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  1. Yea.. Cheat the Hangman out of it's Fee's – Just Commit Suicide – That Solves all problems small and large
    Like anyone really cares about any of us.. Really?

  2. RIP Lou Alvarez… a real American hero… and shame on those who choose to deny the 9/11 first responders adequate and fair compensation

  3. You don't have to go to Germany all you have to do is go to Mexico and find out how they do it there health insurance for everybody that works

  4. Regarding turning off your cars: If you garage is connected to your home your doors should be self-closing and your home should have a CO detector.

  5. So let me get this straight, you applied to and accepted a very expensive college education, of your own free will, and now your protesting the bill? Cry me a river please. What next, your bar bill is too expensive and your going to picket TGI Fridays?? How about manning up and taking responsibility for your own actions.

  6. Wait. The guy whose face is plastered all over your national news segment on student loan defaults has requested his name be changed for privacy reasons?

  7. If you Barrow the money. Its your responsibility to pay it back. Tax payers should not be forced to pay for you.

  8. Trump has sold our country to the dictators for his own financial gains. People please vote out this fake, criminal and treasonous man from our White House. He lost the election by more than 3 million and the college electron put him in the WH. I pray that in 2020 he will lose by 6 million. We don't need a dictator to destroy our rule of law ( the CONSTITUTION ) 4 more years of this man will ultimately be the end of our DEMOCRACY!!!!!!!!!

  9. When 9/11 was beneficial for Republicans they were adamant about keeping the topic in the media–especially to rally support to invade the Middle East. Now, that there's no advantage for them to pay attention they put issues such as funding for those sick and dying on the back-burner. Never Forget….unless it cost too much money to remember. –Republican Party

  10. I’m a carbon monoxide survivor (house furnace), and trust me, this is something you DO NOT want to risk.

  11. Quick question to anyone that can answer, can they sell your student loans to a debt collector if you have never paid them, to reinstate your delinquent time frame and up the interest? Asking for a friend.

  12. President Trump operates from a "human" standpoint, not a Political one………..and it is working!!!!!!!!!! President Trump is opening doors that no one thought could ever be opened again.

  13. I don't completely agree with US legislation being enacted to completely absolve "student debt". Many of us paid off our student loans when we went through the same ritual during our college years. However, I believe the amount of indebtedness one incurs in recent years to pay for college is much, much higher.

  14. Trump is genetic German..had very bad Father German ….same as Hitler had very abusive father…both are sadistics…What is defrence…Hitler was close to mother too much…Trump hates Women..he is deeply subconscious Homosexual..using Hookers all life to Feel Power.
    .all this staf with North Korea as everything else he do is just sick Theater and fun he is playing with American people

  15. So you stole knowlage…and yet no one forced you too sign on the dotted line…and we the people get hit with this debt..and you reap the reward!🤔

  16. Student loan debt? You signed your name and agreed to pay the loan after graduating. I don’t think anyone held a gun to your head!

  17. all students are told right up front u can't default on these loans if he couldn't afford it he shouldn't have went to a university. so he went to school got his education and now doesn't want to pay for his education and blatantly showing he is shreading his bills and trying to get others to do it too because the payment is too big that was his freedom of choice he lives in America no one forced him to go to a university he agreed to pay for his education. All of the millenials agreed. Millenials have responsibility just like all of America does. So what's next u want things but not willing to pay for them!!!! That's communism ideology. I know go work for North Korea there's an idea skip out on what u owe and live in North Korea where the government gives u everything for free and the only bill u will have to pay their is your exchange for your freedom.

