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(dramatic music) – I don’t understand why
they’re going up there. Literally to the top of the
rockiest part of the cliff. – [Narrator] Once at the
top of the 80-meter cliffs, they rest until it’s
time to return to the sea in search of food. – That last little section is really steep and they just, it’s
really steep, that bit. (dramatic music) – One’s gonna go, this
one right on the edge. (gentle music) There’s probably two or 300 dead walrus on like a half-mile stretch of beach here. They’re exhausted ’cause they have to swim a hundred miles now to get
to food, and then coming back here ’cause it’s
the only place to sleep. They used to sleep on the
ice, dive down and eat food, sleep on the ice, easy. And now they’re swimming a hundred miles, coming to this place, climbing cliffs, and they’re just exhausted
and falling down, and either being killed falling or just crushing each other
’cause there’s several thousand crammed onto little tiny bits of beaches. – This is a sad reality of climate change. They’d be on the ice right
now if they could be, but there’s no option but to come to land. And they’re just a danger to themselves. Really hard to watch and
witness this, it’s just– (gentle music) It’s just so heart breaking. (gentle music)

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  1. It’s not climate change it’s a natural rare occurrence which is sad but once again natural. Look stuff up just don’t listen to what you hear on YouTube

  2. This video is utter BS and fake news. Fact of the matter is they were chased off the cliff by polar bears. The film makers are utterly irresponsibly by implying they were “jumping off the cliff” because of man made climate change.

  3. Climate change is real. It's a real problem, and it needs a real solution.
    There were lots of factors that killed these walruses, but that was only one of them. Netflix drones, polar bear attacks, and other things are factors too. Shit happens, animals die. This is how the planet progresses, with or without us.
    If you care, act. If you don't, then don't. Reap the consequences of your actions. No one gives a damn about your excuses.
    Do whatever you want. History will make its own judgments.

  4. Classic liberals. Set up camp on island and established a perimeter, pushed Walruses to the cliffs; you can see there is plenty of free space where their dumb cameras are set up. So they cause the deaths of all these Walrus, and then blame climate change. CLASSIC LIBERALS.

  5. Right, next time some dumb ass motherfucker says global warming isn't a problem, I'm showing them this clip. That oughta shut 'em right up

  6. Apparently, a 1994 video refutes this carnage due to climate change. It is due to crowded beaches. The question is a walrus is a beach dweller so why are they crawling up a cliff? All those morons who believe this is due to a lack of ice are suffering from a lack of brain matter.

  7. More GW propaganda crap. Walruses don't need ice to survive, they sleep on beaches just as well. As a matter of fact, they prefer shallow water so they can easily access food……..Walruses have been exhibiting this behavior for forever and it's called survival of the fittest. When the tide comes in, their carcasses will be washed out to sea and become a food source for the sea creatures………….That's called the cycle of life

  8. As for why they are on top of the cliff, that's because of the over crowding on the beach which is clearly shown at the 19 second mark. Doesn't look like their numbers are diminishing to me…….

  9. Walrus's chased off the cliff by the aircraft and drones that David Attenborough and his team were using to make a "Climate Catastrophe" Mockumentary

  10. Still nothing will change. The oil industry will continue to drill as usual until every drop of fossil fuel have been extracted from the Earth. Fortunately people like Elon Musk are attempting to change that trajectory. Although it could very well be too little, too late at this point.

  11. Been happening for over 25 years, population explosions create crowded beaches, but lets blame it on global warming , now the Al Gore polar bear myth has been proved to be a myth. . Waiting for the next heart rendering wildlife scene

  12. And this is why we need to fund the space program, protecting our planet and life on it is one of NASA's biggest goals.

  13. They're trying to blame this on climate change?

    It has nothing to do with climate, it has to do with overcrowding! The walrus population is out of control. There's no space on the beach so they climb and unfortunately they're not very good at climbing nor are they properly equipped to climb.

    This has been going on for 100's maybe 1000's of years. If you think this has anything to do with global warming you're as gullible as a child. A useful tool.

    Believe the science not the scientist. Science is research proving theory wrong. Scientists that do research to back up a claim are corrupt.

  14. i heard about this from smoshcast and came to check it out, this is so heartbreaking and if this doesn’t open the eyes of people who don’t believe in climate change then i don’t know what will

  15. What a load of BS! Walrus populations are at an all-times high. That is why some of them have to climb on to cliffs: because there is no room left in sandy beaches for them. You could have filmed the thronging masses of hundreds of thousands of walruses only a few hundred meters away from where you shot these images. And you call yourselves scientists? Shame on you.

  16. Climate change absolute joke. Walrus numbers are up. When the beach becomes overcrowded they climb they have been doing this for decades. Before everything was blamed on climate change.

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  18. if youre climate religion terrorist zealot. You might want to do a little research. This exact phenomena has been captured on film for at least 50 years. Long before your cult and its supposed man made heating began,

  19. There's evidence that this was actually very misleading on the part of the film makers. Walruses get spooked by polar bears and often fall off a cliff as they try to escape. The filmmakers, probably alerted by resident WWF employees in the region, moved in after polar bears caused hundreds of walrus to fall to their deaths. The crew then captured on film the last few falls over the cliff as the walrus herd moved away from the haulout. Furthermore, there's evidence that this happens in regions that aren't short on space as well. Lastly, walruses fall off of cliffs because of planes, other animals, or anything that might spook them. The fact that the film makers can attribute this to climate change is completely unfounded and at best a leap of faith. The best part is that if you look at all the major media outlets, not one considers the possibility that something else is happening here. Bottom line, the film makers weren't honest and there's likely more to the story than climate change.

  20. LIes. They are there because their numbers are so high, and driven over the edge by polar bears. Attenborough is lying to you. He is a bullshitter.

  21. Walruses have ALWAYS flocked to ice free beaches and cliffs, these deaths are natural events. Attenborough sold out to the climate change lobby

  22. Bullshit . Walruses population have been rising dramatically over the years. And yes nothing to do with climate change . Its been going on for years too many on one place and well the walrus get pushed off over the edge. Nothing to do with ice . Its all to do with over population. So walrus are thriving in fact.. love from Ireland suckers. KNOW THE TRUTH.. GOD BLESS

  23. Sealions push eachother off. Those who survive have more girls for themselves to pair with. You can use the global warming effect against me, but just remember that this exact same footage was also shot in 1983 ( sea lions falling off cliffs ). Yall get indoctrinated af lmao

  24. I'm sure the crew's drones had nothing to do with setting off a walrus stampede that has been known to have happened for a long time & are more likely to happen as numbers have flourished.

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