Nintendo Switch’s Massive Black Friday Sales Numbers Break Records & HUGE Switch Sales in Japan!

What’s good everyone
OJ here welcome back to another video today we’ve got some awesome topics for
you guys so let’s go ahead and get right into it and we’re starting off with the
absolutely crazy tear at the Nintendo switches on in Japan honestly I haven’t
seen anything like this in quite some time the Nintendo switch is doing
extremely well we’ve got some new sales numbers and addition to software for the
country of Japan so let’s go ahead and get right into it here so Famitsu has
published its estimated physical game sales software and hardware data for
Japan for the week of November 25th 2019 through December 1st 2019 we’ve got a
brand new game SD Gundam G generation cross-race was the best-selling new
release for the week launch of 160 4538 retail sales across the PlayStation 4
and 45,000 282 sales on the Nintendo switch for a nice total of one hundred
nine thousand eight hundred and twenty opening sales also new last week was
Atlas and vanilla wares dramatic adventure 13 sentinels Aegis rim for the
PlayStation 4 which absolutely looks beautiful by the way
that launched at 30 4608 retail sales topping both new titles as the number
one game sold across in Japan for the whole country as pokemon sword and
shield dropping a nice two hundred seventy five thousand nine hundred and
fifty nine retail copies oh my gosh man that is a lot and like its third a week
and all that so let’s go ahead move on to the hardware side guys because the
hardware was massive for Nintendo so the switch family of system sold another one
hundred and eighty six thousand seven hundred and sixty three units the past
three weeks have been pretty much a 180 pretty much just about that Plus
Nintendo switches sold like nearly like five hundred thousand units in the past
three to four weeks pretty much right there that’s nuts that’s absolutely
crazy and it’s not even the peak holiday season yet in December for Christmas and
all that now the PlayStation 4 came in with eight thousand six hundred and
seventeen units which is obvious no near as much guy outsold by more than a
hundred thousand and the Nintendo 3ds is pretty much on its way out with a small
one thousand five hundred and eighty units and the Xbox one well and almost
hit a thousand units total for the week so you guys can see all of the different
sales here I do want to point out a couple different things in the top ten
it seems like Nintendo switch in terms of the Evergreen status of certain games
right look at my old Kart 8 deluxe at number 9 with the nearly another 10,000
units also Super Smash Brothers ultimate once again that game pretty much going
on its year anniversary and it’s at the top 10 I mean that’s just nuts to also
looking at Luigi’s Mansion ring fit a lot of games still kind of keeping on in
that top 10 and even a game that didn’t necessarily debut the highest with Mario
and Sun at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games that games continuing to tack on a good
eight to ten thousand units every single week since its launch so also that not
the biggest launch but at the same time it’s kind of staying up there I think
that that game could go up as we reach more towards the Christmas and peak
holiday season but just to see the Nintendo switch do so well with I mean
Pokemon is just absolutely killing it and if you look at the breakdown the
breakdown is one hundred and eleven thousand six hundred and twenty one
units for the regular switch in Japan for the past week and seventy five
thousand one hundred and forty two units for the switch light so the switch light
is Lily factually increasing sales quite a bit because I don’t think we’d see
that extra seventy-five thousand if it wasn’t for the cheaper price of the
switch I think we probably see about maybe half of that maybe about half of
that so people are literally buying secondary switches people are buying it
because of that on top of the great software like Pokemon and like Gundam
that just came out and like Luigi’s Mansion and ring fit now another thing
to note is that ring fit is extremely like hardware supply like oh my gosh
they are like struggling to kind of keep up the supply cuz Nintendo did
expect that game to be super successful but there are other types of initiatives
like lab oil and stuff like that they’ve always kind of over produced and then
had a bunch of them lying around in stores but ring fit is different that
game is actually moving units and kind of caught Nintendo off guard a little
bit on top of that it’s actually a lot to produce I mean it’s like a weird
orange thingy and all that I don’t know if you guys have seen ring fit being
played before or what it is but make sure you guys check it out producing
that is probably a bit weird too but either way they need to catch up with
the supply on that one hopefully they do and Nintendo did apologize for there
being some issues with the supply with the ring fit but it’s also good to see
Luigi’s Mansion continue to sell a steady 20k Plus every single week in
Japan that game what digital is probably over 300,000 plus same with the ring fit
as well so overall Nintendo switch is absolutely killing it in Japan no
systems even coming close and even if you look at the peak of different
systems in the past and PlayStation or the Wii and all that the Nintendo switch
is literally selling right up there with it if not more it’s actually doing
better than what we saw some times been intended 3ds when it had its peak games
so it’s going to be pretty good here I think the attend those doing pretty well
and this Christmas should be massive for them as they head towards 50 million or
pretty much past but even as they got a blow past 50 million at this point and
head towards the fiscal year ending roll first they have the quarterly reports
which is going to be at the end of December and then they have the fiscal
year ending report in March so I think that the investors are gonna be quite
happy with the numbers they do put up so what do you guys think about all the
different numbers here with the Nintendo’s switch and the FEM into sales
I’d love to hear you guys have thoughts in the comment section below alright
moving on to some more sales data we’ve got some new stuff coming out from the
Atlas camp so persona 5 worldwide shipments have top 3.2 million and
persona 5 Royal Japanese shipments have top 400,000 so another big I would say
milestone yeah definitely a big milestone for Atlas and the persona
franchise not in total this series have sold more than 11 point 1 million units
now persona 5 first launched for the PlayStation 4 and the ps3 which
a lot of people don’t remember but they came out to the ps3 as well in Japan in
September 2016 so it’s been a little bit followed by the Americas and Europe in
April 2017 persona 5 were all launched for the PlayStation 4 on October 31st
2019 in Japan and we will be getting that game on March 31st 2019 here in the
