Nunes: Biden admitted he did the very thing Trump is accused of doing

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  1. He's not a 'whistleblower' he's a gossip rumour monger citing the media as well as a source just like Pelosi described as the wrap up smear.

  2. Biden and his son are guilty as hell. Hunter got the cushy job through his fathers influence. Biden senior wanted that prosecutor out that was investigating his son of course. Abusing power at its highest level

  3. The gall of the left is so mind blowing. How can these people be so openly and brazenly dishonest. They not only lie constantly but they accuse others of the crap they have been doing while they sit in their pool of corruption. Are they really that stupid? I can see evil and conniving but to take this far you would have to have lost their mind. They cost the country precious time and money.

  4. whistle blower admitted he herd from a third party. so hes not wistle blowing hes gossiping the whistle blower is not stating what he herd or saw only what he was told.. I call BS. Its gossiping the whistle blower stated it in the transcript. This is stupid…


  6. Amazing how you can take two different situations and try and make them the same. The circumstances in each were totally different. And you know that Ukraine will not cross the clown knowing how he totally goes crazy and retaliates.Of course they will not admit they were pressured.

  7. It's the Clinton's playbook 101, take the crime that you're guilty of and blame it on your opponent and then lie,lie,lie,and deny! Biden must have listened to Hillary and Bill..

  8. The Democratic party is so busy throwing all of these fake and false allegations at President Trump in order to keep him so bogged down that President Trump will never have a chance to get around to exposing the crimes committed by Obama, Hillary, Biden, and company. This is exactly what is going on. They're terrified that he might get around to "draining the swamp".. I'm shocked that any red-blooded American that claims o love this country can't see what is going on?

  9. den is a joke but not funny he has not been honest china and ukraine are just 2 things we hear about the deep state has protected all the bad ones and now we have another whopper taking tax payers money and te work forte american people is once again not happening

  10. Conservative Lee Stranahan had his YouTube taken down when he exposed the Crowdstrike, Ukraine, Soros, money deals and involvement in the 2016 election and server questions. He was on Jason Goodman channel with Kevin Shipp.

  11. The biggest Dirtbag here is Schiff ! He has his own spies in the WH He knows who the whistle blower is ! he knew the contents of the phone call 2months ago ! Some day these corrupt people are gonna go down

  12. Good grief, what an absurd clown show. True, there is no "equivalence". Biden actually DID pressure a foreign government and insisted on a quid pro quo before releasing aid. He proudly related the story in front of TV cameras.

  13. Biden needs a mirror. The ones accusing is the ones who did it. These people are guilty thats why they are accusing the President.

  14. Divide and conquer,
    so Fisa abuses too, not just some facts about Joe bBden which may have been in admissable due to being a lesser secret from most . Who needs to even run against an impeachable President,i'm unsure about if even Mike Pence would have to run instead but it seems like a dirty campaign by both congresses and candidates will have to fight amongst themselves whilst this creates solidarity, the laughing at the other side perhaps a former comic from Ukraine is fact ,probably heavily reliant on a disputed attitude towards Kiev or Moscow and the doctrine of anti communism ,socialism for the fascist minorities rights to express themselves after the two great wars, that;s not exactly good business and position that the wealthy espouse from their spoils.

  15. As I recall, Biden was cleared of this… the fake farmer is out there slinging conspiracy theories, "as I understood it?" Seen nothing? bah,,,"I think there was this and that. His narrative is lame.

  16. His IG vetted his complaint…and his sources were thoroughly vetted. This guy is a CIA agent. "We believe"…they have no fkn evidence. Nunes is a lap dog.

  17. The Ukranian govt. officials claimed that the Deep State prevented them from bringing to Pres. Trump information about previous admin. corruption when they refused to give them visas and it was supposed to be a working trip with our government. Obama's minions are still in control in our overseas Embassies?

  18. Hillary hates Biden,..this is ALL HER,…HERE,…the hardcore dems want Biden out,…maybe a neocon like BOLTON leaked it,,.but the estab,..wants Joe,…OUT,..

  19. Yep so where are the investigations, where are the prosecutions?
    US gov is a fail. The system works, but the civil serpants do not.

  20. I hope Trump and Biden goes down. They both suck. Funny how Trump shoots himself in the foot trying to get rid of BIden, a candidate people don't want.

  21. DemoRATS Are So Evil Even Want Clinton She Sold Uranium To Russia Kept The Money That’s Dangerous DemoRATS Killed Hundreds in Haiti Stealing The Money

  22. Were voting for Presidents & Vice Pres. so they can line their pockets is all, total misuse of power since the Reagan years and always will be until the system is totally revamped.

  23. I like how they candy coat everything that the bushes Biden's Clinton's Obama's due, but yet these people still have not been put in prison because their crimes of treason are admitted and they should all be put in prison.. they have gone against the American people and and our country. they are very crooked and evil people!.

  24. If a Dem wins against Trump and appoints HRC as vice President and that new President happens to committ suicide with two to the back of his or her's head Hillary becomes President.
    What an awful dream I had last night.

  25. I believe if be the right justice and the " justice for all "Creepy Joe must be in jail but he is in our Gov.for 50 years and the justice is his friends and he run for a President and we American people look to see where the justice going

  26. Biden admitted to doing the same thing Trump did? Poor Nunes. He is so damned stupid. If Biden and Trump did the same thing, then If what Trump did is NOT wrong, then what Biden did is NOT wrong and Trump is lying to the American people. If what Biden did IS wrong, then what Trump did IS wrong…since they did the same thing… and since Trump is president, it's impeachment time. My gosh, how stupid can these Trump enablers be?

