Part 1: FOX News Mole Joe Muto Dishes Bill O’Reilly Dirt

welcome back to world view beloved eight years our next guest work
inside the belly of the fox news channel beast as an associate producer on the bill
o’reilly shouldn’t be around factor after graduating from notre dame
striking out in the job market jo mujhe sentiment dishes cover letter
for web grandchild to the folks at foxnews instead got the attention of programming
executives he was invited to interview for a child is a production assistant to have a dilemma he desperately needed work that
describes himself as a liberal and here it was setting entered the conservative
world of fox news well he held his nose and buried his
head rising through the ranks from production assistant to associate
producer on pillows show then in two thousand eleven it all got
to be too much for and the thought of working another election cycle they’re
native plant is exit strategy the execution of that strategy left a
lot to be designer he met up with the folks at gawker
magazine the website and found himself working for them as now as the now
infamous fox mole o’clock republicans on wills and thirty six hours later move it was discovered fired and threatened losses and indeed
face criminal prosecution by the new york district attorney all of this was pending the soon to be
best-selling book released three weeks ago by gotten penguin called and easiest in the fox hole liberals do u argosy inside the heart of
the right wing media he’s here now today to talk about it all jovita welcome to world here thanks so much traveling job was a great job of laying out what
you’d use the fox mold for blocker and i the basic question most of them
have is why did you do it as i said earlier not a well-thought-out
plan ob it i was flying by the seat my pants pod
this all started in late twenties eleven i decided that i could no longer work at
the network it’s just not it’d gone too far the right for me and
it was just not a place i wanted to be anymore and you know i always knew that
it was conservative leaning i mean i i think he
isn’t but hey ho when it when i started the job i was like now i’ll give it a few months and you
know sheet that bothers me and mega find something else they don’t have a big id really never bothered me until after obama then i thought that i worked at
the very bizarre and and scary in some ways right
turn outgrown increasingly uncomfortable
staying there so that so you know in in the twenty eleven i decided i wanted to
eat and uh… part of my looking for another job and i
don’t even have a job so uh… in my search for another job i ended up
with the caucus people end up meeting with them and you know it was it was my idea to
write for them i said i bought some about the right for you guys like that’d be bowel uli fox and i’ll come
right for you and it’ll be great you know that maybe
they don’t talk about my experience at fox when writing for you made may be out
but it won’t be del parceled out and a little you know involved thats and make a lot of people said well why don’t you right for us right now
what yourself rocks and i do sure a great idea you know like mine why don’t you go kicked in and i said oh
that’s a lot of people about that spirit you know so it was the reason the
starting but i thought you know it pat i thought ingratiating myself with the
doctor people was that was a good way to it get a job for post postbox so and also i thought that ideapad get away
with it i thought that i would post a few dumb gossipy items and some people about that it and it would probably escape larger notice within fox and within the
outer world and and i would be i would be that a few weeks and then go workman employer so green that was how it all played out in my
head obviously how it played out in real life was quite dif let’s talk a little bit about roger is a fox doesn’t pushpa message rather
it is gravitation we pulled by roger ailes and then push down the simplified
management structure walk me through how a story in the was created invent
permeates all fox news channel coverage although well the way the shows were boxes there
pretty apartments that if they get there’s allowed to go off in their own
direction and pursue the stories they want to pursue so you know it what would happen is though everyday the shows have to send of list of their topics and their guests you know to the management to do it gets reviewed by people to vice president level basically so their they’re looking at that and if
there’s something on there they don’t like they’ll hear about you know nobel email
you know call you’ll say you know you get to the stop if you can have this
cast backup that so they’re there is a level of autonomy
but it’s it’s very heavily regulated and and you know there are certain times when guests are and there’s certain their sudden death thirty straight up
and from the network with bill maher the market’s been network of for awhile
i don’t know if it’s still the case that they’ve been allowed back on the front
while any reporter from politico politico dot com any reporter from the
event that was a i think nobody knew it wouldn’t tell us you know there is speculation that some
one hundred but my guess is some a hundred an article that had pissed off males are pissed off one of
them more powerful anchor anchors but that
they wouldn’t tell us that it was good you know it was it was very inconvenient
dresses politicos agree organization in that they’re they have a lot of
