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  1. Interviewer couldn't be more part of the Establishment if she tried.
    From Wikipedia:
    In 2012, Mrs. Brooke became Lady Brooke, when her husband inherited the family baronetcy, to become Sir Christopher Brooke.

  2. Typical BBC establishment shill doing her best to defend a rogue apartheid state because her handlers have instructed her to. Gotta keep those arms sales flowing freely, after all.

  3. Finkelstein you are the best!! Shame to that lady who was interviewing you. No brains at all and totally ignorant of facts.

  4. what the hell is she doing, for god sakes. is this an interview or a reprimanding? she ask a question & then doesn't let him give an answer. why don't her producers get control of & tell her to calm dwn.

  5. BBC can't handle the truth, as for this gangster bitch. She's just playing her roll. As for finkelstein, he can't be bought

  6. Yet another 'attack' interview. Not listening to the thoughts of a learned man, and only trying to demolish and discredit. Typical BBC.

  7. BBC desperately trying to discredit Dr. Finklestein for telling the truth but he's too knowledgable.
    I don't know how he kept calm – he's a hero and a voice for justice the world desperately needs.

  8. The interviewer is a racist scumbag. She conflates "Jews" with the Israel lobby multiple times during the introduction. This fascist harpie was so unbearable that I couldn't even finish watching the interview. BBC has zero integrity.

  9. Israel caused this when it stole Palestine as the people slept with US & British help, look up the story of the tanning lamps in the underground bunkers they used to make weapons & bullets, if that doesn’t sicken you to the core then it’s because you think like they do, basically that crimes against humanity & war crimes are fine.

  10. Return to their roots, lol, Israel wasn’t even the first choice for their new stolen homeland, so that’s pure propaganda straight away.

  11. Oh, he just speaks the truth …. one of the few ….. `he doesn't go to far, silly …. the state media BBC likes to call people who tell the truth, people who go, '''too far''' or ''controversial''' or ' 'radical activists'' .  
    Nice try BBC xxx ….. , but what all that crap means is that they are people of INTEGRITY, WITH MORALS, WHO GET OFF THEIR ARSES AND SPEAK OUT, trying to wake up the masses from sleepwalking into an every closer hell on earth that even Dante couldn't have imagined in his worst nightmares.
    God help our children if we don't wake up !
    It's probably too late anyway ….. the tiny TINY elite have already got pretty much total control of this planet through ownership of the various media.
    But I love this good, GOOD man for trying to awaken us to the horrors that await.

  12. Hey, bbc presenter ……. shouting Norman down didn't work THIS time, did it ? ha ha. When will these idiots realised that they shouldn't f***k with vastly superior intellects with their silly cliches !

  13. This woman is horrible! One of the worst interviewers I have seen. I expected the British media to be better than THIS! I was out at 7:30.

  14. This woman is brutal at her job. How about letting your guest speak rather than cutting off the world's foremost expect on the issue!

  15. But small people are always hindered in following developments that have free education is hard to come by while the development of the economy and technology continues to slide rapidly.

  16. Mr Finkelstein totally destroyed this annoying and disrespectful Zionist trash of a woman, she sound more like a crazy and neglected housewife than an interviewer..

  17. Is she a journalist or an uneducated teenager trying to impose her thoughts? She is awful!!!! No wonder the bbc is discovered day by day as a media corporate controlled by the power

  18. My god this woman is retarded and has no manners, let people finish speaking, especially if they are million times smarter than you.

  19. It is hard to talk on HARDtalk. She is such a shill, she was given a gold Schilling for trying to take him on with her intelligence of an Ameoba.

  20. This shit is like Jordsn Peterson vs Cathy Newmen, except it is much older.
    It is pretty much clear to me now how low the level of journalsim bbc's interviewers have.

  21. Israel has banned him from entering because they fear him. The BBC 'interviewer' is typical of UK TV interviewers; keeps interrupting; tries to belittle; asks shitty questions designed to 'trap' the guest; is hostile and argumentative. Gives her opinion when no one cares about her opinion. IMO best Interviewer on TV today is Afshin Rattansi: Going Underground on RT. He's brilliant. And actually allows his guests to feel v comfortable and lets them speak!!! I mean, are any of you interested in what this 'interviewer' has to say? We're here to listen to Finkelstein. This style of confrontational interviewing is so last century or not any century. Bit like Auntie Beeb.


