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  1. So is Trump going tp take any responsibility for any of the haye crimes going on as of late? He has been stirring the hate pot scence he was elected. He, the NRA, the Senate, Congress, the Republican party, is to blame for these murders. And it's only going to get worse. Trump needs to be charged for insighting hate crimes, on immigrants, and american citizens.

  2. I remember those frogs! Grew up in California and been to Yosemite many times, I got to see the fire falls in the 1950's!! He he- banished forever now-

  3. El Paso father of slain son at Walmart: Sobbing "WHY?"
    NRA President: "Looks like we get to sell another AK now that that one's in police hands…YEA!"

  4. My condolences go out the victims and families. Also to the victims in dayton ohio. God speed everyone ! I will be praying for all. Amen !

  5. If any of those killed were NRA members or had families who were, makes you wonder what the families are thinking about Gun Control..Are they angry that the shooter got an AK so easily, or if it is just a "MEH, it doesn't affect me.."

  6. Time to dust off the o'l rifle and get rid of the unwanted invading scourge from the southern border. Long live USA

  7. Sad thing that happened to that basketball 🏀 player it’s always your “So Called Family” that you have to watch out for. This world 🌎 is filled with too much hatred

  8. so where were all of the legally packing citizens from bars, churches, and schools that were supposed to gun these creeps down?

  9. A day later, Another mass murderer in Dayton, Ohio. Wa gwan? (what's going on?)
    We have to chase these barbaric troglodytes and vampires back into the sh*thole caves they crawled out of.

  10. People please look at the photos of the garlic shooter , elpaso, and the Ohio shooter they are the same person you have to be blind not to see it if I where the families I would be asking questions

  11. It keeps happening more and more folks, shark attacks, Sharks and other fish at the top of the food chain aren't finding their normal food and so we have attacks rising. CANFIELD OCEANS the sea is dying Fukushima accident of 2011 has a lot to do with it. Including the melting of our ARTIC ICE in the northern regions of the planet and a 70 year old project by governments playing God with the weather and without our consent, geoengineering. Please dont believe a word I am saying and do your research.
    Credible Data.
    Great site that provides links to the many animals dying globally by news media's.

  12. trash tvspreadingfear constantly to get us to be ok with militarized copseverywhere and to not trust anyone..Divide and conquer all for zionists.

  13. Another tragedy. America: "The Land down under the Guns" I just came home from a local Walmart when I turned the news on. Is this what we call freedom?

  14. omg sharks can bite???wow thanx for the great 'breaking news''How about all the kids the dep.of offense has murdered this week??Pedos in our gov.,lobbbying,all the demorepos voting to take away our right to protest and boicott.bds..our howmany crimes israel has commited this week…this is not news,its ddisrtacting fromreal importantissues.

  15. 8:16 "If you see something suspicious, tell authorities" That means more "Black People" will be hassled and shot by the police for doing nothing but,,,, walking while black, driving while black, sitting down while black eating while black.

    These "White Mass Shooters" always get arrested without their clothes getting rum-fulled. Its a fact !!!

  16. That's his reaction, God be with you all, if it was none white he would have been doubling down on the Democrats and calling this shooter every terrorist name he can, also he did not condemn this shooter in which he would be so quick to condemn someone else who is a none white, just to say Donald your words of sympathy does not sound convincing.

  17. THIS year alone 31 weeks into 2019 ….. 252 dead by AMERICAN – WHITE YOUNG MEN TERRORISTS

  18. You have to rush that fool and disarm him. It would not be difficult. I would welcome the opportunity. The guy has a head phones one. 21 year deranged kid. I promise you, I'd get'em. Warriors need to step up, when mentally ill people do things like this. Too many innocent lives are at stake not to urgently risk your own life. We need properly trained security personnel all these venues. A properly trained agent, with a sidearm can take care of business. It does not need to be a agent with a tricked out M4, stacked with 556 mags on his chest. An agent with a 40 cal, who is dialed in on training and culture, that's it.


  20. There are NO white nationalists because there is NO white nation ! The LAST white nation GOT BURIED in RUINS along with that GUTTER RAT hitler inside his RAT HOLE ! CALL THESE VERMIN what they REALLY are — WHITE TERRORISTS !

  21. It was a racially motivated attack. They know it and should express as such. That way it can be dealt with for what it is.

  22. I am happy they are starting to check airline pilots more closely and hopefully holding them accountable for their sobriety.