  18. Every Brick Mason, welder, Stone Mason, electrician… Will find it objectionable that you believe a person who went to college so they would have advantage of someone who got up and went to work every morning and learn the trade is somehow privilege to the point that they can't pay it off because they took liberal classes that they can't make money from. And I know more welder they make more money that many lawyers. And I know many crane operators that purchase a new truck every year. No debt… But because you went to college you think you know something special

  19. You see the problem with what you are saying is almost sympathetic to their cause, and you not being objectionable. You did not ask him what he majored in in college. And by not doing that it shows that you are not a real journalist but have your own agenda. Ain't nobody going to take you serious except somebody who ain't going to get up off the couch and do nothing


  21. 14:05 Dont pay your loans in protest because they want the government to pay and he is the one who took the loans out in the first place. The ones who pay their loans sacrifice for a better life and get them paid!

  22. Schooling is extremely expensive and does need to be reformed so more people can go and get an education and degree without going broke but if u truly wanted to make a change you should have done it before u went to school with a huge movement then maybe your school bill wouldn't have been so much and it would have opened doors yo others in the same way. But u waited till u got the schooling! u can't repossess your education but they could take away your degree getting it under false pretenses is fraud. We're loosing out on future Drs and many things because of the costs of schooling. But knowingly going to school creating a 80k bill then not wanting to pay it is like a form of fraud. It's not due to medical bills or divorce or illnesses etc… And u got ur degree for free! how is that any different then those parents that are going to court for buying there kids into school and buying there education. There in court for that type of fraud and I think your going to get to walk away free. That's not how to make a movement a temporary news item of fame then reality hits with real consequences.

  23. Thank you Fireman Alverez. You ran towards, when everyone was running from. You worked tirelessly, to give others closure. You remind us what it means to be an American, and we are ashamed to admit we didn't fight hard enough, knowing you were fighting the biggest battle of your life. You, and others like you, have reminded this American what the definition of sacrifice really means. Please forgive us for our apathy, except for that one time of year. We shout and whisper "NEVER FORGET" and "NEVER AGAIN" then return to our lives, while you all continue to fight to save yours, until that next 9/11 when we are as one. This American promises to be a force for change, in honor and memory of each and every brother and sister still fighting. I may be one voice, but I promise to use it well, and reach as many people as I can. To remind them to "NEVER FORGET" and to say "NEVER AGAIN…will we leave you out in the cold" to each and every elected official who will listen. Thank you Fireman Alverez for your sacrifice and courage. Thank you to those who passed before you and to those still fighting. You are true heroes and this American will NEVER FORGET any of you. May your family be blessed and comforted in this time of sadness, and may they recall all of the wonderful memories you shared. Thank you, Sir. FDNY

  24. Terrible idea no not paying your student loans. The interest will continue to grow and it can't be written off in bankruptcy. Also, they'll attach your social security check. He didn't go 80K in debt by a medical disaster. He clearly majored in an unmarketable degree. He knew what he was doing. I became disabled which is how I got out of it but that also came at a price. I cannot even get a grant to go back to school. My social security was attached at 250/month before it was excused. I really don't have any sympathy for him. He didn't get a job of his choice and now he thinks it is someone else's responsibility to pay his debt. Everyone would love to major in art and humanities but unless you want to live in poverty or have a trust fund, it is better to major in something that you'll be able to find employment then get a 2nd degree in art.

  25. sorry but if you're dumb enough to take out an unmanageable amount of loans, that is completely on you. The US taxpayer shouldn't have to foot the bill for other people's stupidity. Especially for those dumb enough to go to for-profit schools.


  27. Obama had scholarships because he’s very intelligent, unlike your baboon Trump, who cannot put a intelligent sentence together and got his money via his father and laundering money for the Russian mafia.

