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China can destroy US targets in space. That’s according to a new Pentagon report. Carnival in Italy has a surprise guest. And China reaches out to the Venezuelan opposition. That and more on this week’s China news
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an alert each time we publish a new episode. This week’s China news headlines. China is the largest most powerful authoritarian state in the world. Plus they’ve got lasers, and they know how to use them. That’s at least the message of the latest Hollywood blockbuster, Challenges to Security in Space. Wait, what’s that Shelley? Oh, that’s not a movie. It’s a report from the Pentagon. Makes sense. I did think the special effects were somewhat
lacking. The report says “China and Russia, in particular, are developing a variety of means to exploit perceived US reliance on space-based systems and challenge the US position in space.” Basically space warfare is already here. The future is now! The scary future. Not the cool hoverboards future they promised
us. Most people today don’t think about how
much we rely on space. Satellites are used for everything from consumer
GPS, to military weapons targeting, to intelligence gathering. And China and Russia are building space lasers to destroy these satellite networks. “China likely will field a ground-based
laser weapon that can counter low-orbit space-based sensors
by 2020.” That’s part of the reason President Trump has been pushing for a Space Force. That and of course the obvious Warhammer 40K
references. Italy knows what’s up. Because the recent carnival in Italy had this gigantic Trump float. There’s a lot going on there, but if you look at his right leg, you’ll notice the crest of the People’s
Republic of China and I’m pretty sure that’s Xi Jinping’s
face. Another float also had Xi Jinping, Putin, and Trump holding down a dove as Kim Jong-Un stabbed it with a nuclear missile. Carnival seems like a lot of fun. What’s next, a Cthulhu float? What’s that, Shelley? Ok, close enough. Speaking of space wars, the Trump administration is also preparing an executive order that would ban telecommunications companies
in the United States from using Chinese equipment in their 5G networks, in particular Huawei. Though it seems like the executive order won’t
mention Huawei, or even China by name. Rather it’s geared at “adversarial powers.” No adversarial power in particular. It could be anyone. And in trade war news, it looks like the US could extend the deadline on trade negotiations with China by 60 days. Otherwise, if no agreement was reached by its current deadline, March 1, the US has said it would slap 25% tariffs on 200 billion dollars worth of Chinese goods. The biggest challenge though— making sure China keeps the promises it makes. To that end, according to anonymous sources who spoke to the New York Times, “American negotiators want to create a mechanism that would automatically raise tariffs on
Chinese goods if its exports to the United States keep rising.” Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping should be meeting soon to hammer out more of the trade deal. And something tells me Trump may be getting a slightly frostier welcome compared to the last time he was in the Forbidden
City. That was in 2017, before he launched the trade war. The Chinese regime has been propping up the dictator of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro with money, weapons, and surveillance technology. The only problem— other than that not being cool— is that now this guy, Juan Guaido, has declared himself interim president. And most of the world is backing him. Man, he looks like Obama. Wait, have we ever seen the two of them in the same room at the same time? Come to think of it, I’ve never seen Batman and Shelley in the same room at the same time. I wonder… What’s that, Shelley? Oh? Oh really? But anyway, China has given big loans to Venezuela— about 20 billion dollars worth. They’re supposed to pay that back in oil. And if Maduro goes down, which seems more and more likely, the Chinese regime is going to want to make
sure Guaido doesn’t renege on those agreements— or do what the new prime minister of Malaysia
has done, and cancel a whole bunch of Chinese investment
deals. For Guaido’s part, he needs China to switch from supporting Maduro
to him if he wants to get into power. And according to the Wall Street Journal, “Chinese diplomats…have held debt negotiations
in Washington in recent weeks with representatives of Juan
Guaidó.” I can’t imagine Maduro will be dancing much
longer. That’s it for this week’s China news headlines. Before we go, now is the time when I answer questions from
you, my loyal 50-Cent Army— fans of the show who support what we do through the crowd funding website Patreon. BlueFox asks, “Chris, do you think the CCP plans to meddle with the 2020 elections coming up?” Well that is a good question. It’s certain that the Chinese Communist
Party does enjoy undermining the democratic process when it’s in the Party’s interest. It’s widely believed Beijing did meddle in the recent elections in Taiwan. Mainly it was through social media, and supporting certain candidates. President Trump certainly made a similar claim during the 2018 midterm elections. “Regrettably we found that China has been attempting to interfere in our upcoming 2018 election — coming up in November. Against my administration. They do not want me or us to win because I am the first president ever to challenge China on trade.” And while there wasn’t a whole lot of proof
of that, it’s not far fetched to imagine the Chinese
regime would like to ensure a more China-friendly
president takes the reins in 2020. And earlier this year, the Director of US National Intelligence said in a worldwide threat assessment to the Senate Intelligence Committee, that Russia, China and Iran, “probably already are looking to the 2020
U.S. elections as an opportunity to advance their interests.” Specifically he wrote they “will use online influence operations to try to weaken democratic institutions, undermine U.S. alliances and partnerships and shape policy outcomes in the United States and elsewhere.” So a lot to look forward to— besides the normal chaos of the US election
cycle. Thanks for your question, BlueFox. And thank all of you for your support. It’s contributions from viewers like you that keep China Uncensored going. Visit our crowdfunding website to learn how you can support us. And when you do, as a way of saying thank you, I’ll answer your questions on the show. Thanks for watching China Uncensored. Once again, I’m your host Chris Chappell. See you next time.

