Odessa-Midland shooting: Suspect shot and killed after multiple shootings in Texas, live stream

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  1. Champagne all round in the offices of Smith and We$$on tomorrow. Their sales figures must be off the chart for this year. They want your money and don't care how many die in the process. BUY MORE GUNS, PEOPLE!

  2. guns easily available to everyone – 10,000 deaths by gun annually in the US – just like the wild west of the 1800's everyone is armed

  3. “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”   —PATRICK HENRY

  4. No amount of mass shootings is acceptable to strip citizens of our rights. You're never going to legislate your way to safety and stripping law abiding americans of our constitutional rights for your vague definition of "safety" will not stop violence. Incase you werent aware, timothy mcveigh didnt use guns when he sent that explosive truck into that federal building in oklahoma city killing 168 people nor did ted Kaczynski when he sent explosives in the mail. Using fear to legislate is what got us the TSA (and weve all seen how thats played out)

  5. Parents….please at least talk to your kids once a week and do a mental wellness assessment of them, also take note that your precious little Joey is not perfect. mental health should be taught and discussed in schools on a regular basis to instill in children that it's ok to seek help. Have therapist come in and give public speeches on eliminating stigmas and shame. This has to end.

  6. Please people..donate to mental health science. We need nanos to go into the brain and repair damaged neuron receptors…the violence has to stop. We also have to stop giving our children pills like Ridalin.

  7. I repeat, These Shootings are Going to Continue in an attempt by the insane leftist to gain our guns. These operations are planned and collateral damage is expected. Where is the Ire of the public?

  8. "Millennial logic" & Far-Left Political Screaming, Streaming, Menstruum.
    You know that 100,000 people that die per year in the USA from over-the Counter &
    Prescription drugs, well it is "Trumps fault"!?
    And further the 36,750 people that died in 2018 from vehicle accidents (US), well that is
    also "Trumps fault"?
    Approximately Sixty two (62,000) thousand died (US) from unlawful drugs in 2016. Now that is a whopping 198,750 dead people in one year here in the good old USA and it is all "Trumps fault"?
    Sixty-three thousand Americans since 2001 have been killed by illegal
    aliens,” the president said. Or about 3,500 per year (US) All "Trumps fault"?
    Far-Left Solution, Just outlaw guns and it will all clear up overnight!

  9. All these shootings in America and the millions of Americans won't even utter the words #BanAllGunsFromCivilianUse.Or say it or post about it. How sick pitiful and disturbing that is America!

  10. Don't worry America, your great president will do some great work to help solve these problems.
    More mental health issues no doubt. I am sure if you ask him he will be able to tell you how many $millions/billions he is committing to mental health in your country.

  11. What we need are more prayers and more guns. Imagine if everyone had been carrying a gun imagine how much safer that would be. Dozens of people would have all opened fire and nobody would have died. Still, we have time to change things. Now His Trumpness has allowed the mentally ill to access guns easier, we will soon see these deaths under control. It's just a shame hes not everywhere, because as we know, and as he said, he would have rushed in unarmed to tackle the shooter. The shooter was almost definitely a Muslim from Mexico who had managed to tunnel under the bigly strong beautiful wall he built from transparent rebarred concrete.

  12. 2016, Obama announced new executive actions that required the Social Security Administration to report disability recipients with mental health conditions to the FBI’s background check system.
    2017 Trump, rescinded the rule.

  13. If you're going to leave a comment of any kind have the guts to use your real name. If you believe in what you're saying stand and be counted. Too many cowards on social media or in life in general

  14. At Least 7 Dead, 20 Injured in Shootings so far Across Chicago This Labor Day Weekend. Last weekend…. 59 people shot across Chicago this past weekend.   no national news, no 24 hour coverage, no one cares.

  15. Another INCEL CUCKservative BETA MALE with no social skills and no girlfriend with a big bad gun. Give a coward a gun and the gun will always come into play. I guess more " thoughts and prayers " are in order from the GOP pack of bought off by the NRA lackey stooges.

  16. Ladies and gentlemen, let me remind you that in these times of crisis,

    your prayers mean NOTHING!!
    You might as well wave a magic wand. Shut up!

  17. Time for the U.S to introduce the same gun laws canada has, legally being able to drive around with a loaded AR15 is ridiculous. Problem in the u.s. is the NRA is running the show, but there not the ones picking up the bodies and cleaning up the mess!

  18. More chaos created to infringe on our second amendment. Notice how these things pop up in perfect timing around debates and election times. Oh and notice how two have popped up in a state with the more lenient gun laws. Only the foolish are falling for this. And only those who don't realize our second amendment is there to protect us from our government, not just for self protection from each other and hunting rights. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  19. Honestly to say children/adults watching crime films watching shooting games becoming arrogant leading to such act, lot of innocent people dead but no reason

  20. The killer had the guns ready before being pulled over . He was up to no good and was about to be discovered ! He decided to shoot at police then run , maybe to his planned crime scene .

