Olivia Colman wins Leading Actress BAFTA 2019 🏆- BBC

And the BAFTA goes to: Olivia Colman. CHEERING Thank you so much. Oh, it’s really big! I don’t know- I do! I do know what to say, I’ve actually written something down. I do know. To my fellow nominees, to be in the same company as you is such an extraordinary honour. I think you’re all- the work you all did was so beautiful. Very shaky, sorry. Can’t read it either. LAUGHTER All the producers, obvs. LAUGHTER Fox and Element and everyone therein. And, oh Nadia and Sandy and all of your teams. Hi! We’re having an amazing night
aren’t we? We’re gonna get so pissed later! LAUGHTER Yorgos Lanthimos, I don’t know. I can’t think of the words to thank you enough for letting me do this. My most favourite time ever. The thing I really want to do is- Emma and Rachel. Must keep it together. Not just for your performances,
but for what you did after the camera stopped rolling. And we’ve never talked about this
and I find it very emotional, but you were the best and classiest and coolest honour
guard any woman could ever have, and I love you. And Ems isn’t here but we love you too
Ems! Somewhere in America. And- oh God what else am I meant to say? Er, I’ve done that bit. I think I’ve done that bit. LAUGHTER Oh yes. So this is- Sorry I swear I’m gonna go in a minute. This is for- not for the lead, it’s for a lead. And as far as I’m concerned all three
of us are the same and should be the lead and it’s weird that we can’t do that. But this is for all three of us. It’s got my name on it but we can scratch in some other names. LAUGHTER Thank you so much!

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  1. I have to say that the British are a machine of producing amazing actors and actresses. Wow: Vivian Leigh, Judy Dench, Maggie Smith and so one and now: Olivia Colman. Good for all of you. 🌺🍀🌹👏👏

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  3. Melissa McCarthy was always so happy for her during the award season… she knew she deserved it, and Melissa did a hell of a job! This is lovely I'd love to see them work together, they can do anything! Go Sophie!! (If you know what I mean) You turned your life around ❤️

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  5. God I love that woman for being so natural. She could be your neighbour or co-worker or someone from your club. Loved seeing her in every role, she never ever let me down, not even when she thinks she messed up a speech.
    Huge curtsey!

  6. I love Yorgos and the woman with him crossing their fingers for Olivia and then being so thrilled for her win. She deserved this award and deserved the Oscar too. The movie really should have done better there.

  7. in her great honest humor she spoke some wonderfully words of being a very classy grateful actress

  8. From 'Bev in the AA car loans advert in 2004 to Bafta and Ocsar winner 15 years later, just incredible and so deserving!

  9. Looking forward for Olivia to return to BAFTAs (for TV awards this time) to get her trophies for Fleabag and The Crown!

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