    Acting like an annoying mom!

  23. I can't imagine her aggressive questioning earned her any kudos among intelligent viewers — which makes me wonder whom she was playing to.

  24. Lady

    People will be listening what Dr. F got to say. It doesn’t matter how much you try to discredit him.

    Why is history of Israel is the premises to be a partied state?

  25. Can't imagine BBC would stooge so low with these ridiculous questions and constant interruption. How much bribes or threats they received from the "lobbyists"?

  26. The U.S. government is the world's biggest terrorist organization and biggest threat to world peace.
    One look at the history of the past 100 years makes this obvious.

  27. LADY! Let him finish his sentences. Her questions seem to come from a certain lobby? Attacking the man rather than debating ideas. Very disappointed. I'll have to go elsewhere to find proper discourse to understand Finkelstein's real thoughts. Israel "democratic?" lol.

  28. This women interviewer is a BLOODY WANKER!!! 😡 Stop interrupting… my God she's virtually hyperventilating! 🤯

  29. How rude can you get. Let Dr Finkelstein speak. He’s a credible and an honest and courageous man.😡 Clearly she’s biased and ignorant .

  30. Why the hell do we pay a tv licence they never tell the truth on anything , they covered jimmy Savile lot others for years how they aways go on about jeremy Corbyn never tell the truth what the Tories are doing to England, just about everthing news channels don't tell the truth

  31. This man is amazingly intelligent and he speaks the truth. As for the presenter, she is not a journalist, heavily biased with her interruptions.

  32. Okay dear lady, let's just hear the sound of your own voice. Let the man answer your questions in full you stupid idiot!

  33. I haven't read his work, just watched some clips of him, don't agree with him on everything, but his honest, especially the last question he answered.

  34. I appreciate the fact that, as a journalist, to get poignant conversation going you sometimes have to be the devil's advocate. No idea what she was doing here, though, really unprofessional with all that interrupting him.
    And before anyone tells me 'this is the concept of the show', no it isn't. The concept is asking all the hardest questions this person might be asked, even the rude/defamatory ones, which she clearly did, because her role is that of the devil's advocate . However, not letting them finish diminishes everyone involved in this and decreases the gain that can be achieved through such a program.

  35. I've tried for quite some time to find this original video on the BBC hardtalk YouTube channel. It seems to be impossible. Perhaps they didn't even post this video to their YouTube channel because they knew that they and their choice of interviewer would be completely destroyed by the comment section. It seems very clear that this particular interview and video is an embarrassment to the BBC at the hardtalk. They're too afraid to take questions and comments from the General Public about this performance. If anyone has a link to this video as it is connected with a BBC or hardtalk Channel where comments are allowed, please share. #BBC #HardTalk #BBCHardTalk

  36. This programme alone is a justification for abolishing the TV licence fee – The BBC is a tool of state propaganda – why should we pay each year to finance this mischief and deceit ?

  37. This lady is more Zionist than the Zionist, more Sabbateanian than the Sabbateanian, and that qualify her to be a super Antisemite as the Zionist aim, they build up the hatred against the real jew and use them as their bait for next worlds wars, without the hatred against the jew, the Zionist will not thrive, see what Herzl said and this bbc stooge follow
    See what the founder of Zionism beleive in Semitism or antisemitism, from horses mouth : “It is essential that the sufferings of Jews.. . become worse. . . this will assist in realization of our plans. . . I have an excellent idea. . . I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth. . . The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends”. The creator of Zionist Herzl

    if u dont know w2hat is the Sabbateanian, watch this :

    Redemption through sin



  38. Why do tv channels employ these boring people who seem to believe that we would be interested in what SHE thinks ? I couldn't care less, except for the fact that she is disrupting her GUEST time and again. I'm interested in what HE has to say. Please get rid of this woman

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