North Korea calling for ‘self-reliance’ in face of sanctions

North Korea opened its major ski resort
to boost its tourism industry this is in line with the regime’s leaders push for
self-reliance in the face of global sanctions crippling Pyongyang’s economy
I’m Jim updates us on the developments in a bid to build a competitive tourism
industry which is one of the area’s not subject to sanctions North Korea’s
state-run Korean Central News Agency said the regime reportedly began this
year’s operation of the masikryong ski resort on Wednesday Kim jong-un’s
birthday an expert says moshing young ski resort which opened in december 2013
is one of the key projects that the north korean leader is very interested
in as he is known to like skiing bashing young ski resort shows to the
international community that the people of North Korea enjoy sports and it can
be a representation of North Korea’s self-reliance amid sanctions the North’s
state-run media also said Thursday that young dog has green cultural recreation
center a new mountain spa resort is set to open on Friday in a bid to attract
more foreign tourists meanwhile the north state media emphasized
self-reliance in its food supply North Korea’s official newspaper new dimension
moon reported on Friday that the regime’s dignity and existence cannot be
maintained if self-reliance of food is not ensured in the face of murderous
global sanctions it said that the regime should increase its agricultural
production and safeguard a stable and sufficient supply of food as a shortage
of rice could make asking for outside help inevitable through self-reliance
the North has tried to show to the international community that global
sanctions against North Korea are useless Pyongyang said it had a record
harvest last year but observers say the North is actually going through a food
shortage because of global sanctions and bad weather anzio arirang news

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  1. There is a way all sanctions get removed, PEACEFULLY. If your tourists end up dead while in govt control. Yeah cant picture that being the best advertisement. Let me just sum this up for the fake korea. Nukes = bad….no sanctions and stop killing people = good!

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