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  1. Imagine making the building in Wii sports. That is your big break in the video games industry. Making that building that no one will see.

  2. I know this won’t be a popular opinion but, I wonder you could do boundary breaking for Fortnite: Save the World or some of the lobby areas

  3. Me: clicks on video about out of bounds areas on wii sports.

    Video: 1:30

    Me: is this even wii sports anymore??

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if you went outside the bowling map and found the plethora of bowling balls I threw backwards when I was playing wii sports with my family.

  5. You said doc lois right?
    Doc lois is the closest looking from matt
    He a boxer
    Who else name matt and also a boxer?
    Matt from punch out
    Ryan is the first guy you fight in wii sports
    Who does ryan look like?
    Glass joe
    Ryan and glass joe
    They are the very first person you fight on a rookie level
    Matt and doc lois is the last pro person you fight
    Nintendo explain

  6. 2:28 "One detail struck out to me" Good try! But I'm impressed that they went that far with detail around and outside of the player's view!

  7. I noticed: The first character in Boxing and Mike Tyson's punch-out, Ryan and glass Joe, look the same
    And the last characters, Matt and Mike Tyson, also look similar

  8. 3:25 It's like They Live. If their facial skin texture is missing when you wear the glasses, then they're secretly aliens.

    EDIT: n h h Bo

  9. Did you know you could choose what color bowling ball you want? All you have to do is while the bowling game is loading and its still the black screen, hold down any direction on the D-pad and it will give you a different color ball!

    Left is red.
    Right is yellow.
    Up is blue.(i think)
    Down is green.(i think)

  10. I doubt the mii's faces use that pink colour as a "base" texture. More likely is that it's just showing up like that because it's missing a texture, that colour is often used in games engines to highlight there's a missing bitmap

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