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Hello, I’m Colin Fallesen and here are the
international LGBT news headlines from Pinksixty. Vigils have been held around the world in
memory of the 49 people killed in Orlando at the weekend. The streets of London, Paris and Sydney were
filled with people, paying their respects and standing strong in the face of prejudice. It’s been revealed that the killer, US national,
Omar Mateen, had been a regular customer at the club and was known to frequent gay dating
apps. His claim to act on behalf of ISIS was discredited
by intelligence sources, who say he acted alone. Images of people lining up to donate blood
have highlighted the institutional discrimination that exists in blood services. Men who have sex with men are forbidden from
donating blood under US law, preventing some from offering life-saving support to their
friends. Christopher Leinonen and his partner Juan
Guerrero, who were both killed at Pulse were planning to marry after being together for
2 years. The parents of both men have agreed to bury
them side by side at a joint funeral instead. And finally, the BBC has created a video message
from Orlando residents to young LGBT people around the world. Emotional messages urge everyone to have faith
in love, be strong and prevail over hatred. Well that’s all from us at Pinksixty for now,
Join us again tomorrow for the latest LGBT news headlines. And you can find out more about these and
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