  27. Follow the money. How many meeting did Biden's son attend yearly as board member? How Many committee does he serves. How much money does he received as bonus, stock options, trading? Which bank handles the transaction etc.

  28. The Ukraine is being helped militarily by the US! We are supporting them! They are in process of being able to take care of themselves?The Democrats are all for pouring billions into Iran and let them have nuclear weapons!

  29. Am I the only one thinking this is planned by Trump? A brilliant move. He had this one up his sleeve a long time, but Biden going down in the poles made it necessary to spring the trap now. And it worked perfectly: all of the democratic party is jumping on impeachment over this, and thereby defending Biden. Defending corruption and meddling in the justice system of a foreign country. A losing strategy. What they should have done was clean their own house first by investigating and getting rid of Biden and just beat Trump in the election.

  30. This is so simple a blind man can see, this whole whistleblower thing is manufactured by Schiff, he knew the comeback would be to bring up Biden and the corrupt left doesn't want Biden, Warren or Bernie to be the 2020 nominee. They want to create a ticket that their typical base supporters will flock to the booth for. A woman will get a lot of votes, a non white woman will get a lot more votes. Now pare that with a member of the LGBTQxyz community and you have most of the bases covered. Kamala – Mayor Pete. That is what this is all about watch in the next few weeks and months the collapse or destruction of Bernie and Warren, it's coming and it's not Trump or any republican bringing them all down, it's their own party.

  31. lets do this people. lets all do the best for our country. all we have to do is this, before going to vote for our next president. lets take an IQ test. if your IQ score is lower than 100, be aware you should not vote as you are mentally incapable of voting responsibly.

    and please, check with your doctor. no internet fake IQ tests. a psychologist usually is the one that can test you.

  32. Pedobiden got cut on video, fact and affidavit WE HAVE. Demon democrats are not ok for exposing pedobiden, cause it disturb their PLOT. All these expert on the alphabet of the left want to impeach the president on what ground?…………..hum………..hum………because we hate him! Because he’s so successful, because he cut taxes, because he’s a good negotiator, because he talks our language, and the most of all because he has a beautiful, intelligent, very well educated wife, impossible to compare with MIKE OBAMA. Yea that’s why we want to impeach the president. Evil bring it on GOD is on our side and HE is watching very closely. HE will crush evil unexpectedly 👀

  33. More than once, after Joe Biden engaged in diplomacy on behalf of the United States, his son, Hunter Biden, conducted business in the same country Looks like Rudy Giuliani is 100% on track – Keep Going Rudy

  34. Joe you had no authority to stop the money, but told them to call BIG
    EARS BARRY THE CLOWN. So it was Barry who would hold up the money unless
    they did a you favor first.
    I thought you said that's what Trump did

  35. Joe you had no authority to stop the money, but told them to call BIG
    EARS BARRY THE CLOWN. So it was Barry who would hold up the money unless
    they did a you favor first.
    I thought you said that's what Trump did

  36. Joe you had no authority to stop the money, but told them to call BIG
    EARS BARRY THE CLOWN. So it was Barry who would hold up the money unless
    they did a you favor first.
    I thought you said that's what Trump did

  37. Joe you had no authority to stop the money, but told them to call BIG
    EARS BARRY THE CLOWN. So it was Barry who would hold up the money unless
    they did a you favor first.
    I thought you said that's what Trump did

  38. The reason for impeachment of President Trump is clear as a bell. He's an effective Republican President who wiped up the floor with "the first woman president," Hillary Clinton, and has a very disconcerting habit of telling the truth. Democrats hate him on each of these fronts so he must go. You do realize that the only legitimate government for the US is a Democratically controlled one, right? Who does this interloper think he is, barging in and taking over after unexpectedly winning a mere election? It is an outrage, I tell you. Adam Schiff may be a compulsive liar but he is their liar, and hence carries more weight than ten truth-telling Donald Trumps. What's so holy about the truth, anyway? Just ask any prosecutor in the country who suborns perjury to win a case against an innocent man for the sake of his or her career? He or she could be the next AG, and after that, governor! The defendent, however good and honest, is a nobody compared to the holy man who runs the justice system in any jurisdiction you can name, especially Democratically controlled jurisdictions.

  39. He is being impeached for breaking a law that has nothing to do with money. It is illegal to solicit or receive interference in an election from a foreign source. If you have read the White House call memo and the Whistleblower complaint you’ll find that they match all too well. Both have the President of the United States soliciting interference, requesting the favor of renewing the investigation of his political rival, from the President of Ukraine. This is illegal. Devon Nunez is trying to blow smoke. By the way, Mr. Biden is not my favorite candidate.

  40. What the hell was Hunter Biden doing in Ukraine that got him paid 50,000 USD a month anyway? If this isn't corruption, what is? Investigate the Bidens!!!!!!!

  41. Excuse me, but there ain't no great state of California the liberal Democrats have destroyed it and now want to do the same to the rest of country !

  42. Curious, why is it a crime and impeachable offence for trump to be suspected yet biden can openly bragg about threatening and blackmailing the ukraine and the dems think thats ok

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