Our Holiday Break Highs and Lows

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  1. Rhett, you need to call out the airline and flight that provide shitty services, regardless of them primary being there for your safety.

  2. Link describing his vertigo was spot on. I've had benign paroxismal positional vertigo my whole life, and so far I haven't been brave enough to get the Epley Maneuver done on me. It sounds like it would ruin my week, and I don't believe the relief would last long enough to make going through that horror worth it.

  3. Link you may want to go to a neurologist just to be safe, sounds like vertigo which can be a symptom of a lot of nasty things, Tumors, brain damage etc. Googling wont help you with that.

  4. I cannot wait for Ear Biscuits tomorrow to find out wth they're teasing in the beginning of this episode. The suspense is killing me!!!

    Also love Link's C mug (for Charles I assume 😊)

  5. Temple of Doom is my fav Indiana Jones movie…. parents let me watch it when I was maybe 4 years old. When I wanted to watch it I would ask if I could watch the movie with the eyeball soup lol

  6. Rhett: "Sometimes it turns into a deadly disease."

    Yes, Rhett it does. EVERYTIME I get strep throat, I get scarlet fever and end up in the ER. Luckily, my doctors warned my mother of this like 3 years ago because scarlet fever can cause irreversible brain damage or kill you! It is so dangerous!

    And, according to my doctor, it isn't all that uncommon for strep to turn into scarlet fever. It happens more often then you think.

  7. i dont like having other people in the room it adds another layer of performance and distracts from this rare unscripted moment we have of you.

  8. Link had a case of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, I knew right away cause I was unfortunate enough to experience myself years ago.

  9. Rhett, you've proven that you have really good hair. 😂 …and I understand that your growing your hair out is a spiritual exercise…. but God appreciates good grooming and you are much more beautiful with a good hair and beard trim. Just sayin. lol

  10. Gargle with salt water all day the first moment you feel sick – hook up a cool mist humidifier in your bedroom AND if you need to take medicine take musinex D. If sore throat eat marshmallows- I’m serious. All this works for this bug going around. If you catch it before it gets really bad you can stop it in its tracks. Oh and blow blow blow your nose as much as you can

  11. Rhett is a douche bag he always acts like he’s the holy grail of normalism and tries to make Link feel like shit. Congrats you are normal Rhett, real interesting.

  12. Rhett, the fact that you said "just talking about it made me feel better" shows how you're getting more in touch with how you feel and I'm proud of you brother, I know how hard it can be. Good work man, keep at it. Love and Peace!

  13. Rhett, how do those sleeves fit you?!?! I'm only 6'5" and all long sleeves are too short for my arms. I have to buy Tall sizes. Do you stock tall sizes on the mythical.store site?:)

  14. This was a good one, so glad they are back and link feels better! I hope they do talk about after death arrangements some time on an ear biscuit. ( 1:03:26 ) Also, sweet belt Rhett!! ❤

  15. I hate it when they talk about their age and put it as a restriction or a limitation. They’re still young! If they hadn’t revealed their age I wouldn’t have guessed that they’re in their 40’s

  16. 1) Rhett: I totally relate to "breaks". Just coming from parent's home: it's comprising my entire social year in ten days.
    2) Link: those crystals are otolytes (ear stones) and they do form and get bigger with age. There's one tube for every axis, like x-y-z from cartesian model. there's liquid that moves along with head movements and little fibers sensitive to that movement. Long story short, you're getting old. And it can happen again
    3) From middle aged person to middle aged person: love this podcast 👏👏👏

  17. Hope you’re feeling better, Link! That cold travelled around this part of MN last November and my throat hurt like crazy for 6 weeks. I even lost my voice for 5 days 😅. Anyways, Happy New Year! Welcome back!

  18. Fun fact: If he had strep it wouldn’t have went away unless it was strep C which can and does not require antibiotics.

    Most sore throats are viral or caused by dry air during winter

  19. When Link says "The world unhinged" and Rhett says "What?" I bout died laughing oh my god you guys. I love the podcast.

  20. Omg I died at the love making protractor part 🤣. I cannot be the only grown ass woman who wants more adult talk from these friends?!

  21. Im picturing Rhett wearing a pair of aviator goggles with his long hair spilling out of a red touqe with long tassels on either side. Whilst also wearing a striped leotard, just looking like an absolute madman as he flies down the ski slopes.

  22. If you are going to marry a US citizen you have 90 days to do so upon entering the US, after all of the correct paperwork/medicals/embassy interviews have been completed and you have been accepted.

  23. Omg link I had the exact same sickness! I was diagnosed with laryngitis. I had such a sore throat it felt like strep. I had to get lidocaine to gurgle with. It's been 2 weeks and I'm still coughing…

  24. Rhett is me. When the room started spinning for me I thought I had a brain tumor. My doctor said, yeah you're low on iron pick some up from the drugstore/pharmacy . 😏 Oh OK I'll see myself out lol

  25. Right before christmas I came down with a ear infection in both ears which caused the worst sore throat I have ever experienced, as well as vertigo I feel your pain link.

  26. Link: I can’t not be me and I think there’s something to learn from that.

    W h o a. Wisdom.

    Also, what are we learning? I need to know because I like learning. Are we learning about Link or ourselves? 🤔 I want to understand!

  27. 98 fiance is now they don't want to sit and citizenship they just want you know that cat cash money that dough and maybe some citizen ship

  28. When Rhett said his hair was becoming “burdensome”. It got me thinking, you guys should do a fundraiser and set an amount you’d like to reach. If the mythical beasts can reach it….Rhett cuts his hair short and shaves his beard! (Or at least take it down to stubble). It’s a triple win…we unburden Rhett’s head, embarrass a little with the beard, and raise money for a good cause

  29. Damn link, why you gotta go after people older/larger than you, minding their own business and trying to have fun and ski?

  30. I live in Asheville. I gave Link an actual Biscuit (not from my ear) when he stopped in the restaurant where I worked! Greatest moment of my life.

    So now you can say you know someone who lives in Asheville.

  31. I think it's because she had to hold a box, a large bottle and a cup. On my recent trip they had a large smart water bottle. The flight attendant would hand you a cup and pour water to everyone one from the same water bottle.

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