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  1. "I didn't do it!" "I did do it!" Trump's a liar, and a snake who's proven to the world once more that he's a cad who will stoop to any level that he feels is necessary to fulfill his selfish goals. Now you Trump Lovers tell me that he's a god-send, or that "NBC did it again."

  2. I Think Everything Needs To Be Brought Onto The Table , Because I Heard Joe Biden Speak About Asking For Someone To Be Fited From Ukraine To Protect his Son

  3. Why is nobody calling it "horse flu"? Everyone was quick to use the term "swine flue" and "bird flu", but a horse is involved and sunddenly its called "triple e"…wtf? Thats some bs right there.

  4. Bumbling moron. Tried to sling mud at Biden but somehow managed to hit himself in the face with it instead. Can't even do wrong right…

  5. Trump:
    –I didn't lie.
    –Yes I lied.
    –But it wasn't a crime.
    –Yes, it was a crime, but Hillary was just as bad.
    –My critics are "very bad people."
    –I am a sitting President, and thus above the law.
    –Screw America.

  6. dynastic monarchy is not compatible with humanity in the 21st century: its time to dissolve this death institution : Everything is changing – this should too.

  7. I identify with the last scene from the movie 'Shawshank Redemption".  I'm 63 years old. I've struggled in life as has my best friend, who is 73 years old. Together, we have been working on an old boat I purchased. Hope is a good thing.

  8. I just watched Shawshank Redemption 2 nights ago; it is a great movie to watch when you feel overwhelmed with despair; and also even if you just want to rejoice over an oppressors demise; while redemption comes to the oppressed; can I get an amen !?

  9. I served in the military from 1989-1993. One of the many things that stick out in my mind was marital infidelity within the ranks, it was very common.

  10. Trump will go down in history as the most corrupt, criminal, treasonous person to ever occupy the White House.He needs to pass go straight to prison.

  11. OF COURSE no evidence was found against Biden's son, because Biden used EXTORTION against UKRAINE to get the prosecutor fired, then replaced by one of his liking, then he BRAGGED about it on camera !!!!!!!

  12. The Whistleblower is Sue Gordon CIA… spying on President Trump's private conversations w world leaders…she should be arrested… I'm writing to my Reps in TEXAS…

  13. Gees he is the commander and chief the president did nothing wrong the Democrats have no agenda but distraction man im sick of their foolish malarkey

  14. Sleepy Joe was better than Methed up Joe. He is likely to give the US Nuclear Launch Codes if someone ask him about Waste Management..

  15. Look at what 8 years of obama/democrat controlled cities look like.
    Look at the homeless and lawlessness, drug and violence.

    They’re not fighting our President they’re fighting you !

  16. "What about Benghazi?"
    "What about Hillary's emails?"
    "What about Monica?"
    "What about Whitewater?"
    "What about Marilyn Monroe?"
    ~The Teabaggers

  17. I don't understand how Nixon was quickly dealt with and JFK killed by our govt with help and yet this ACTING president is still breaking laws? Is he really that tough? I always thought he has lived his life as a punk hiding behind daddy. When is enough, enough CIA, Mafia???

  18. When will the bottom fall out under the con man Donald Trump ?  Dec 2019?… Feb 2020, ? June 2020 ? There a new book out that says Trump had 3,500 law suits either he started or was file against him in his lifetime. ….. What that say about a person who had 3,500 law suits in their life time

  19. I love how NBC is shedding illuminating lights on Warren and Biden being the two “front runners” for the Presidential Candidates but not even mentioning Tulsi Gabbard or Yang making moves sweeping the country with their campaigning. Since Gabbard isn’t getting any exposure from NBC, Warren is basically a “copy and paste” campaign stealing ideas, comments and speeches from Tusli Gabbard. This is going to be a cut throat election in November 2020, wait and see.

  20. More Investigation? Impeach now!! Bill Clinton lied about a BJ..this Criminal Buffoon is bribing a foreign country to investigate an American citizen with $250 million of our tax money to find a favorable outcome to Trump…

  21. riddle me riddle me
    if candiates have 20% and 22% popularity rating,
    then their disapproval rates are 80% and 78%, respectively. or not?

  22. When Trump was so rude to the reporter by giving her the 'hand down' gesture and cutting her off, I wish all the reporters would give him that hand gesture and not say a word and walk off. That would freak Trump out for sure.
    He gets off with all the attention of reporters scrambling to hear from him so he can shut them down when he wants.

  23. Majority of women needed in the White House and running government. A known fact that women make better leaders. Definitely more honest and healthy spines.

  24. Question is: How many times has he broken the law? There is no more laws! Like a little kid when caught doing something wrong, he always points at someone else. That is called projection. He's a joke in the white house.

  25. Our Government puts our citizens into unnecessary war for greed and to appease Zionist Israel, then refuses to take care of our injured when they returned from service.


  27. Trumpers say that the world watches CNN, fake news everywhere! Ha! Most people knew of the fake con boy trump, long before CNN , he was know as the boy who lies and cons and never pays what he owes, you trumpers were to busy watching Obama in a brown suit eating grey popoun mustard.

  28. Oh baby, when Trump finally does hit the concrete floor, and he will, its going to be one huge orange splat! Better put on your rain ponchos for this one!

  29. BERNIE OR BUST 2020- happened last time when you pushed cheating hillary and now you push warren and her curiously bernie like campaign even though she was all in for hillary and promised to take big money from special interests if she gets to the general election. BERNIE OR BUST 2020!!!

  30. Come on America where better than this. When a person needs help we don’t ask their political views. Let’s help each other get past this hate. We can agree to disagree, we can start to be part of the solution. Vote let your voice be heard. Take action towards a positive solution. Amicably find our truth, express our grievances and most of all come together to be part of the solution.

  31. Donald Trump must stay as President of USA ! Americans cannot realize what kind of Great President they have Great Diplomat Great Politician Great Businessman Great Man !

  32. What about the Biden crooked business deal and where did 1.8 billion go. Oh that is right it was given to a man that run the private banks who himself is a criminal. But the Socialists in the house don't want to talk about this…

  33. Let's stop and think of the numerous wrongs that Hillary Clinton, James Comey and the who disgraceful democratic leaders have made.

  34. Democrats just keep wasting the countries cash, trying to put us into the same bankruptcy situation that California is in. The “Do absolutely nothing Congress “.

  35. Sad the new politics is besmirch and hate the opponent who wins and then hope the public will get sick of heir resistance and vote him out.

  36. Don't forget about the VINCE FOSTER "suicide" case back in the the Clinton administration.

    Foster purportedly committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a hand gun. Interestingly, the gun was still in his hand when he was laying o the ground. How's that for a cover up?

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