  28. Is this another reality show with North Korean leader because we already know on the first time Donald Trump went and Donald Trump lied said he's going to give up his nuclear weapons and he was still shooting them off as of today so what is this reality show TV he's doing now to try to boost his base like he's really doing something he's going back and then get nothing done everybody in the world know this man is not going to give up his nuclear weapons this another reality show to try to boost up his base for the election I'm sick of

  29. When is Donald Trump going to stop this reality picture thing with North Korea it just so disturbing it's just about photo ops cuz he already let Donald Trump know from last time he's not giving up his nuclear weapons when Donald Trump said Daddy did when he didn't so why does he keep wasting the taxpayers money to make it seem like he's really doing something and it's just a reality show just to take some pictures to try to boost up his base for the election why is he wasting the taxpayers

  30. You know this all of them laughing and smiling when he coming cuz they know he's a joke Donald Trump ain't laughing he know they laughing at him cuz he can get my life intelligent information

  31. click this a reality TV thing just to take some pictures and stuff to boost his base he's not going to get anything accomplished been there done that he has you don't even need to show it at the American people really don't care because we know Donald Trump lied and said that in their first the first time they agreed to get rid of his nuclear weapons with we found out was a lie we don't want to see this reality show keep playing over and over and over nothing's going to get done is just a reality TV show thing the boost is base for the election, Donald Trump no I'm in the North Korean leader told him he wasn't going to give up his nuclear weapons from last time he was with him so why is he wasting our taxpayers money going there doing the same thing over and over it ain't nothing going to get accomplished you can stop showing in now and it's old news

  32. I don’t understand the love and tendency of Americans to use abbreviations!
    What’s DMZ !?
    I know, it’s Demilitarized Zone!
    Why not use it as it is ?
    And another question:
    What’s JFK ?
    I know it’s John Fitzgerald Kennedy!
    You love Kennedy very much and name the airport after him; well done !
    Each time you pronounce his name, you remember him and are proud of him !
    But you don’t do it; instead you say JFK !
    You could simply say Kennedy airport; no, you say JFK !
    I believe this is an insult toward Kennedy’s legacy toward American history !
    You should proudly pronounce every single name !

  33. The reason why these People experience so much grief is because they want you to be much older before you can be elected for these positions. Which really bothers me about how they react to very serious crimes knowing at their ages these kinds of crimes are NEVER acceptable. I cannot imagine speaking to Someone going into grandma/grandpa stage at the White House that decides to disrespect my serious concerns. They cannot relate to us having a voice in America. They do not know why we are so upset when Men and Women publicly come for us with weapons because of lies that they created. If not at an age where these People should be just as outrage then what age takes serious crimes seriously. This is past offensive to have to call People who are at an age where respect and professionalism is very important. Instead we are dealing with People who are hanging up the phones. They are pretending like Hispanics run the World. The Courts are lying like we are threats after they have threaten us over and over again with no merit rulings. We are being portrayed as worried about Someone else's Man or Woman when we have a list of nothings that we would whether do than to chase these People. It is past offensive to deal with local Law Official Men and Women who should know Public communication. What is the President and the President runners up going to do now, not later, about FBI agents speaking to us any kind of way when we report a real white and blue Color crime. Are they going to keep being comfortable thinking that only their lives matter. What are we going to do about Sheriff's Internal Affairs on Lakeside in Oakland, Ca. older Men hanging up the phone on a two way conference call when they are on the phone with the Police Internal Affairs. Are they going to keep being protected from conference calls where both Parties are confronted for giving People the run around. You have the Sheriffs saying the Police have to arrest People who are Suspects and have not corrected the errors in Court immediately. Then you have Police saying Sheriffs has to evict People out who clearly broke the Law and do not have any merits to be in Court since their documents are false and cannot be used as proof because they did not have proper consent to be on the property. How does a President, Congress, and the DOJ accept these People getting on a conference call I connected them to about getting the F out of my house permanently and they get to hang up because of who is on the line to confirm what should take place. Why would any local Internal Affairs Sheriff want to hide or feel uncomfortable with a Police Internal Affairs on the line but keep blah blah blahing when they are not on the line together. These are grown People who Congress, DOJ, and the President have to remove immediately for the games they play with our lives and know better. These People are of age to know exactly what they did. Then we have so-called rich Men who was sleeping with prostitutes and are trying to lie about what they were doing. These Men are not highly decorated Conservatives. They are perverts who screwed Women, got caught, their tainted Wives lied for them, and tried to say all the Women were prostitutes when they got caught. These Men better know who they are calling prostitutes. Their Women who are supposedly rich better watch who they are trying to setup for these Losers.

