Petite Women Break Fashion Rules For A Week

– Do you think that this
outfit makes me look short? – No I make you look short. (upbeat music) – I do feel self
conscious about my height. Just because everyone
else around me is giant. I constantly feel like
I’m drowning in clothes. Which makes me hate going shopping. – Growing up my mom had a lot of ideas of what looked good on my
body because it was smaller. – I do sometimes see like certain pieces of clothes
might overwhelm me because of my short stature. – These are the most common
things that petite people are not supposed to wear. Tunics, or shirt dresses. – Oversized styles slash layers. – Maxi dresses, maxi skirts. – Midi skirts, calf length. Oh, that just sounds like a bad length. – Ankle strap heels, I am
wearing an ankle strap right now so I guess I am already breaking a rule. – I feel like I’m not
allowed to wear anything. – My goal this week is
to just give zero fucks. (groovy music) – I feel very awkward and
restricted cause my knees can’t go very far. – I just think the skirt
does make you look shorter. – Yeah? – Yeah cause it’s longer. But it looks nice though. – I do actually feel very short in this. Just because I’m just not
used to wearing skirts and the length of this
skirt is very awkward. – I do like that it’s
like a tight skirt though because I feel like if it was
like a flowy mid-calf skirt, then it would look really bad. (groovy music) – I know that it looks cool
and you know people are into it I just feel a little
self conscious for me. (yelling) – I think she looks stylish. – Me too, you’re hot. I like the purple tank, I was like hey. Hottie. – Apparently baggie pants are supposed
to make you look shorter but I wear these all the time. I don’t feel short. I think I got more compliments
on my shirt than on my pants so they’re not really
looking at how tall I am they’re just looking at what I’m wearing. (groovy music) – If I’m breaking the rules you know like if this is what it feels like to be bad I don’t wanna be good, this is so comfy. – This is definitely the outfit
I’m most uncomfortable in. – Which I don’t get because
I think you look amazing. – Do you think it makes me look short? – None of these outfits
have made you look short. Seriously. – Really
– Yeah, you look amazing. (groovy music) – So this is one outfit I definitely feel most comfortable in. I don’t care if it makes me look short. The benefits outweigh negatives. Going up stairs is a little bit harder because I have to like kind
of pick up all this fabric unnecessary fabric to make sure I don’t kill myself. – The minute I saw you I was like, “Wow Stacy never wears
dresses, but I love it.” And so when you told me
this was against the rules for short people I was
like, “Who made up these antiquated rules?” – So I have another short person hack. If your dress is too long just tie a knot at the bottom. That is an easy way to
shorten your clothes without having to go get them hymned. (Happy Music) – I decided to throw on this
long baggy trench coat jacket. I remember when I went to buy this the lady at the store in
other words kind of told me it would look better on
someone who was taller and I was like, “Fuck
that, I’m gonna buy it.” – I think it’s really flattering. You look cuter than I do today. – This dress is making
me feel really small. – This is cute.
– Yeah? – I don’t see a problem with this. – I don’t look like shorter
than I usually look? – Nah, I think you always look short. – I don’t mind that I’m a short person. And I don’t think that
fashion rules can hold me back quite honestly, I don’t really, I don’t really believe in those. – It’s no secret that society puts these unrealistic standards on us and the way that we should look. And I think the first step
is being nicer to yourself. I think we all just need to
take a cue from Backstreet Boys, and say, “Everybody yeah, rock your body.” Yeah. (upbeat music)

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  1. These girls are not petite. They're just short. At least they have some meet on their bones unlike me who's 5'2 114lbs! That's a whole different struggle when you're short and slender.

