No Going Back: Judiciary Committee Approves Impeaching Trump | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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  1. If we define ourselves by political party, we limit and subordinate ourselves to interests who care nothing for our well being. I lean Left. I would absolutely trust my well-being to my NEIGHBORS who lean Right before I'd trust any politician who ignores my relationship with my neighbors. And I would absolutely be there for them. Community trumps national interests. Thankfully, Bernie doesn't do this; otherwise, hasta la vista.
    Gotta know who are your friends and your limitations.

  2. Pervert President CLINTON has paid the price for his LIES……so will Trump.

    Two Liars, Two Perverts who linked to Epstein Girls!!!

  3. big fail for the democrats. IG report shows corruption and abuse of the FISA process. also dems refusing to allow a minority defense is hilarious and shows the true nature of their false claims xD

  4. Coordinating with Trump's lawyers shows that the turtle's loyalties do not lie with the Constitution, which he is sworn to protect, but this traitor president, instead.

  5. Trump 2020!! Lmao…yall saw what just happened in UK right??? Look at what's happening in Hong Kong protesters waiving the American flag and pictures of Trump for a symbol of freedom…there is a global movement happening with conservatism

  6. LOL…losers…your desperate act will do nothing to keep Trump from an easily, landslide re-election in 2020. Libs better start scheduling their therapist appointments after election day in 2020.


  8. First of all I WANT THAT UMBRELLA! most importantly he did EVERYTHING he was accused of and the career republican political figures allowed it .."you only teach what you allow" and they allowed him to say and do things by telling us let trump be trump mr. President if i were u i would NOT let my legacy be tarnished alone drag those names through the mud too Pompeio guiliana mitch graham

  9. wtf are you talking about msnbc… this impeacment is a badge of honour to Trump from the loonie Democrats and the fake news media that tried for 3 years to make a coup on the elected president of America.

  10. The démocrates should not pass the impeachment article to the republican senate. Démocrates should stop at issuing the article and not passing it to senate. In this way trump remains with the stigma forever.

  11. 3rd President to be impeached. 1st President to stand up for his rights and the American people… History, indeed. Remember all your testimony is recorded and the public has seen it so no redaction.

  12. American leftists are the biggest dumbasses in the world’s socialist Communist community. They failed to notice the UK Brexit vote…before Trump even won the nomination. Today they’re pretending not to see the absolute slaughter that just occurred in the latest UK elections…where the leftist parties collapsed into a pile of ruble. And, most importantly, they’re failing to recognize that UK leftists were about 95% less insane than themselves. (Please…don’t EVER stop what you’re doing – EVER!)

  13. I just read her book – incredible. She survived Jonestown remember – shot and left for dead trying to help her constituents.
    She has the quals, that is FOR SURE. And, she deserves the honor.

  14. LAW OF POWERFUL LEADERS: Beware the Coward Chief that asks his Generals to fall on their sword for him. Making excuses for making bad decisions is a sign the Chief is not in charge. Warriors should not take the blame for the actions of the leader. NO COVER-UPS. NO LIES. NO DECEPTION. THE CHIEF IS RESPONSIBLE AND FACES THE CONSEQUENCES OF FAILURE!

  15. I don't think the founding fathers ever anticipated the depth of depravity that is possible for human beings nor the potential abuse of future computer technology to poison the well of democracy and society itself with diabolical ideologies. No thanks.

  16. If the Democrats were acting like snowflake crybabies when Trump got elected imagine how much they will whinge and curl up in the fetal position when their impeachment farce fails miserably (which it will ) …. lol… I can't wait to see that.

  17. Trump can be impeached again on new charges after the senate does not impeach him. That is why there are only 2 charges. He has many more charges to face if these do not work.

  18. You can also add records about ego/narcissism, bankruptcies, failed businesses, having a whole family who steals from charity, tweeting like an adolescent, cyber bullying and anger management

  19. tRump getting impeached by the House of Representatives is no different from getting convicted in court and the outcome of the vote to remove or keep tRump in Office akin to being sentenced in court. Nixon must have resigned from his presidency ‘coz the former (conviction) is far more important than the latter (sentencing).

  20. Mitch Mcconnell already said he will not allow Donald Trump to be impeached. America, Trump and Putin is going to murder black America. Bye y'all. Lol, but, true.

  21. Man that disgusting Trump just keeps lying and lying, I bet his mother forgot to put chili in his mouth for lying so much.😤

  22. If he wanted to say us not me ,our country then why didn't the gop send the head witch back to grammar school and let him graduate this time?

  23. Go to to bring RESPECT back to AMERICA. Only $10 after SALE Discount.

  24. "I went home with the waitress
    The way I always do
    How was I to know
    she was with the Russians too?"
    ————–Warren Zevon. (rip)

  25. D.T.'s entire presidency has been a humiliation to the integrity of the U.S. Constitution and to the stability of everything that makes OUR America, a free and just republic, for all!