  34. What's the big deal? How is this a signature moment? Moon went there. Xi went there. Putin there.Duh..

  35. So if there are 1 million landmines how did a jeep and a human make it across without getting blown up? Answer is there aren't 1 mil of them. Just trying to over dramatize the supposed meeting which will take place. If it's only a quick handshake what's the purpose?Answer is for Trump to use it as a piece for reelection and photo ops. That's all he is doing so he can say hey this has never been done before and I made it happen. We're doing great things, many great things, I can't say what they are but it's very interesting…..we'll see but great things.

  36. when i first heard about this case i said to myslef, "there's six black men in utah…please don't let the suspect be black… i don't known if he's guilty or not but i will say that black peoole don't need this right now. we got enough stuff we are dealing with. we dont need any extra.." so i HOPE he's not guilty, but if he is ill say, why guy? you do something dumb and everyone thinks we are all guilty. we don't need this black man!

  37. The United States should be ashamed and embarrassed how they neglect their Veterans, first responders as well as police and fire. How many soldiers lost their homes while fighting underBush because their families were not receiving money’s because those deployed were not being paid….and then they want to go fight somebody else’s war. They’d better wake up.

  38. Did he say “suicide may be my only hope”?.. Over student loans??? Really??? Cmon man, buck up! I’m $35,000 in medical debt from being shot by an active shooter & suicide isn’t even a option for me. And one of the two bullets is still in me, next to my spine & non-removable…And you’re whining about student loans…for college…to obtain a degree many do not have, that makes you money, living in a home that looks pretty decent to me? As this bullet slowly kills me as I try to live off of a whopping $1,100 a month? Really dude? Seems like if there were a line for suicide you’d be way, way, behind me man. In parting…get in line, pick a number & deal with it.

  39. Another fake missing hiker hiding in the woods only to be miraculously found by searchers, the latest American fad!

  40. Carbon monoxide is not odorless, I can smell a car running in a garage for Christ sakes! Are people that dumb? Darwin Award winner!

  41. Saddist 1 , well I’m a born american and now live in Germany. I think the Germans are the greatest. I was in England once and can certainly understand why you left.. have a pleasant life in your adopted land

  42. Tamayo, I have no problems with new technology and certainly know to turn a car off when I’m finished with it, irregardless of how and I’m 80 years old.

  43. Michael, you’re not educated, not to loan anyone money for a education and universities require payment up front. Obviously you never went to one

  44. People who think TRUMP and JUN meeting is a bad idea are misinformed by our warmongering dual citizen ZIONIST controlled govt and MSM mainstream media im a USA citizen .and we need diplimacy and PEACE instead of HOSTILITY and WAR

  45. I'm just gonna shred my bills and loan payment paperwork in protest. Bernie will just fix it all for us…🙄😳

  46. But y’all gave ILLEGAL immigrants almost 5 BILLIONS DOLLARS WITHOUT THINKING TWICE.
    While the people who fought for this country and served during 9/11 suffer daily. We see no other country doing this

  47. This reporter and NBC conveniently sanitized the whole story about Lueck. How are people going to learn if not by object lessons?

  48. All i could think of is the "I pet goat" video when the little girl was pulling the goats fur lol.

  49. If you chose to take out a student loan and go to college you already were told how much you owe back .so why are people surprised when the get the bill?

  50. we need to wipe out student debt ,our kids should not have to pay more than it cost to buy a mansion for education and be forced to be slaves for greedy corperate stock holders

  51. "Germany pays for Healthcare by taking money from workers paychecks" yo wtf that is literally our tax system

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