North Korean Labor Camps – VICE NEWS – Part 5 of 7

SHANE SMITH: Hello. The next morning we got back
onto our one-car train and headed off into the
wilderness. Every once in a while, there’d
be a break in the trees, and we’d pass these massive logging
camps that butted up against the train tracks that
were obviously North Korean. We’re on our little train
going into the middle of the forest. This is a logging camps
run by North Koreans. You can see there’s a North
Korean flag and North Korean propaganda in here. There, there’s some
North Koreans waving at us over there. All this wood is going
to England. When we get off this
train, [LAUGH] we’re going to go out into the
campus where they actually log out in the middle of Siberia. Freaky, freaky business. We finally started to approach
our last stop, the tiny logging town of Tataul. Now Tataul is a freaky place. It’s as if the Soviets had
come up to the edge of civilization, then dropped off
their Stalinists apartment blocks in the middle of nowhere,
and then gotten back on the train and never
looked back. At the train station, we met
our new driver, a colorful local type known simply
as “the Fish.” SIMON OSTROVSKY: He
just brought a shotgun into the car– [LAUGH] just in case. SHANE SMITH: Dog
in the sidecar. Dog in the sidecar. SIMON OSTROVSKY: It looks
like a Doberman. SHANE SMITH: His mouthful of
gold teeth and his shiny track suit confirmed what we
already suspected– the Fish and his crew
were the local mob. SIMON OSTROVSKY: They’ve
actually moved here from the camp, the abandoned camp that
we visited yesterday, so– SHANE SMITH: Right, so the
camp we were at is done. Now this is the new camp,
even further afield. SIMON OSTROVSKY: Right. Yeah, we’re going to their new
camp, where they’re actually operating now. SHANE SMITH: Ask him, maybe,
if he thinks if they’ll be angry or– IGOR “THE FISH” RYBAKOV:
[SPEAKING RUSSIAN] SHANE SMITH: [LAUGH] And he brought a shotgun. SIMON OSTROVSKY: Yeah, I think
that’s probably pretty useful. SHANE SMITH: Is this
the camp here? So we’re here in a North Korean
logging camp in the middle of Siberia. SIMON OSTROVSKY: This is where
they bring the logs from the forest and put them
onto railcars. SHANE SMITH: So there’s
Korean propaganda. There’s some Korean writing. SIMON OSTROVSKY: It says, “we’re
going to take action to increase productivity during
the winter time.” SHANE SMITH: [LAUGH] OK. Here comes a Russian lady that
we’re going to have to– SIMON OSTROVSKY: She
doesn’t look happy. SHANE SMITH: Hello. FEMALE SPEAKER 1:
made a lot of phone calls and a lot of threats. Should we get arrested? SIMON OSTROVSKY: Yes. FEMALE SPEAKER 1:
arguing with her, a van straight out of 1957 pulled up,
and, lo and behold, out came some North Koreans. SIMON OSTROVSKY:
gone AWOL. He’s in the camp. Jason’s being shuttled back to
fucking Pyongyang as we speak. Jason, our producer, slipped
away with a small camera and started filming the camp. SIMON OSTROVSKY:
we’ve got to get permission from the embassy before
we can show anything. MALE SPEAKER 2:
saying was a revelation. We had come all this way so we
could actually talk to North Koreans, and one of the first
ones we met was admitting that the standard of living was a
problem in the home country– which would never be admitted
to in North Korea proper. In fact, when the political
boss stepped in, he also admitted to living
a hard life. But of course, he blamed
it on America. MALE SPEAKER 3:
[TALK-SINGING IN KOREAN] OK. So they won’t let us in. They don’t want to get
in trouble, which is understandable. So they’re kicking us out. We’re going to try to go to the
forest to actually find some North Korean workers
who are actually cutting down the trees. You want a beer? Hello. [SPEAKING KOREAN].

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  1. "Pangapsumneedah" is how you say "Nice to meet you" in Korean, which is what they're saying at the end.

  2. It seems they are too afraid to expose the truth, rather go back to living in the dirt! Generations of brainwashing at work, people!

  3. Loving this! The story telling is extremely good, I feel as if I’m there. Also I’ve been on a similar sleeper train in mainland China for 2 days, smells are a definitely talking point 😆. Impressed at your and your teams dedication and the risks you all take. Stay safe and take care! We need these stories out there 👍

  4. Is this kind of documentary responsible? It seems like it's putting the lives of a lot of individuals at risk…

  5. I really hope those poor workers weren't punished for talking and saying their living standards aren't the best.

  6. When the guy said it's the Americans, I personally don't want to hurt them to me at least they are people

  7. LMAO imagine some north koreans doing a documentary on us, coming to our black ghettos showing the black crime and homicides. or democrat ran cities with the homeless tents,
    human feces and needles.

  8. It's not gud to film such people Bz u making trouble for them… When Americans going to understand such things?

  9. This shit is the shadiest thing ever. Working with a chief of police and the local mob to check out North Korean labor camps?

  10. drunk balding middle aged man w gold teeth, wearing a tracksuit & weilding a shotgun seems to b an oddly common character in russia tbh lol

  11. Aren't you guys afraid that you will get that Korean foreman killed? The guy who admitted that living standards were a problem back home. You didn't even mask his face?! How callous of Vice!

  12. That Korean dude ain’t wrong. They wanna be left alone and not be portrayed a certain way. They aren’t hurting us, leave them alone

  13. Drinking water is a great way to get a healthy diet and a healthy diet and a healthy diet and a healthy diet and

  14. After watching vlogs of Russia either a drunk Russian talks to you , invites you to a party to his house, while a neighbour brings some berries, fruits or something nice to give you when you leave, Russian girls giggles and smiles cat everything you say then this drunk cop breaking laws while driving over a weak bridge which could kill him only to be taken to another crazy meeting with North Korean labourer deep inside Russia ..damn.. I'm in love with mother Russia 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

  15. The US blocks rice shipments?
    Hahaha, throw some rice on those NOKO trucks going back from China! Maybe import food instead of 10 Mercedes limos.

  16. Good Lord, did he say that all that wood, which was cut by slaves, is going to England?! It can’t be legal for the English to buy the products of slave labor.

  17. 0.51 Did I just hear him saying those “logs were going to England”. I live in the UK and I think that it is completely unacceptable that we import wood which has been logged by exploited workers who are victims of abuse!

  18. the stander of liveing shown isnt that bad reltive how 100's of millons people live globaly
    the only thing that clear this is there a poor country who shares aka communism its more out dated then subpar like humanity used to live like that like techicologic mixing that happened in other places like china

  19. Anyway I'm a South Korean And I understand
    who the guy talking 4:45
    Jesus He was brainwashed
    And I know his pain. He can't tell truth…

  20. So North koreans blame americans for not enough food and rice but North koreans built the Damn which is why they dont have enough food plus their leaders keep eating everything

  21. I think I saw a north Korean worker hiding behind a tree next to big foot. Keep looking around and I'm sure you'll find one guys, don't give up!

    I heard they really like sugar cubes so try making use of that info if that helps!

  22. I was only into the end of video 2 and without doing any research.. I called it it was a logging operation.. they say these people got it so bad.. just go back and look at history bloggers have been doing it since recorded history and living the same way pretty much… and yeah all of that Lumber goes to England… if you do the research that is pretty much where the global problem lies… England Great Britain UK whatever you want to call it…

  23. Should of brought a drone silly. You had to of thought they would deny you access but with a drone you could snoop around anyways unhindered.

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