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  1. Pelosi is the ""confuser in chief"". Trump will not be impeached by the REPUBLICAN Senate. This is more distraction from real issues like domestic corruption, treason , an economy in free fall, the fake news media, endless war, term limits, inflation, unconstitutional income taxes, unconstitutional fiat currency, etc.

  2. Impeach Lester Holt and Nancy pelosi! ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ’ฆ

  3. im no psychologists…no school…no degree what so ever…and i could be totally wrong …but Amber Guyger has "serial killer eyes" …it's in the eyes… …i don't know…just my opinion (just had black coffee) ๐Ÿ˜’

  4. What an appalling twisted statement, … "the Republican run senate could give the president a victory following a trial". Being exonerated by the corrupt Greedy Oligarchic Psychopaths (aka the "GOP" Rethuglicans) in the senate is NOT a "victory" for anyone. The reporter who used those terms should be fired for such a warped statement.

  5. Louisiana's Senator Kennedy is a pathetic amoral sycophant who should himself be impeached by the citizens of Louisiana. Kennedy's statement confirms that he is not for government by law but government by gangsters.

  6. No…. no evidence of wrongdoing by Biden @ all. Sure, he left the U.S. Naval Reserve 'cause of a minor lil' cocaine issue, but no backroom deals or anything like that….

  7. I would think that bright red doormat would have been a really good clue that she was at the wrong apartment. But obviously it wasn't. I don't understand how it wasn't enough for her, but it should have been! Unfortunately for the man she shot.

    The good news is that there is plenty of room for her at her local prison!!! Enough room for an extended lease, like 3 to 5 years? Perhaps even longer!

    Why is the first reaction of any cop is to pull out a gun and start blasting away at people??? Whatever happened to – – – – Freese!!!!! Don't move!!! You know, rather than just shooting folks! That dumb witch should go sit in jail for a long time. There is absolutely no excuse for what she did. And if she gets that easily confused in our own building, Heaven help her out in the field, if she was to be really ever needed by someone, in a crisis situation. She would just be running around in a panic with a gun out shooting people! She won't know what's going on but count on her to bag a few!

    I strongly believe in Redemption and in having Grace, but this woman really tests my ability to have either one for her! When she gets out maybe she could get a job as a garbage man, for the rest of your life. She should have no responsibility for anything other than herself, and keeping the streets and alleys clean!

  8. Nancy and Lester setting in a tree K.I.S.S.ING . FIRST.CAME OBAMA THEN CAME HILLARY. Here comes President Trump's attorneys with laws suites.

  9. With all the resources the US president has at his disposal does he really need a foreign country to investigate anything in this country??? Please!!!

    We need the Ukraine's help to investigate something??? Really??? That makes no sense whatsoever! It is a matter of protecting the Constitution and maintaining our own sovereignty! Not that Trump or many Republicans would ever understand those ideas. Unfortunately!

    If you're going to be a republican at least be an intelligent Republican!

  10. Hey Trump.. Your fired hahaha Only in America whats wrong with a country that allows a President to carry on like a fool and with police that cant even find their own bloody apartment yet can carry a gun??? she murdered this poor guy in his own flat minding his own business.

  11. Well… once again the news and our democratic congress jumps the gun. The report has come out and what do you know, thereโ€™s no campaign violation. The lies are getting embarrassing. Please do something useful and quit wasting our taxes. NBC Youโ€™re apart of the problem.

  12. Say what you will, but I believe Rudi about Joe, his son, and Whitey Bulger's nephew. If it's true, Joe's got to go down, and rightfully so. Trump's like Teflon; nothing sticks.

  13. Trump, Twitter is an irresponsible forum for such a serious complaint. We should not be handling government policy on Twitter. Republicans know whistleblower reports go to Congress. It is not Trumps prerogative nor Moscow Mitch.

  14. Biden was a sitting Vice President. His son got himself put on the board of a foreign company in the Ukraine. A country riddled with corruption.
    I'd be more concerned about the character of that employment than Trump''s phone call.

  15. " The Joker " seems like oppressive "entertainment" in our time. Hollywood has us confined to violent theater. You could adapt it to the stage and satisfy the creative artist but no you had to make a greedy ๐ŸŽฅ movie with ๐Ÿ˜•harmful visuals. . I'd rather see a good actor like Mr Phoenix on the stage in a live performance.

  16. With so much violence and the amount of people numb or so intrigued with violence I think all violent movies, games, etc should come to a stop. It's just become the norm to hurt people we don't agree with, hurt people that offend us personally, and so on…let's just stop with all violence can we or have we just become so blood thirsty with malice engraved in our hearts that its passed the point of fixing?

  17. Good luck with that impeachment there. They're gonna go after him knowing full well it doesn't stand a prayer of a chance to get passed in the Senate. Whats it gonna be next? Someone will come out and say they saw him littering back in 87. I love the hurt feelings report reference too. An actual document I remember seeing those in my company while I was in the Army a few years back.

