Peter Crouch’s Alternate Life – The Graham Norton Show – BBC

I want to talk about the greatest
moment of your career, I hope you don’t mind. It is of course when
you were asked in an interview, “What would you be
if you weren’t a footballer?” And you replied… “A virgin.” LAUGHTER APPLAUSE That was the day the legend
of Crouchy began. Has that quote followed you round?
Yeah, it has a lot. It’s the best answer to any question
in any industry ever. It was just a long day,
to be honest. It just was the first thing
that came to mind, and… ..I said it, and, yeah, like, ten
years or however many years later, people are still talking about it. But you’ve come on from there. You’re now married to the
wonderful Abbey. AUDIENCE: Woo! Beautiful. What’s this waiter,
what’s his game here? LAUGHTER Do you know, I’ve seen
this picture before and I thought it was Alex Turner
from the Arctic Monkeys. He’s literally giving you
the side-eye emoji. “How did he nick that?” No, cos this is the thing
that you say, that people come up to you
and they just have no, like… Was there an incident
with Prince Harry? Yes, there was, yeah. I was playing a charity game
and he came into the dressing room and was meeting everyone and he
was really friendly to everyone. Then when I met him,
he said, “Crouchy?” I said, “Yes.” And he said,
“How did you bag Abbey?” And that was obviously pre-Meghan. So, you know, now, I could’ve had
a go back at him, to be fair! Yeah. APPLAUSE And there goes Crouchy’s knighthood.

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  1. One day in the future when turn tv on to see Graham Norton show but the host no Graham no more sad.

  2. Jack Whitehall is the perfect replacement until Graham comes back,almost as if Graham never left,no offence.

  3. Proof that having no talent whatsoever but a father that knows a few people will get you where you want go. Please come back quickly Graham

  4. "you're married to the lovely abby" absolutely nothing to do with his money 😂😂😂😂

    Nah I'm joking he's a top bloke with good humour etc.. But that doesn't work for all men.

  5. Its like they're all using the same set of teeth and popping them in when the camera is on them.

  6. Great lad, great banter and a decent player on his day. I reckon his woman must genuinely fancy him cus if it was just for money, profile and being a wag there are other footballers with more of that than Crouchy she could have gone for. Fair fucks to him.

  7. You can completely see why Abby is with Crouchy. He is funny and laid back. Obvs minted too, but she chose him when I am sure there were others banging down her door. She could take her pick she is so gorgeous.

  8. Peter Crouch's most noteworthy achievement: 42 England caps, with a better goals per game record than Hurst, Shearer, Charlton, Owen and Rooney.

    Prince Harry's most noteworthy achievement: being Prince Charles's (adopted) son.

  9. Two things very wrong about this clip. One, that “excuse” for a comic that’s taken over Graham. Never ever found him anything other than painfully unfunny. Two, the word should be “alternative” and not “alternate”

  10. This episode was a much needed refreshing change. It flowed so well. I love Graham nortan he's TV Royalty but Jack Aced this.

  11. A collection of non entities. Peter Crouch has nothing to offer. God knows about his recent elevation to some sort of media deity. If makes me despair for humanity.

  12. And we all know how he bagged Abby and we all know how he bagged Megan.. Something to do with appreciation…bless

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