  21. Copy cats , people seeking attention and hate as well as people who have been done wrong by others . These are the reasons and they're not good reasons . But I bet that in most cases someone else knew of the danger of these people owning guns and wanting to hurt someone !

  22. need to be some racial profiling. Stop ever non black or Hispanic looking man and confiscate their guns/weapons. Just as with bin laden terrorists

  23. Was watching this at work on lockdown as the shooting was going on. I have to tell you there is nothing more terrifying than the news anchor also evacuating live on air. I've never had my stomach drop as fast as it did while watching this.

  24. Beware! Protect yourselves In Texas. Everyone should carry an AK 47? Odessa and El Paso should know the reason. So protect yourselves from these people and good luck.

  25. Notice the police chief said they had a idea who the shooter was but won't release name. Now a neighbor of the shooter says he threatened her with a gun. Bet the police knew about it and did nothing same with the El Paso shooter his mom complained about his gun too and they ignored her too.

  26. The Republicans want to give their prayers , well they can stick their prayers where the sun doesn't shine , the Senate held Republicans need to make assault weapons illegal.

  27. First we used to blame the gangs, now look who the preditors are. Another white man. Those are the problem in this country.

  28. the Texas governor and all republicans in the legislature, should be arrested for corruption by the NRA and for crimes against humanity !!! THESE WHITE COLLAR CRIMINALS NEED TO BE THROWN OUT OF OFFICE !!! get them out of office !!!! The criminal organization that the NRA has become needs to be shut down and trialed for all the death they have caused !!!!

  29. All modern countries are appalled at the level of gun violence in America !!! YOU ARE A SICK AND DYSFUNCTIONAL SOCIETY ! AMERICA NEEDS RADICAL CHANGES AT ALL LEVELS !!!
    Democrats NEED to retake the white house and Senat !!!! they have the most common sense and it's time for republican supporter to realize it !!!!
    NO GUNS, NO GUN VIOLENCE, it's that simple !!!! a society that lives in fear is not a free society !!!!

  30. There was a lot of confusion as this event unfolded. It's my understanding that this event took place mostly in Odessa. Odessa straddles the county line so it's in both Ector and Midland counties. From everything I've heard the shooter never went to the city of Midland, just the county of Midland which lies within the city of Odessa.


  32. People of the United States are a stupid bunch. All these mass shootings and still no gun reform? I heard Texas is going to loosen gun restrictions even more since the shooting. Now people in schools and churches will be allowed to have guns on site. It's laughable. How stupid are these people? Jeje

  33. Where were all the "good guys" with their guns to take out the bad guy? Where were all the "good guys" with their AR-styled weapons to deal with the run-amok white mass killer? Where is the NRA speaking out against this kind of damage CAUSED BY GUNS, NOT BY MENTAL ILLNESS!!! The ONLY MENTALLY ILL ARE THIS COWARD OF A PRESIDENT WHO REPEATS THE SAME LIES COMING FROM THE NRA while Americans are killed week after week in mass shootings; AND the gullible sheep that march in lock-step to whatever tune the NRA and TURMP CONMAN AND BULLY-IN-CHIEF play!!! TRUMP COWARD-IN-CHIEF is a SNAKE OIL CONMAN WHO HAS NO BACKBONE to stand up to the NRA. The problem is NOT MENTAL ILLNESS. THE PROBLEM IS GUNS!!! TRUMP COWARD-IN-CHIEF, who ran from military service, who denigrates REAL AMERICAN HEROES LIKE MCCAIN AND MCRAVEN AND MATTIS, is a flesh bag of QUIVERING COWARDICE AND LIES, LIES, LIES. TRUMP COWARD-IN-CHIEF is afraid of the NRA because many of his base are NRA members AND the NRA contributed over 31 mil to Trump 2016. Of course TRUMP LIAR-IN-CHIEF is afraid of losing NRA money.

  34. Israel’s gun control laws can make the US safer, too
    By Janet Rosenbaum February 15, 2018 | 11:10pm | Updated
    Enlarge Image
    Israel’s gun control laws can make the US safer, too
    MORE ON:

    Trump says background checks wouldn't have prevented massacre Texas shooting

    'This is f–ked up': Beto O'Rourke fumes after latest Texas mass shooting

    Sanders says McConnell doesn't 'have the guts' to debate national issues

    Trump needs to make gun control Priority No. 1
    Israel exists under constant threat of attack — and requires citizens to serve in the military — but still has much stricter gun laws than the United States.

    And those laws limit violence.

    Israel has a lower gun-related homicide rate — and that’s not because it’s an intrinsically peaceful society.

    In fact, public health literature suggests that if Israel had more guns, it would have more firearm deaths.

    Even those Israelis who pass through extensive hoops to get a firearm permit can only own one gun. And that’s a handgun — not a semi-automatic rifle capable of rapid fire. There are also limits on ammunition.