  2. I'm shorter than these girls and I wear boxy tops, prefer midi skirt or dresses with that cut, and I've worn a maxi dress and nobody has said that it emphasize my lack of height. So fck these rules and you do you.
    PS They all look gorgeous in every outfit

  3. I'm 5"2 and 13 my doctor says I'm 3 inches to short for my age but everyone in my grade is 5"5 or 5"9😂🙄

  4. I don't wear midi skirts cause i don't like them it looks weird they make my calfs look thicker and shorter (don't really like my legs they aren't slim, i don't wear skirts either and i don't have any shorts….. yes i do wear jeans and pants year round 98% of the time) and like she said i find it hard to walk around in midi skirts. I don't wear boxy shirts (and it's getting harder and harder to avoid those and to find form cut shirts) cause i have a smaller waist and it makes me look bigger than i am with an even smaller chest. I don't wear maxi skirts/dresses cause most are 5" too long (same with most pants) and i would trip/get it dirty/tattered. I do sometimes wear baggy pants but usually only at my apt, to bed or maybe to run to the grocery store. I do like tunic tops IF i can find one that doesn't swallow me isn't huge in the waist/middle, i need one that cinches in at the waist unfortunately those are hard to find especially when i have broader than normal shoulders. I'm 5'3" and im 35" x 28" x 41" and the problem that i find that when doing online for clothing the size charts say i should be a 2X for my hip measurements no matter what i am looking at and i am no where near a 2X, actually in leggings or workout pants im a small or medium depending on material or brand, ams a small in most shirts as long as there is stretch for my shoulders and arms. It's just irritating to not be able to find things that fit right 😑

  5. I’m a short and skinny person, and I’m always wearing oversized and loose fitting things to make myself look smaller haha. I’m not tall and I never will be, might as well embrace that small look

  6. im 5'2 and i dont give a crap about what makes me look short, im already so short! ppl who see me r always gonna think im short and if my clothes make me look shorter, so what? ppl like short ppl 🙂

  7. My dad is 6.4 and my mum is 5.2, but I'm 5.4 with huge hands and size 9 and a half shoes. Still only 13 so hopefully I'll grow more!

  8. Wtf…I didn't even know there was a set of rules and clothes for petite women…aren't they like the fashion world ideal???? I am so confused right now.

  9. Also, mom says my 5'5" is weirdly short, but I'm taller than all my friends. I wish I was actually short lol

  10. None of those girls are petite! Petite is skinny, they are all shapely. I’m 5’0 and 95lbs.. that is petite

  11. Dude I'm like 4'9'' and this is so hard to look good on XS outfits I just always look like a nut, and I can't dress like a diva it's reaaally annoying for a girl whi want to be pretty like me… And by the way those womens are so MUCH adorable I just want to give them a biiig hug and yeah we all supporting our little lovely height. I talk too much for a french yeah…

  12. I have really light skin, I am like a Vampire and I think I can't wear colours like yellow or orange. I'd like to watch a video about women with light skin breaking the fashion rules.

  13. Had a really short boyfriend last year. He was like 5’1 meanwhile I’m like 5’5 and he would always wear the same shirt and sweatpants EVERYDAY. It annoyed the frick outta me. And he took a bath ONCE A MONTH. He disgustin’.

  14. I’m 5”2 and I wore a calf length dress for prom and I don’t think I’ve ever looked taller. Some of these “rules” are bs and totally depend on other aspects of the garment.

  15. Alix has a very cute personality. I can't tell if she is just really pretty, or her personality makes her so beautiful. But I wish I could be friends with Alix!!!

  16. I'm petite and I love it! Hahahaha we all look good. Disregard the sizes and embrace the beauty. God bless everyone!

  17. BuzzFeed, please stop calling things fashion rules. The things you call rules are typically suggestions to make people look their best. There are no laws, rules or regulations that they are breaking. It's a free country!

  18. Smh who made up these rules. I am 4’11 and I wear all of these things and look good. The only one I do agree with is the mid length skirts…mine hit right above the knees, makes a big difference. I always wanted to wear a maxi dress but never thought I could I tried one on once and it looked great so I wore it. I think with some of these styles you have to alter wear the hems end. You just have to be careful not to have it end in the middle of your calf then it looks fine. I’m short, nothing is going to make me look tall, but if it looks good I’m wearing it.

