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  1. 6:00….Ex NFL star Tyrone Little shows the Dallas Police force that he still has the necessary skills to make it back to the NFL.

  2. Who put those GIGANTIC subtitles on, they block the view of the the windows and we can't imagine which of our friends are "running.'

  3. So there must have been atleast 8 cops deep undercover cause I didn't count 15 on that take down 🤔 slight exaggeration from the reporter who was clearly hoping for a wreck 😂

  4. So a Phoenix Fox network (Channel 10) went live on a Dallas (Fox 4) chase? Why did they post this at all? Especially with subtitles? We are too wise to have our biases triggered…

  5. Hmmmm since were matching race with crimes… High speed chase… Black or hispanic. Man sticks peter in little boy… What race is this I wonder?

  6. Whoever was in the dark car they should be given recognition. It's like they knew the guy. Because the man wasn't stopping. But who can really run from the police when they are pursuing you. They will follow you to the moon if they have to to get you. So why run????

  7. Why do you post captioning that blocks the whole damn video?? More frustrating than informative or entertaining! Jeez!!!

  8. too many sovereign citizen gang members extorting pensions from working people to the point where there is no industry left but retail service and imported drug wars that justify a profit taking incentive by departments who commit domestic violence 4x rate of average and roll around in "protect/serve" bearcats paid for by 'property seizures'

    nice gang flag too– stockholm syndrom boot licker fanboys

  9. You call yourself a reporter? I clearly see he is NOT trying to escape on foot but talk with the woman responsible for having him stop. You suck as a commentator.

  10. I think the person in the black car knows the guy who was running. That's why he basically gave up after the yelling. Sure he drove slowly around a bit but then he ran towards where the black car was despite all the police in between.

  11. High speed chases over a stolen vehicle is absurd. Choppers are following, wait til they stop then capture them. Are citizens lives worth less than a stolen car? NO! The selfishness wreck causing behavior is usually the fault of the police. Unless they are chasing a violent killer or robber then it’s not worth it to the safety of the citizens they are supposed to protect.

  12. By the way that lady was yelling at him, I'm sure he wish he hada died, which is why he was "unresponsive" and the cops had to carry his stupid ass to the car.

  13. The longer you are in that Car speeding away the longer the judge is going to give you thinking you are a Danger to everyone around you….you can run as long as you want sooner or later your time is going to be up and you will be caught

  14. Police are stupid sometimes,why they didnt hit or block the car when he slow down the first time,they just waitng for that moron hit another car and maybe kill someone innocent 😡

  15. Who is this dumbass "news" person. "You can't do a pit maneuver above 35 mph." WHAT? Just how STUPID are you? Wait, it's pretty apparent from his statement when the guy sped up, "Well, he put the metal to the gas". WHAT? It's "pedal to the metal". Put this guy back on the weather report. He's not capable of live reporting.

  16. If there ain’t no shoot out
    If there ain’t no blood and guts
    If there ain’t no massive car crash
    Don’t put it on YouTube.

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