reporters who are smart and in a consultants available at all hours you know you can
call them and have them on your show twenty minutes later they’re very good
at like getting people suspect was very
inconvenient for us happened then a lot of liberals are banned from the
network uh… especially like the stronger wants you know like if u if you can make a good argument for the
liberal side you’re you’re not allowed on the network they never say that’s why they’re not a
lot of the network that’s that’s my here that we always come up
with another reason for wider than it’s it’s my period it’s
it’s that their there too good at making the other sides organs but someone inside that you did get a
promotion uh… and there’s a great exchange
between you and your high school friend that in the bar we’ve asking point blank that i trade
away my integrity first health benefits is seventy four cents an hour too which is reply was no he did that
already when you took the job in the first place uh… bluefoot what they did
you do it because the question by to take a job impressed by what
tuesday and and and move up the ladder broadcasting is very seductive you know it’s a very exciting endfield bien and you know i i i think a lot about how
exciting it was the first day i was in the control room when we got word that
down the actor marlon brando died and that their brush to sort of confirm this
news the septic it was such a uh… uh… thrilling entry into this world so i think more than anything they need want to stick around and you outside to
see where ones now there were there were applications
other places along the way it was always like you know nothing ever came up uh… annul to make it one of the fox you know
i’ll i nick and i was doing well then i was i
was getting promoted at like at moving on coupon to progressively more challenging jobs and challenge shows and then ended up on o’reilly show which is you
know which is the top of the youth of fox and that’s like that’s the best place to be that’s you
know you you sort of made it it’s happening
now if you’re already shows so at high-tax i guess it was uh… you know decarava’s dangling in front of the
entire time and and by the time that i a m decided i wanted to leave i’d been there i’ve been there for so long and sort of
seemed you know it it’s probably seems outside
people ludicrous that i stay that long but you you blink your eyes and an eight
years have gone back that joel usse in the book that you
actually liked bill o’reilly as does jon stewart and you say he’s not a ideologue but
that he’s ideological and very smart verses the buffoon many tried to portray
a nice now feels like shades of gray here so help me understand bill his ass i compare him to like your conservative
on cool you know who you have to deal with it thanks giving you know like you
you might recall your eyes that everything he says but you still there’s still a tough action and you
know uh… and you know these months later i still
get out but i’ll be fucking bitch at all since the
end of the electorate had a has units was intact uh… you know it’s a that being said there are some levels i think that uh… they would not surprise people to hear
about a monkey is people can it in his anger especially at his staff and often for not often for a very small transgression you know what if you mess up his lunch order that you
know he’s gonna scream at you so basically it’s not and it’s it’s scary cuz it may means
every one of the staff is walking on eggshells and they’re afraid to tell
them anything because you never know i was going to react you might shrug it
off or you might get in your face and screaming kid so
did it’s it makes for pretty tense work environments sometimes now there’s someone who we know would
not agree that there is any niceness about him at all and that’s the few that was on the screen union people was
probably it was personal on both sides dokur was smart enough to design it
saying it was just giving keith ratings attraction an extra material and ended at one point jeff in love with
g_e_ and rupert murdoch ordered a truce because what broke that ruth how did the truce
actually start was it like to live through being there during well uneducated took bill almost two
years i think to realize that he was getting older and all the oxygen emmanuel women’s ratings is crept up an up and up uh… abetting what happened and it started
getting all the answer to getting personal and as bill would go after jeffrey involved uh… at g_e_ the parent company of
n_b_c_ at the time and old movements are going after ales and
circle after murdoch and you know it eventually that got the attention of the
haha bc people in the executive suites and they did they broke in the streets
these two bigwigs murdoch in their mouths sat around and and said you know cease-fire ahmed if i recall i think over then was
that was the first one to break cease-fire and uh… it wasn’t it was a weird times it was a
tense time to uh… to be on the show because once again that was people interfering but they’ll show which which he hated
but this this was coming from a new ministers coming from murdoch himself
bill was not going to the first one to to break the peace and i guess here is where is and and that’s part of
the reasons why he’s still bitter m_t_v_ resentment alluded to that that has something to do
with it req dot bill has a prickly relationship
with with the executive but he knows when to stop for as i would say
opening did not

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