    Many US states grant gun permits liberally, but Israel limits gun permits to people who meet strict requirements of residency, occupation, or army rank.

    Stunning photo reveals the eye of Hurricane

    For instance, security workers, jewelers, hunters and West Bank residents are eligible for permits.

    Forty percent of all gun permit applicants are flat-out rejected by the Israeli government.

    Gun owners must renew their permits every year and immediately report any change of eligibility status to the Israeli federal government.

    Israel relies on professional members of the military and police force for security, rather than “good guys with guns” or even Civil Guard volunteers.


    17 killed in Florida high school shooting, one of deadliest in history
    The US has one firearm per capita, the highest in the world; second is Yemen with 0.29-0.81 firearms per capita.
    Israel comes in 81st with 0.073 firearms per capita.

    The Israeli government has even restricted firearm access to current Israeli soldiers when off-duty on weekends as part of a successful prevention program that has halved firearm suicide — and 80 percent of the suicide reduction appears to have come from the gun restrictions, rather than counseling.

    In the past 15 years, the US suicide rate has increased by 24 percent, and two-thirds of firearm deaths are suicides.

    Suicides are seen as private tragedies, whereas mass shooting events are seen as communal tragedies.

    Israel considered the soldier suicide rate to be a communal tragedy, and its restriction on guns for the only part of society with gun access reduced these deaths.

    The US should follow Israel’s lead.

    Janet Rosenbaum is an assistant professor of epidemiology at the School of Public Health at the State University of New York Downstate in Brooklyn. She‘s studied firearm access and ownership in Israel, which has a considerably lower gun-related homicide rate than the US.

  35. I’d like to hear from you anti gunners what you would do if you were in Walmart or in a public restaurant and a person turned around and pointed a gun at you and your family, take your chances and run, duck and cover, oh the best ☝️ just not be there in the first place lol educated people make a safe place safer

  36. Very sad…Isa 9:10….is a curse on America becasue stupid people Like Obama claim it as a blessing…re: 9/11….God wants repentance…not to rebuild and be stronger…until there is repentance…there will not be any changes….The next 9/11 is coming soon….and it will be catastrophic….America needs to start repenting and not boasting about their strength !!!

  37. 2 of the suspects got out of jail now people are gonna die more my aunt just said they got out of jail so all of you be careful

  38. Great publicity for the media, they make money hyping the violence on the bodies of the victims, then move right into politics, never solutions, just ignorance. They care so much, why do they campaign to abolish the death penalty, never inform the public of 23,000 suicides, 70,000 overdose deaths, 600,000 abortions all annually? Why do they push to allow anyone including drug cartels, terrorists, criminals into this country? Why do they hype police killings but not gang violence ot the fact that out of the top 25 cities with the highest crime rate anr run by Democrats? Whya rae they so concerned about the rights f criminals, illegals but not the citizens? Why do they propose new laws only for the law abiding? Money, blood money.

  39. Trump says background checks wouldn't have stopped any of these shootings. I agree, most nut jobs would pass a check as long as they don't have a prior history with law enforcement (violent offenses that is)… and when calm… guy would appear as a perfectly normal, friendly law abiding citizen… harmless really…

    A better solution… restrict high magazine rifles to gun ranges ONLY. Or… just sell compatible ammunition "at gun ranges"… for use ONLY at gun ranges.

    We don't know how to "cure" mental illness… but if you give a nut job a knife or even a revolver… they'll do alot less damage than they would with a high magazine semi automatic rifle… before police gun the perp down.

    For illustration… why not just give crazy people wanting to go on a rampage… RPGS… hey a bus… boom (60 people maimed and killed all at once)… a police barricade, boom… (10 cops blasted to pieces.) It just makes sense… fine let the "gun enthusiasts" have their high mag rifles at home… but restricting the ammo to gun ranges only may keep the loonies from killing a bunch of random strangers in some venue, or on the streets.

  40. So far, Chicago has 330 murders yet no one cries for them and its not sensational enough to make the news. You are likely to get stabbed at least 3 time more than getting shot. So, this is nothing new, just the media will "milk" it to the fullest and telling the people to jump as they respond, "how high"?

  41. Maybe he flipped and imagined it was a normal day overseas as a soldier….no, Dr Trump already diagnosed a mental problem…phew…problem solved.

  42. What kind of low budget news agency is this!!! I've never seen anything like this fiasco!! I can hear people talking off screen. Cell phones ringing. Looking at their phones for information. WTH!!!!

  43. A male named John Dough on this thread threatened me. He said he was supposedly a marine sharp shooter. His entry and my entry have been erased. I said that he was waving a red flag and said he should turn himself in. Do you think he erased them or did Youtube cancel them because of the violence inherent in his entry?

  44. Get woke in every shooting look for crisis actors they are coming for your guns and they aren’t getting them that easy sorry bout it

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