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  1. Remember. Trump refuses to accept refugees from the hurricane crying that he’s afraid of all of these brown people but he invites the Taliban to Camp David.

    How can you Christians support this monster?

  2. If "good people with family values" endorse unregulated pollution, ecosystem destruction, and permanent wars, what do bad people?

  3. Wow ! I wonder now if the blood work that is taken from me is getting mixed-up also…can't believe the medical staff is doing their job that your paying for today.
    I Remain,
    12SEP2019; 22:40 H.H.

  4. Adults that are drug dealers that are endangering their children and they want to know why kids are getting killed? Sad. China needs us as much as America needs China do not ever get that twisted. As far as the trade war is concerned.

  5. China….China…..China….blah blah blah blah blah blah. Lets see a segment on poisons sent abroad by American companies when banned in country of origin….how about that doosie aye Monsanto? Cancer and environmental destruction to the world with a smile.

  6. Once again, Mix-ups in Fertility clinics that may lead to the demise of a couple's marriage? It's time for us to stop playing God. If the Lord wanted the couple to have children He would have allowed them to do so. Couples should investigate prior to marriage if they'll be able to successfully procreate. Having a family is something that should be planned not simply take place once the couple are married because bringing a living Soul into this world is a big decision that may have great consequences.

  7. Oh my God it's a miracle you guys came out with a video about the news on the day it was about I can't believe it, it must be a sign of the Apocalypse.

  8. Oh, sure, REPUBLICANS… Bail out Big Pharma but call SNAP receivers "welfare queens" and force them to take DRUG TESTS just to get their Food Stamps??? THE IRONY…..

  9. Question – if we are paying out of our a;& for drugs, why are we in China in the first place? I thought we went there only for cheap crap, not crazy expensive drugs we pay for now

  10. Question – if we are paying out of our a;& for drugs, why are we in China in the first place? I thought we went there only for cheap crap, not crazy expensive drugs we pay for now

  11. I find it funny how the media always pushes for more draconian gun laws to infringe on law abiding citizens and yet the vast majority of murders and mass murders are in areas of the country already known to have the strictest gun regulations. If more laws were the answer these areas would be the least violent, yet they are the most dangerous places to live and you are the most likely to be shot in these areas and the least dangerous places to be also have the least gun regulations and allow open carry and conceal carry and do not infringe on the people's rights to be armed. Literally proving, an ARMED society is a polite society. Criminals just don't like doing business in areas where they know they are the ones highly likely to be shot and killed should they pull their shenanigans…

  12. Why aren’t the police speaking up against guns like ARs and background checks? Do they want to be up against people with these kinds of guns? Where are their families? Wouldn’t they feel safer about their partners if these guns and tighter regulations weren’t on the streets???

  13. I can't believe they outsourced all those drugs to China! I didn't know that. What the elite have done to this country is unforgivable! They've destroyed it over my lifetime. My childhood home costs 7x what it did in the 1970's! My rent is 50% of my income for a two room flat and I don't even live in a city center or on a coast.

  14. Why not import from Canada, or take patents away from Big Pharma and allow generics to be made. Congress CAN do this and they won't!

  15. I call "BS on Big Pharma!" We the PEOPLE paid for the development of those drugs and Big Pharma in NEW JERSEY keeps the profits. It's total BS that they need Federal dollars. It's a scam and it's time to "rise up!"

  16. It's not like I never tried to have a child, yet, if I had the money to afford the cost of a fertility clinic services, I would love my child unconditionally, even if he or she wasn't mine biologically. Raising two stepdaughters to be strong, independent women will have to be good enough for me.

  17. These CELL Phone EYE-Phones, are Being being controlled by unknowns. A bug (virus) or download from the source can cause the device to overheat and cause injury. It has been suspected that these devices are underhandedly being used by the likes of Nokea (NORTH KOREA) and the likes of China. These countries are systematically using cell devices to monitor our movements. Now, a banking disappearance of millions of dollars. Not traceable. We are seeing the FLEECING of the American People. Get rid of these devices and return to paper tracking of bank and finances. Get rid of the plastic cards as well. Tracking devices are monitoring you through NSA and sharing the data with other countries. Don't be doped!…the MARK in your hand and the OCCULUS in your head is your damnation. Ridding yourself of these intrusive means into your lives will greatly improve your survival in the months to come. DO NOT BELONG! quit playing games….they are distractions to keep you unaware. WAKE UP! he who hath an ear can hear! – Jesus

  18. When we are talking about drugs made and bought from China and ask "How did we get here"…even a moran could answer that..GREED!!!! duh…

  19. I love how the fertility clinic that totally, clearly, majorly screwed up not only does not apologize, but uses their statment to tell the world that they have the highest quality standards.
    PR gaslighting at its finest.

  20. I had no idea that 80% of medicine ingredients come from China. That's a terrifying fact, what with all the tariffs being thrown back and forth…. Someone needs to fix this. Move manufacturing back here.

  21. Our drug prices are way out of LINE ALREADY. Let's nationalize them and make them here. Boycott Chinese food drinks and drugs.At least until they can prove they cleaned it up and keep it cleaned up.

  22. Dear Black people,

    You have a culture problem. You may not think the glorification of drugs guns and gangs in rap music is to blame. But that’s the reason you are losing your children to gun violence. Stop contributing to that garbage.

  23. Short fix… Time to build our own American pharmacy plant again! Even if the price of medicine goes up! This is more important than billions for a wall.

  24. Right. Industry, individuals, municipalities said environmental controls were too expensive or difficult. Can't afford it. NOW the bill is coming due in unprecedented numbers of dangerous hurricanes, tornadoes, floods. Now the money must be spent and it's even more difficult. So, boo to you who denied the need.

  25. I dont take meds. I smoke pot instead🤪 you know China gives Americans the lowest quality of everything they make. Everything, they hate America.

  26. Watched the debates. OMG! Total embarrassment to a democrat. They are showing all the weaknesses and giving trump ammo to stay in office. It was embarrassing.

  27. Under the global environment , a great product needs complicated supply chain. That is the common sense. Some ingredients are from China , ,some from Europe, some from Australia ,etc. The most important thing is American company makes the final product and it is supervised by FDA. American company then exports the medicine to other country with higher price. It is the lucrative industry. CHina and India have huge population and they are the prey of the American pharmacy company.

  28. Thanks for ending the show with positive stories. It helps balance out some of the bad that is happening in the world. We need more positive stories in our lives.

  29. I watched a yt video on how the Chinese make fake food and poison millions. Now our medicines come from these back alley shops too.

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