Oprah Winfrey Defends Decision To Abandon Russell Simmons Documentary | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Where are the docus for Harvey Wienstein, Les Mooves, Jeffrey Epstein, Woody Allen, Roman Polaski, Steven Tyler, Stephen Collins, Ted Nuggent, Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer, Charlie Sheen, Scott Baio, Elvis Presley?! I could go on. Never mind, there white!

  2. Nice move Oprah. Seek truth. Don't just believe women because they are women. "Inconsistencies in the stories usually means lies."

  3. No she don’t believe them she can’t possibly believe them or else she wouldn’t have said that. Be honest we should believe those who are honest not believe women at all times.

  4. Just a thought. Everybody answers for what they have done, it’s called Karma. One if not the most important of the universal laws. It’s the way the cosmic keep justice,order…. Nobody can escape it. You create your reality wheather it’s good,bad or horrible. Just a heads up to everybody Gods always watching, judging but with mercy,compassion,love. Anyway God bless everybody, take care of one another,be kind,compassionate….. Much love and light.❤️

  5. i know if i had the choice between exposing the transgressions of a exploiter of women in the workplace and endorsing a less than satisfactory documentary, i know what i would do. the choice should be clear for anyone with a conscience.

  6. Fame and fortune can be a catalyst for sexual harassment from a Harvey Winestein or a Russell Simmons too. "The nerve of him"!

  7. Is that loud mouthed hoax still on TV??? Seriously??? Sheesh….
    Ha, remember when Oprah said she would run for president? HAHAHAHA!!!!

  8. Russel Simmons is alive, here's the real problem to her. She didn't care about the inconsistancies in the movie accusing without actual evidences the deceased singer Michael Jackson of Chili molestation but, concerning Russel Simmons she suddenly decides to make her brain work.

  9. Hopefully, she will do a story on her father vernon winfrey who sexual assaulted a women in brentwood, tn and paid her off. Girl bye, the hypocrisy and the lies are real

  10. Black male voices on Social Media ousted her, that's the only reason she changed her mind. This castration of innocent black men needs to come to an end…

  11. STFU Oprah! Typical bedwench sellout. Why don’t you pick on your white friends like Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lowry or even Kevin Spacey? Typical.

  12. Where is the Harvey Weinstein Documentary huh Oprah???? You attack only innocent black men. You backstabbed Michael Jackson there is no real evidence of abuse. Shame on you oprah

  13. Harvey Weinstein gets a pass Oprah? Ava oprah gayle black mammy hitsquad. Black man you have few friends.

  14. It's not just about Harvey Weinstein it's the agenda they are pushing to make blk men the face of all these crimes. Its demonizing a race of people by social engineering

  15. Oprah has literally made billions trashing black men on national television. It’s about dang time blacks finally woke up to that fact. Now will we finally wake up to how the Democratic Party not only takes our vote for granted, but also destroyed our family unit!

  16. Oprah Winfrey, has the absolute right to change her mind concerning not being in the,
    Russell Simmons Documentary or any documentary about whatever subject matter.
    These courageous women, must be able to speak their truth about alleged sexual assault.

  17. Oprah is just trying to cash in on the Surviving R.kelly thing and one up her friend Gayle by having a much atalked about interview

  18. What a disgrace. Protecting Harvey Weinstein now protecting Russell Simmons. They all need to be in jail next to Bill Cosby along with Matt Lauer. Raping women oh my God so unbelievable. This is so wrong on so many levels.

  19. Oprah ain't SH!T! She's ALWAYS been a TOOL to be used against the BLACK MAN. That BS Color Purple movie that portrayed black men as the worst sh!t on the planet should have given you guys a clue. SHE H8s BLACK MEN.

  20. the voice of fat upper class white women everywhere…youve come a long way gal! she probably just realized that no one in her "demographic" likes hip-hop.

  21. Wait! Oprah and the producers were aware of the accusers inconsistencies, yet they still pushed the story??? We need to stop supporting half baked investigations that publicly convicts people!

  22. why does Oprah Winfrey have to defend herself for changing her mind about wanting to do a film? Screw anybody who thinks she needs to. Her money her decisions her Fortune her time

  23. Believing women, in all cases, is what got hundreds of thousands black men killed and imprisoned in this country…don't forget your history Oprah.

  24. This interview was supposed to help Oprah clean up the situation, but it didn't help her. That's good, because she tried to ruin Michael Jackson with that scam "documentary". But co-signing that damaged her reputation more that it did MJ.

  25. The more we go down the liberal communist path the more these people eat each other up, it's the battle of who's more woke!!

  26. she dont represent black people at all … Because of her unfortunate circumstances when she was young shes got some agenda towards men

  27. Shes trying to stay relevant. why dont she go after the big fishes get out of here ur times is up old woman jst retire and hibernate. #sellouts.

  28. Where there's smoke there's fire. I just wish Oprah had been more smart about being executive producer on this documentary. How did she let it go so far without having even seen it?

  29. Black people are fighting hard for their sons. These are rocks in the families. This is no different from black life matters and me too movement. We need to act now by sitting together and ask ourselves whats the problem? Whats going on or whats wrong with this?

  30. So she bypasses Weinstein to do documentaries on MJ and Russell??? She is clearly afraid of any backlash from the Hollywood elites who cut her paychecks.  This is why she is silent on Weinstein and others. She really needs to go sit down and just be completely quiet for a while. Do us a favor and just go away for a while Oprah, please.

  31. N no miss oprah winfrey we do mot want u to do a bryant kobe story. Absolutely not. Oprah u r not perfect. N i know what Monique said about u is true. Oprah u have enough information on Weinstein y r u not going after Weinstein??????? U have enough on matt lawry. Go after Matt and Donald Trump. Oprah u get a finger n you get a finger a finger for u n a finger for !!!!!!!!

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