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Hello, and here are the international LGBT
news headlines from Pinksixty. Two more gender non-conforming people have
been reported killed in the US, including 18-year-old Sierra Bush in Idaho. The body of Lexxi Sironen was also discovered
in Maine in September, with details only recently released. The Human Rights Campaign has appointed Sarah
McBride as spokesperson for its new strategies. In a video published on social media, McBride
says the HRC will fight to ensure everyone is treated with dignity & respect. Alberta’s first openly gay politician has
been appointed as Special Advisor to Justin Trudeau on ‪LGBTQ‬ issues. Randy Boissonnault’s appointment coincides
with the repeal of Section 579 which outlaws anal sex for people aged 17 & 18. Legendary disco pioneer David Mancuso has
passed away aged 72. Mancuso’s Loft parties are credited with
being the forerunner of the underground clubbing movement inspiring DJs like Larry Levan and
Frankie Knuckles. And finally, dating app Tinder is rolling
out additional gender options for users who express beyond binary. The company said on social media, “From
today, no matter how you identify, you can express your authentic self.” Well that’s all from us for today.
Join us again tomorrow for more of the latest LGBT news headlines. And you can find out more about these and
other news stories by searching for #pinksixty on social media.

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