  19. 4' 11" and wishing I was shorter. I am tall around female relative. Females in my family average at 4' 8". Why can't I be at that height? Hacks anyone? How to get shorter. I can spend all my time in the kids section and be as tall as kids not like I already do those things.

  20. you know what I never got about petites. the average height for US women is 5’4”. Most of these ladies are only 2 inches shorter than that, and I’m 5’3” and I still have to shop in the petites and have trouble finding clothes that fit me. v necks will end up being too low or things will hit at the wrong place. and it’s like who is this mythical tall women you are making these clothes for fashion industry?

  21. none of these girls are petite. Petite is like smaller framed and smaller boned. You can be under 5'4 and have an average or bigger frame, bones, etc. While all of these girls featured are short, none of them have that smaller boned proportion

  22. Its funny because almost all of these are suppose to make plus size woman look better, well i am a plus size petites women. So what ever i wear to falter my figure i am not suppose to wear as a short woman, but what i am suppose to wear as a short woman arent suppose to falter my figure. There is a reason i dont listen to fashion rules LOL

  23. Ok, so a lot of people seemed to miss the point of the video. Looking short is not the "problem", but rather looking "disproportionate". Because our body is not as long as say a woman who is the standard American height of 5'5", our limbs are all closer together. As such, there is less "canvas" for clothes to hang off of. The wrong type of clothing can give the illusion of a long torso but short legs (or vice versa) among many other things. As someone who is 4'10" and 95 lbs, I am very aware that I will always look 'short' regardless of what I wear because newsflash, I AM SHORT. But well-fitting clothes will make me look proportionate, because the clothes are not overwhelming my figure or making me look wider or even shorter than I am. A lot of the rules in this video (don't wear boxy tops, loose-fitting dresses or midlentgh skirts) were trying to counteract that illusion of width which therefore reinforces the appearance of short. Honestly, wear whatever you want! 🙂 but there really is such a thing as flattering clothes and the "rules" should be taken as suggestions to help us showcase our wonderful bodies to the best of our abilities. And why is that a bad thing?

  24. i think this video is good because it shows women that you don't have to wear what society says. everybody looks good in different things. can u also make one for tall women. i'm 12 years old and i'm 5'9. xx

  25. When I saw sis wearing that wig I screamed in horror but then I realised she was cosplaying Daenerys LMFAO edit: that ISN’T Daenerys???

  26. I'm 5'2" and I have literally never heard like, any of these rules. What. I love boxy t-shirts and oversized clothing is super cute on everyone. Also if you're short why are you afraid of looking short? At least you can get clothes hemmed instead of struggling to find stuff that's long enough for your arms/legs like my tall friends do.

  27. I think it's not a problem to wear these clothes, but to find them in the store beacause they're always too big. Every jeans and dresses are just too long.

  28. Petite isnt someone short.
    It is a person who is short and skinny. The only real petite girl is the asian one. The rest are just short

  29. I’m tall, at least for my age, but I wish I was short, I feel like short people always look way better than me.

  30. i’m short and i dress modestly so usually i wear tunic tops/short dresses with leggings and knee length flowy skirts so … oof😖😖😖

  31. I have baggage with midi length stuff because I did ballet growing up and they always ordered knee-length romantic tutu's for our recitals. Well, on everyone else they were knee-length. On me they were midi. I've never felt so out of place as when people think one size actually does fit all.

  32. I’m a bit late to this video. First of all I’m 4’8”… I’d kill to be 5’2” lol 😂 I break all these rules all the time. I wear what I like. No clothing is going to make me any taller. As long I feel comfortable then it’s all good.

  33. to everyone saying this is stupid, they are basically just defying specific standards of the fashion industry. so the reality is that it's not that stupid, and also some of these clothes do make them look kinda shorter in my own opinion but overall this was an interesting video to watch!

  34. Is it just me or are these rules entirely made-up? Because, I'm 5'2" and I wear maxi skirts and pencil midi-skirts and I feel like i do rock them regardless of my height…

  35. I’m very petite and can confidently say I have NEVER heard any of these “fashion rules”. :/ I think y’all making a problem out of something that isn’t there

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