse!
    Dorian, i hope you are a catagory 9 or 10 (i'll take a 5 or,.. 666) to really do the trick

    as i sit.
    orange his hair turns white.
    hey there tramp hows the wind to-nite!

    may be Ivanka, should hang out your underwear in the wind
    like the crap flying out of your mouth time and again,
    so to see your sins

    Dorian. Dorian water polo at Trumps again?
    hey Prez maybe a third world taste of life-
    is really li-v-i-n!
    Dorian, Dorian,… knock Mari-i-Lagos door right in
    sayin' words like King of Israel is SIN!

    and,..i hope as you stop and stare,
    Dorian blows off your underwear, – so we can see if " Kim " has did his Job!
    – Jesus

  20. 36hr parking in Bahamas just long enough to destroy Chinas port there.

    Wind speeds of Dorian are being over exaggerated by over 50mph.

    What’s with the energy beam being directed into Dorian under microwave radar?

    Why is the storms eye wall perfectly round ? Seems like a man made storm

  21. I don't then no it's selfishness that causes people to "not" stop for school buses! I don't have children nor am I around them often so awareness sometimes can be over taken by other thoughts of the day! I know, because it happened to me! I was very lucky, it struck me what I had done just about the moment I was passing the bus! I was horrified! I had to pull off the road and immediately broke into tears at the thought of what could have happened! This will never happen again!! But I wonder if those who make that mistake are – on the phone, arguing with a car mate, just had a fight with their boss etc., gonna be late for an appointment — and just aren't thinking about a stopped bus in the opposite direction! Scary!!! Be safe y'all!!

  22. Texas is just acting stupid by relaxing laws. Aren't you seeing that more guns means more shootings ? Increasing impulsive behavior is stupid and it is ridiculous that Texas has even discussed this in the legislature. America HAS TO GET RID OF SSRI ANTIDEPRESSANTS THAT CAUSE VIOLENCE IN SOME AND HAVE BEEN INVOLVED IN MOST SHOOTINGS. IT IS THE COMMON DENOMINATOR. I give up on America who will always put profits before benefits. By the way Jesus and guns are in-congruent. Jesus was not packing you ignorant gun loving evangelists. Bring back normal Christianity.

  23. Actually those hurricanes have been down graded to 4 then back to 5 then down to 4 again up to 5 . How is a person supposed to know what category it is ,when NOAA has trouble making up their mind?

  24. The west has decided to withdraw from China. You are only seeing the beginning of that trend. The terrible events in HK are just a side show to the grand event, which is probably a 10 to 20 year process. That said HK outcome could influence the speed of that event and eventual outcome. There will be stormy seas ahead with far bigger waves than HK, however what's happening in HK will no doubt shape international policy towards China going forward. That appears to be an unavoidable truth.

  25. OMG, NBC, please, PLEASE choose a better voice-over announcer. Nobody needs to hear all that nasty smarm with their daily massacre report. And it's intentional, because he speaks almost normally when he's live on camera.

  26. Another day another mass shooting but yet TX decided to even further lax its gun laws. It going to be like the O.K. Corral in yeehaw Texas.

  27. So awesome for the Jonas Brothers to visit this young lady! Very nice guys!!! Praying for all those affected by evil people.

  28. We need to round up all trump people!!! Conficate their guns, and send them to camps, until we figure out if their dangerous!!!🎈🎈🗽⛺

  29. Look odessaa police admit it done f*** up..let him go driving away to another city change cars and you pulled people out in his oath at the movie theater…you done f*** up

  30. I don't get it, I just watched a military video of a C-130 flying into the eye of the storm and they said that it dropped from 185 mile an hour winds which is a category 5 down to 135 mile an hour winds. I don't understand why the media is reporting that it's going to be such a devastating storm when it hits land unless it's because of the flooding.the gentleman flying the plane sit at the I went from 12 miles wide which is the smaller the eye the more powerful the storm is. The pilot said that it's 35 miles wide now and it's not going to have near as intense storm

  31. You know you guys could start a cash 4 guns business right now and not sell them back to people , no? Why not? Oh you secretly like the problem and only want to make $$$

  32. Mass shootings are gonna keep happening as long as you keep voting republican. Make sure you tell your kids you love them before they leave home for school tomorrow.

  33. I don't get it, every year there are hurricanes. Why do people wait until the last min. to leave or to protect themselves??? Why don't they prepare during the off season???

  34. You can make all the rules you want, if a bad guy wants a gun they will get one and do as they wish. The law abiding citizen is the one who faces the most danger. Like gun free zones, that's just an invite for a armed bad guy.

  35. Passing a school bus with a stop sign out… driving while using a cell phone….. If I were dealing out punishment for people doing this it would be automatic 5 years jail time with 2 years of community service afterward with a 20 thousand dollar fine on top of all of it all …. My life has also been threatened by these idiots.

  36. That's how you know how much of a President Trump is not how do you have several Category 5 or 4 storm and you never heard of that before come on people get it together this man is not a president he can't keep s*** straight and he doesn't know anything about running a country… Period

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