  23. Please note the following that will take place in the tribulation –

    Peace taken, global war, (Rev. 6:4).
    Famine, a day's food for a day's wages (Rev. 6:5, 6).
    1/4 world's population will die, war, hunger (Rev. 6:8).
    Earthquakes, sun darkened, stars fall (Rev. 6:12, 13).
    PANIC AND TERROR will be universal (Rev. 6:15-17).
    1/3 in sea destroyed; (Rev. 8:8, 9).
    Many will die from bitter poisoned waters (Rev. 8:10, 11).
    Sun smitten, affecting light and temperatures (Rev. 8:12).
    Another 1/3 of the world's population die (Rev. 9:13-18).
    More great earthquakes and great hail (Rev. 11:13, 19).
    Malignant sores plague all the unsaved (Rev. 16:2).
    All in the seas will die (Rev. 16:3).
    Men scorched with fire and great heat (Rev. 16:8, 9).
    Men gnaw tongues due to pain and sores (Rev. 16:10, 11).
    Greatest earthquake since men on the earth (Rev. 16:18).
    Cities throughout the world will crumble (Rev. 16:19). Every island and mountain will disappear (Rev. 16:20).
    Huge hailstones fall, about 100 pounds each (Rev. 16:21).

    NO FEAR!

  24. Two mass shootings in Chicago in the past 24 hours…7 shot at one…8 shot, 1 killed at the other. 46 people shot, so far, this weekend in Chicago, 3 killed. Isn't it amazing that these aren't included with the other mass shootings????? Doesn't fit into the whole white supremacy preached by the Squad.

  25. Why is the media showing the shooter? If mass shootings are the new normal, then the way mass shootings are reported needs to change.

  26. The motive is he wanna shoot gun anyway…no matter if someone did something or not…trust me no hate crime just had gun & had too shoot just because he had gun…research since 91… if the person in 20s or 35 just gotta shoot if older thay feel hopeless that's what thay do crazy shooting.

  27. Typical republiKKKan white boy shooter in ameriKKKa.
    Cries mommy & daddy don't show them enough love & attention.
    Don't have a girlfriend. Never had a girlfriend.
    Plays video games all day. Doesn't work.
    Brain washed by racist president & fox news. Your life sucks, it's not your fault, it's everyone else's fault…..non-white people, immigrants, women, liberals, homosexuals, muslims, Hollywood, environmentalists, vegans….etc
    Believes white people are becoming extinct & only a wall & guns will save them.
    Deflects attention from current shooting….but how about Chicago?
    Paranoid: believes in "flat earth theory", "aliens hidden in area 51", "deep state"
    If this sounds like you, drink a bottle of bleach & your problems will all soon go away !

  28. Wow, 249 shootings so far this year? Now that's alarming! There were over 300 mass shootings last year in 2018! I'm now getting concerned that shootings are going to become a serious problem in the long run.

  29. That fool drove 600 miles to shoot all these innocent people at this walmart. This was a hate crime against the spanish people and not some mental illness bull crap like trump said in that news statement. Death penalty for Patrick Crusius.

  30. I Cringe whenever an American tells me that they're Ok with Guns, or Anyone owing them.

    Those people are OK with Guns because they Love Guns, but that's because it hasn't hit home for them, and One of their loved ones has not been hit with one of them. People are SICK.


  32. America, the USA, has become the New Colombia, Venezuela, Middle East, is the new way of life in America, thanks to the White Blue-eyed Demons.

  33. The star athlete who was killed by his sister probably happened out of jealously. I wouldn't be surprised anyway.

  34. Wake up time to take revenge from white peoples and declare independent from there white supremacy capital government

  35. Trump needs to be impeached for loosening the cliff in California, selling the guns to the shooter in Texas, sending those sharks to the beach and serving drinks to the UA pilots. But seriously, this shooter dude should be prosecuted fully, after the Clintons are prosecuted fully.

  36. America is total trash to the very very max!!!!
    Native Americans have had to deal with psychopathic white trash for the first day they got off the boat!

  37. Soft targets = gun free zones

    Arm yourselves. An armed community is a polite community. The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. If you don't have one to protect yourself, you will be praying for someone who does to show up soon to protect you!

  38. I'm going to say it:
    Young White Male Home Grown Shooters are TERRORISTS.
    Everyone has some type of mental illness according to the same commercials for the pharmaceutical industry.
    What's the next excuse?

  39. Maybe there need to be security at soft targets. Eg at entrance and exits with metal detectors just like the airports. Maybe that would avert some of these things.

  40. Walmart should help out too and do something else. trump's twitter doesn't sound like trump at all cause it sounds like it was written by one of his hunch men.

  41. They aren't even showing clips of the Walmart..the shooting happened at a Walmart not a shopping mall for crap sakes..get your facts straight reporters

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