Patrick Stewart embarrassed by Jean-Luc Picard Star Trek story | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

So, you’re back in Star Trek
now, but – over all the time you haven’t been doing it –
the show, as you guys were saying, never goes away – it’s constantly on television. Do you ever find yourself, like,
drawn into watching them? I don’t look for it,
but occasionally, you know, you are going and… Oh, dear. There was one night
in a hotel somewhere, I’d flown in, I had
ordered room service, and I was flicking
through and there was… Oh, Star Trek:
The Next Generation. OK, let’s see what’s going on. I’ll just watch it for
a couple of minutes. Well, I got hooked. Then there was a ring at the door
bell and my order arrived – my room service order arrived –
and the waiter came in, looked at me… ..and looked at the television
and I thought, “He is going to go away
and tell the entire kitchen, “it is the saddest
thing I’ve ever seen.” “This guy is upstairs alone having
room service, watching himself.” We’ve all been there.
We’ve all been there. Oh, that’s big comfort.

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  1. He was never as good as Captain Kirk always just a placeholder. William Shatner now there is a legend from the Star trek empire !!! Patrick Steward was just MEH

  2. BBC,
    You are a big channel with lots of content, including news.
    You have a certain responsibility to not go along in the attention seeking media we already get bombarded with. Your titles are becoming far too clickbaity. They really don't need to be. Your content is good enough to stand on its own.
    -100 karma points to you.

  3. Ahem, I would have switched channel before let the room service in. But, ooh, that's me and I am not even a movie star 😛

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  5. SUPER slick bait title but yes, I bet he's a little embarrassed by the new series.. kind of a farewell to the Picard era more than anything

  6. I wish he had mentioned which episode had hooked him in that evening. 😀

    I love Patrick Stewart. He's definitely the best actor in the entire Star Trek franchise's history.

  7. Pat Stewart aged well, others must have fallen into the food replicator… I can not believe he approaches birthday number 80. May Jean-Luc Picard live long and prosper.

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