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  1. Hey china uncensored, i have been subs to you for years now and i just realized im not seeing yur vids anymore. For months. Your no longer coming up my feeds. Really fishy. Just letting you know.

  2. This propaganda is so slimy I always feel I need to shower with bleach after watching a few minutes! hahah. At 5:16 Chris says "it's certain that the CPP enjoys undermining the democratic process…" LMAO! That's what America does every day all over the world. But, instead America just invades, funds rebels and overthrows anyone in its path. Propaganda u so funny!

  3. There are already nuclear bombs and many other types of offensive measures up there.

    It doesn’t take any fancy technology to drop a nuclear bomb right over your head, it takes just less than a few minutes to get you reincarnated.

    This is not a joke.

  4. Don't laugh if you're thinking about photon lasers. Microwave lasers are much more practical and effective and have been around for decades, giving the Chinese plenty of time to steal that tech. Space based weapons would be a speedy path to world war 3.

  5. Hey Chris, do you ever stop to question that maybe you're just a propaganda puppet and one day your biased "news" vids might actual be informational fuel needed for war? A war that could lead to millions of innocent lives lost? Like do you ever bloody think about that? Because I'm pretty damn sure you've never been to China but you "report" on the country as if you know something about it. But the truth is you have no idea what life is really like here. Still, you just peddle your biased bullshit which leads to a world solely bent against this nation which might actually be a good peaceful place which makes billions of people happy.

  6. China don't have to spend a lot of money to undermind US election. China just have to delcare Venezuela's election is invalid and recognize the opposition leader.

  7. US Space Force is meant to protect US investments in space. We know China won't share (South China Sea should give you a clue). Had a Russian professor who was a Laser Scientist working on Russian Space based illumination for Earth (Daylight via Lasers during Night). He left Russia during Soviet collapse (Yeltsin) to be a Laser consultant for US Manufacturing and teach.

  8. 备战 China and Russia are truly failed states….the chinese government with the complicity of its medical industry IS STEALING ORGANS FROM POLITICAL PRISONERS – The Falun Gong.(The same thing diseases do!!!)
    Putin has killed many thousands in Ukraine, and of course they murdered 298 on Malaysian Flight 17….after stealing Crimea JUST as China stole the South China Sea….IT IS TIME TO FIGHT!! Lasers?? I would fight that war. Space has no atmosphere…defending free world assets would be much easier than chinese mental fragments and neanderthals think! Let's face it….China hates free people and so does Russia. It is better to fight them to the death than live under their control…LET'S FIGHT!!!!备战

  9. Beijing has been interfering in US elections since the 1990s. Everyone remembers those Chinese monks who take a vow of poverty giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to the rapist Bill Clinton's re-election campaign in 1996.