  26. "… Nixon, Johnson, and those other impeachment scandals that I mentioned."
    Clinton. The other one is Clinton. The ONLY other one is Clinton.

  27. You're the witch, Trumpy
    You are the embarrassment of the world. You are the pigment of EVIL. The Devil doesn't want you, even it has a bit of knowledge. Trumpy, you are the abomination of AMERICA. You are the ANTICHRIST. The destroyer of AMERICA and the world. That's why you need to put in a dark hole and NEVER see the day light. Definitely throw the key actually melt it down.

  28. Read the op-ed from the WSJ it is the only electronic news outlet that I honestly believed belonged to the lunatic fringe of the mainstream media but I was wrong they were brave enough to print the truth something you GENTELMEN are not familiar with she layed out truthfully how this whole Russian narrative started and it named all the bad actors and finally it included itself as to how gullible you were in accepting Steele Dossier read it for yourself the person that wrote the op-ed deserves many Thanks from the American people but unfortunately she will be attacked by the goons from the mainstream media and the British media how they decided to poked their nose in our political system I believe they wereŷ OBVIOUSLY were enticed by the US media if you want collusion it's in the United Kingdom not Russia

  29. Just get it done, let Moscow Mitch stand under the crushing weight of History as the Traitor that refused to do the right thing by America.

  30. Through the years I've always thought of Italy as being one of the most politically dysfunctional countries of Western Europe and NATO bloc. It appears to me now that I can include the USA as being as bad and potentially even worse than Italy.
    I still shake my head and think of how low can a country sink to elect a man like Trump to lead your country. I foresee that corruption and bribery will become far worse in America as people shrug their shoulders and say, "Why shouldn't I offer or take bribes like the people who control this country now openly act corruptly."

  31. yea i bet he thinks its a humiliation. like a gangster to his boss putin. its humiliating when a mob boss cant control his "house"

  32. Even if the call its self is not bad, though we all know it is, he still obstructed congress, and that is something they cannot deny, even with their bs flawed "logic."


  33. Everyone has Trump all wrong. He's a good guy. He's one of us. I admire him so much. He don't even take money for what he does. A TRUE public servant. The only two things that he has failed at are building the wall and draining the swamp. But give him time. He'll Git
    R Dunn. We love you president Trump. You are the greatest of all time.

  34. So, Trump admitted that they suspended the funds for Ukraine. But he is still lying about the reason of suspension. Americans, can we please unite to have this person removed from the White House? Do not believe whatever the Republicans in Congress say. They are all traitors of the United States of America.

  35. Poor Democrats. If only Trump had done something wrong. What's historic here is that this is the first impeachment done purely for partisan reasons. Basically "he's not of our party, therefore we are impeaching him". This will not only ensure Trumps re-election, but also guarantee Republicans retaking the House. Thank you Schiff, Pelosi, and Nadler.

  36. For all 1058 days the Democrats (Communists, Socialists and Progressives) have been locked into a Seditious Conspiracy (18 USC 2384) to overthrow the president of the United States. First it was the "Insurance Policy" the Fake Dossier concocted by Simpson and Steele, and used as the basis of a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump Campaign and later the Trump Administration. That fake Dossier was paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democrat party…. We now know it was nothing more than Beer talk in a restaurant where fake scenarios were being tossed back and forth…. That same fake Dossier was again used as reason to invoke a Special Counsel, who's members had specific ties to the Democratic party. After two long years that Special Counsel brought for No evidence of Trump Russia collusion and no conclusion of obstruction of Justice…….

    The final attempt in this long train of abuse was to attempt to impeach the president through charges of Quid Pro Quo with Ukraine…. For months now the Democrat house representatives have been a whirl wind of impeachment proceedings, non of which brought forth any valid conclusion that the President had ordered a Quid Pro Quo …. During such time the Democrats lead by Mr Schiff, completely abused the constitution, and forced a one sided impeachment investigation which violated the 14th amendment to its core, as well Article 2 section 4… Then hearings were held with hand picked Democrat supporting experts who stated that the President could be impeached regardless of if any fact that he had committed any of the crimes listed in Article 2 section 4 of the constitution……

    The Constitution, in Article 2, section 4 states clearly 3 conditions for impeachment …. 1- Treason or 2- Bribery or 3-High crimes and Misdemeanors. These are all acts punishable under law.

    I'm not surprised to observe the complicit, propaganda, media such as MSNBC, not acting in the best interest of the We the People …..but acting instead in the interest of only the Democratic Party and there agenda of Seditious Conspiracy (18USC 2384) to overthrow a duly elected President and a valid Constitution.

  37. No going back. They will vote to impeach. And already the fear tactics begin … already McConnell is herding his sheeple.

  38. A question… what does investigating Hunter Biden have to do with investigating the Ukraine government's policy issues or how money allocated for military aid being spent???

  39. How boring. Impeaching on feelings with no evidence lol. What a joke you keep pushing this story, hence why all MSM have had ratings cut. More and more people don't believe this BS regardless if they're Democrats or Republican.

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