  18. How much Paranoid can you be? This is the pinnacle .this is the extasy of a Paranoid person.after this is probably the stratosphere.of course that cop knew what she was doing.this is a premeditated crime

  19. Fellow citizens I'd like to say this the dems have finally gotten what they always wanted an fact based excuse to impeach the president. President Trump should learn how to act like a president and what he can and can't do as president. If he could just think more before he speaks three quarters of his problems would disappear, they the dems at this point have done absolutely nothing to merit any respect from most of their constituents whatsoever. Yet they would question why the president would want to know why a son of a political office holder was hired at all amid the implicit accusations of corruption between that corporation and its government. Can we say conflict of interest, the president should of contacted the DOJ and the F.B.I and let them make the call . The dems, like most politicians are power hungry, greedy self serving lot . Just think remove a president who is standing up to China which by the way is sure to strike a deal favorable to the United states, cause its economy is shrinking fast . Iran has resorted to shooting at people cause its economy will shortly collapse thanks to our president . The president wants us out of those hot spots in that region., cause geez we ve spent trillions and thousands of U S lives lost or ruined . NATO nations have known to pay their fare share for their own security and now they must cause our president pressed them to . NAFTA renegotiated to favor America, thank you MR. President if the president's proposal to allow Americans the ability to get cheaper drugs from Canada becomes law score one for Trump. You d never here those things from the liberal left or the left leaning media but they will bash the president at every turn. If the dems succeed then like California , America will quickly go up in flames . Let's pay for non citizens health care, let's open the borders for every terrorist to take up arms in our own country to shoot us and to figure out bigger and better ways to use drones to blow us up!! MAYBE I should have wrote all this in Spanish because in about twenty years that's what they'll want to achieve anyways. VIVE LA REVOLUTION.

  20. Pelosi, the stunned clown! What will she do if the hard working people of this country kick her old sad azz out, now that the ringling brothers have closed up the circus. Is her real name ezra??????? Time to go paliochio. This is cruel and unusual punishment to have to see this ole bag everyday on tv, staggering from one meeting to the next. Impeach this ole hag.

  21. Notice how the wealthy white ppl get weeks / months in jail. But other ppl like the mexicans & blacks are given years for minor crimes.


  23. โ€œToday, the Republican majority is not judging the president with fairness, but impeaching him with a vengeance,โ€ Pelsoi said on December 18, 1998. โ€œIn the investigation of the president, fundamental principles which Americans hold dear โ€” privacy, fairness, checks and balances โ€” have been seriously violated. And why Because we are here today because the Republicans in the House are paralyzed with hatred of President Clinton. And until the Republicans free themselves of this hatred, our country will suffer.โ€

  24. In Trumpโ€™s pond it is catch and release. Some people create their own storms then get upset when it rains. This will be Nancy Pelosi when Trump gets re-elected. Bullies never win. They wash our cars or become security guards at failing malls.

  25. PLEASE NOTE: The Democrats are misleading the public. When they talk about election interference by our President they are talking about the upcoming 2020 election! The request made by our President to the Ukranian PM had to do with the 2016 election and investigations ongoing thereof and IS NOT AN INTERFERENCE WITH THE 2020 ELECTION. They are as usually misleading the public by making false statements. The public has to be more vigilant in checking every word the Democrats use!

    Furthermore, the whistleblower transcript is HEARSAY and which would not hold up in any court of law.

  26. It is a cover up.
    And Ukraine has nothing to do with American politics. All they want is their financial aid. Poor America!

  27. Trump just used military funding to fix all his properties that why withheld money to Ukraine it in trum pocket he said money was payed in full to Ukraine.

  28. The Democratic party has spent 4 years and millions of American taxpayer dollars in their effort to impeach our president who has not stopped to work for the American people since the day he was elected. I think all this evil activity is going to backfire on them just like old Hamen (Book of Esther). they are not going to win and the are not going to be remembered as doing anything for the American people. PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS NOT BETRAYED THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, IT IS THE DEMOCRATS WHO HAVE SQUANDED OUR MONEY AND DONE NOTHING FOR OUR COUNTRY.

  29. FBI should investigate the Bidens, both Joe and Hunter. FBI should also investigate NBC, Lester Holt and Pete Alexander.

  30. Nancy got a facelift, she has that surprise look on her face. Joe talks about President Trump trying to shred the Constitution, when in actuality it's the Democrats that's doing it, sneaky Joe. The reason why we have so many mosquitoes is because you keep tearing down and burning more Forest and it takes the birds away that eats the mosquitoes.

  31. Hilary, should be able to sue him now. For meddling in the Election. She was rightful winner. I don't like her, but what's right should be right.

  32. According to the phone call between Trump and Ukraine leader, even if Trump had asked for an investigation into Hunter Biden, according to the agreement made between the NSA and other countries allowing the NSA to investigate any US citizen, or citizen of another nation, inside their borders, then Trump is not violating this agreement by asking for someone to be investigated.
    The Democrats had Trump investigated, using the same laws, yet they themselves feel that they are the ones "above the law," as they are not to have an investigation into their activities.
    Trump being the head of National Security gives him the position to use the agreement between the US, and almost every nation globally, to investigate any citizen of the US, or otherwise. The Democrats pushed for this agreement, which allows the NSA to use cameras, RFID tracking chips and RFID readers, and full surveillance, inside almost every nation across the globe. The US Senate again stated, that the RFID tracking chips and readers were illegal for use inside the United States, but this did not end foreign usage. The real inside scoop on the attempt to impeach Trump, is that Democrat lawmakers just never dreamed of having the big government over-policing laws that they themselves created, turned to be used on they themselves!

  33. cant believe trump achieved so much while facing these ridiculous BS. its disgusting to see how low desperate democrats are willing to go at the expense of american people

  34. NBC showed a misleading clip Fox or glen becks radio show about Joe's and Kerry's greedy sons and how joe supported them

  35. Time to indict and prosecute and remove from office all the democrats involved in these repeated phony actions. Get others into the positions of power that are not wasting our time and failing to do their jobs.

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