  10. He Was Investigating On This Case And I Discovered That It Is False The Lasers Theme Is True To Some Part But China Is Not Building Those Lasers To Shoot US Goals. Its Goal Is To Eliminate The Space Debris That Is Around. As You Note That You Love It Disinform the People? Sincerely embarrassing

  11. The report isnt really important when the USA is the dormant power in space. We just dont have to brag about it. We already have our space force going up and with our tiny little satellites. But yes we need to catch up in many areas. We need to build a base on the moon that has the laser and missile capacity to control the entire earth's atmosphere. This is the most important race now. No longer a nuke race it's a space race.

  12. Pathetic, Chris. You continue your CIA sponsored propaganda by turning fact into fiction. China has a land based laser being developed to shoot down low flying satellites/aircraft used by the US for C3 and recon. Russia is doing the same with an aircraft based system. We also are doing the same. You and the US military insinuate that Russia and China could militarized space by putting lasers in space. Just like the threat against Huawei. Huawei gear could spy on us. Snowden leaks tell us that the NSA has hacked into Huawei, Cisco, and Juniper telecom gear and ARE using them to spy on Huawei, China, and others. There is no evidence that China or Huawei has done the same, but that is the accusation. Ditto now for spacewars. Looks to me like we tell lies to make China and Russia look like evil enemies worse than we could imagine. That's the problem, it goes beyond fact and reality, it goes into fiction.

    So we are trying to do it and cover it up with a story the Russians and Chinese are doing it. I am sure, now that the Russians and Chinese know the US is doing it, they will also. So your accusation will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Russia and China would like to thank you for the heads up.

  13. Yay! We get to be imprisoned by space debris on our planet for centuries if people start blowing shit up in space! Yay! #PrisonPlanet

  14. Hmmmm. I thought i felt something hot on my scalp while outside the other day. And we all thought the homeless bag-lady with the tinfoil hat was the crazy one. She was right all along!

  15. lol, elected dictator (4:20)? lol, oh my, Juan is the dictator, Maduro was elected democratically by the people. Un observed, more fake news. Blah so much for this channel.

  16. China Russia and Iran meddling in our elections? Well are beautiful infallible President doesn't believe our intelligence committee and believe they should go back to school complete loser. And they know not what they're talkin about. I just assign our own presidents screw elections… Yeah you see how preposterous that sounds. But we doing that to another country so why not do it here?but I'm sorry if I come up a little sarcastic it's just frustrating to what our country was founded on being stripped away four resources that we couldn't get a better deal on…. Let somebody else capital.

  17. Dude you say trump is a joke. You are the joke. Trump is the president you are a in chinese words fenqin. Hasn't the world seeing enough bloodshed through revolution. what good is revolution? French revolution people like you get your head chopped off like robespierre. Or the russian communist revolution where the czar is dead.

  18. If the lasers are built as well as the stuff they sell us, there shouldn't be too much to worry about. ( they may enjoy playing with cats on the other side of the world… who knows?)

  19. A Chinese made “ Laser beam?” Like everything made in China, it will stop working in 2-3 days, if it ever works at all.

  20. To suggest China, Russia and Iran will influence the 2020 U.S. elections is simply a smokescreen to cover up those who already decided who will win the 2020 elections. The U.S. should never have exported jobs or military involvement of some kind with these countries in the first place. Now they have them on the U.S.'s door step pretending to be the mail man or delivery person from Amazon.


  22. Russia only considers China as a worker and dairy cow.
    After all was done, China must be destroyed by Russia.
    Keep dreaming China, who works with you is only forced🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. Crazy to the rich. China and U.S are financial linked. they are the largest employer. 80% what sold in all stores are 33% China 33% u.s importer 33% are U.S retailer.
    If they want to take us out all they had to do is . Sell there hundred of 1.2 trillion bond slowly. And raise our food prices. Yes they food out too are are the world food importer/ wholesaler useing there cheep container ships. And they own the fishing factory at sea that process and cook all that sea food you see in grocery stores .

  24. Don't you the earth is flat as is stated in the bible. The jesuits are to blame, who else.
    Please do a video on the jesuits power in China


  26. Chris, did you ever feature a piglet image reference in any of your videos? I recall it being the case, but I can't find it.

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