node 8, CSS 4, responsive typography: #1.36 the latest News (the Good Parts of the FrontEnd)

Good news everyone. Node version 8 has been released! [Music playing] Hi! Let’s talk today about Node version 8, CSS
layer 4 and Responsive typography. I’m Anatol and you are watching the Good Parts
of the Frontend development. [Music playing] Node version 8.0 has been released. The next major release of Node.js brings a
range of significant changes. Among them are: npm 5, v8 version 5.8, node
API, async Hooks API, buffer security improvements, improved support for Promises and Console,
etc. Node.js 8 is the next release line to enter
Long Term Support (LTS), this is scheduled to happen in October 2017. Additional information on this topic can be
found in the article “The Important Features and Fixes of Node.js Version 8” on RisingStack
blog. Gergely Nemeth goes through the most important
features and fixes of the new Node.js 8 release. For years we have been using TodoMVC to select
a Model-View-Whatever framework for our JavaScript applications. However, the web ecosystem has evolved in
the past few years. Please welcome Hacker News readers as Progressive
Web Apps. It is a spiritual successor to TodoMVC. Go and check it out! [Music playing] Rob Dodson has shoot a new episode of A11y
cast. In this video he spouts off Accessibility
Fundamentals: Semantics and Navigating Content. One more interesting talk from Google IO 2017
is called “Production Progressive Web Apps With JavaScript Frameworks”. In this session Addy Osmani covers PWA best
practices, patterns and tools for getting fast and staying fast. Probably, Progressive Web is the next big
thing in the Internet. David Gilbertson captured and published 11
things he had learned reading the flexbox spec. If you’re also tired of flexboxes’ magic and
strive to clear it up, then you can read his post on Hackernoon. Learn CSS Grid is another interesting resource
that can help you better understand and learn CSS Grid. This is a comprehensive guide by Jonathan
Suh on this topic, it provides examples of each Grid’s property and method. [Music playing] Jake Wilson proposed to use “Poly Fluid Sizing”. This is a tool for creating a scalable, fluid
typography across multiple breakpoints and predefined font sizes. Also you can automate it all by using Sass. Chris Coyier posted a brief tutorial titled
“Full Page Background Video Styles”. He demonstrates several examples how to set
a video as a background into your project. You can find this article on MediaTemple blog. In his turn Nick Babich posted an article
“Just Keep Scrolling! How To Design Lengthy, Lengthy Pages” in Smashing
Magazine. There he derives the general rules and identifies
the best practice for infinite scrolling. Some tips on how to approach “long scroll”
experiences. [Music playing] If you like this video give it “thumbs up”,
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