West so I’m actually a big fan of the persona franchise I do love the games
I love persona 5 it’s phenomenal and having them have success here is
actually pretty cool it’s actually pretty cool to see that they’re doing
well with this and atlas for sure is going to have some more success when
persona 5 lore’l launches here in the West cuz there’s gonna be a lot of you
go buying that special edition and everything that they do here so they’re
definitely milking persona as far as they can take it but I would – cuz
persona 5 is an amazing game and it took them forever to develop it and release
it so it makes sense on that front and before anybody in the comment section
starts talking about its which version or whatever the case is they’ve got a
deal with Sony alright so Sony’s got an exclusive deal
so that’s what’s going on there and that’s pretty much the end of it until
that deal runs out or until whatever the case is or until the next one that’s
what’s happening with that for right now at least right now at least so what do
you guys think about the sales here for persona 5 with the worldwide shipments
that everything persona 5 were all you guys excited for that one let me know
your thoughts in the comment section below
alright now let’s move on to some US sales for the Nintendo switch because
this number is absolutely insane so the Nintendo switch sold more than eight
hundred and thirty thousand units over the Thanksgiving week in the US I repeat
the Nintendo switch sold over eight hundred and thirty thousand units over
the Thanksgiving week in the United States this is the single best week of
US sales and Nintendo switch history more than the launch or the 2017 more
than 2018 more than smash brothers and all the other games that had come up
before this is the best launch now the total sales of the Nintendo switch in
the Americas have topped 17.5 million units Nintendo switch is doing
so amazing and like I talked about in a video earlier I think 50 million by the
end of the year easy 100 million by the end of the lifetime definitely going to
be happening so it’s really cool to see the Nintendo switch continue to do so
well and once again proves that software is king out of anything
system specs and all that stuff is awesome and it’s great and obviously
it’s a part in terms of how you design your system and what you do but if you
have software if you have games that people want to play there are going to
be a lot of sales and the Nintendo switch is 100% proof of that concept now
let’s talk a little bit more about how the Nintendo switch kind of did this
with the holiday season and obviously it’s Pokemon Pokemon is the driving
factor for the Nintendo switch in addition to the Nintendo switch light
those two things Pokemon Nintendo switch light amazing software lineup that’s
what got it to the place where it’s at right now at this point and it’s pretty
crazy I’ll be honest here Nintendo has to be ecstatic with that nearly a
million a hundred and one hundred and seventy thousand units away from 1
million in a single week over the thanksgiving period that is phenomenal
and I’m pretty sure Nintendo is just like wow we did what but once again
Pokemon Nintendo switch lights the software that it’s already had Luigi’s
Mansion ring fit all of these games kind of play its part I also think like
legend of zelda links awakening that game did like over 3 million in like a
couple of weeks right so I’m pretty sure that game’s been picking up steam super
mario odyssey breath of the wild it’s just something that’s just different and
people are gravitating towards it like crazy so pretty nuts to see but I wanted
to get you guys thoughts on this when it comes to what do you guys think about
these crazy Nintendo switch sales over the Black Friday shopping period or the
Thanksgiving week shopping period I’d love to hear you guys his thoughts in
the comment section below all right I’m moving on to the final topic here we
have a little bit of I would say bad news for cross-code fans because
cross-code has been delayed from 2019 to an unspecified date in 2020 so that’s
very unfortunate there was a long blog post that they put
up and basically what they’re saying here is that there are some issues with
what they have to do like with the frame rate and testing and all of that and
yeah but they did particularly talk about the Nintendo switch version of the
game and kind of what they’re doing so they said how can we not mention the
switch well we’re doing it now we’re focusing on the Xbox right now for no
specific reason but just to focus on one platform technically with the way the
interpreter is working the step to other platforms is rather easy from there okay
for the switch we need to do some further optimization but that’s compared
to the rest just some minor stuff after that we’ll just need to pass the
certifications so they say when will cross-code release on consoles we’ll
announce that once we have a fixed date set expect an announcement on a rather
short notice here as we are obviously also in discussion with platform holders
about that to shorten the wait they’ve prepared a small trailer for now so you
guys are checking out that trailer and that’s unfortunate that cross-code won’t
make it into 2019 but to be honest man there’s enough games that already
released in 2019 there’s a lot of stuff that I need to catch up on and
cross-code is a game that I’ll definitely be checking out this game is
gonna do extremely well and they know that a lot of switch owners are very
excited and interested in this type of game we’ve had other games come up with
this really cool pixel art style but to see the type of action that cross-code
has combined with the art style anyway that you want that’s a recipe for
success right like if you look at games like enter the gungeon that sold over a
million on the Nintendo switch or overcook the games that sold a million
on the Nintendo switch or you know all these little smaller indie games that
are really addictive have done extremely well on the switch so they know that
that’s pretty much where they’re gonna be making a majority of the money on
with cross code is going to be switched players out there the system is hot
right now so yeah they need to definitely make sure that they mentioned
the Nintendo switch version because that’s gonna be the best-selling version
in my opinion but yeah pretty cool to see this update on cross-code
unfortunately it was delayed but at the same time you gotta make sure
things quality and everything’s you know ready to go so it makes sense to me but
they’re gonna delay it so what are you guys thoughts on all the different
gaming news here from the FEM itsu sales in Japan to persona 5 and of course
cross-code I’d love to hear you guys his thoughts in the comment section below
alright guys that wraps it up for this video here gonna couple into description
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