President Barack Obama’s Farewell Address (Full Speech) | NBC News

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  1. I'm not a US citizen, but I live on Planet Earth, and consequently, I care about who inhabits the White House. Back in 2009-2016, I honestly thought it was impossible for the US to elect someone like Trump after electing Obama in 2008. I really thought the US had actually upped their game forever. I was so wrong. Trump "won" (he didn't actually win, but I get it… electoral college and all that… Hillary was no much better).
    However, one has to just check Wikipedia to realise that "providential" presidencies are rare in the US…Check "Presidential historical rankings". Check presidents before and after Lincoln. Abysmal. And it's a trend that repeats itself. Historically, you tend to elect one or two good presidents , before and after they tend to be bad.
    And that's why the US is a great nation. Your democratic process, however flawed, allows you to once or twice in a generation, elect a really good person to lead. And that, believe it or not, is very rare in democracies all over the world (never mind dictatorships). Before and after Obama, you get W. Bush and Trump. But Obama pushed the country forward, and this speech is a proof of it.
    Yes, he made mistakes, compromises, NSA surveillance, drones, hawkish decisions,….But he was a good president altogether. And again, this speech is a proof of it. Good, intelligent man, with his heart in the right place. He'll be remembered fondly. Not so with Trump.

  2. Obama was no Godlike President…But boy, he sure seems like it with W. preceding him, and Trump following him…

  3. You the man barack but as a promise farewell is now speech here👋👋👋👋 so bye bye~~and nice to see the illigal mexican border crossers in my town😂😂😂😂

  4. Bla bla bla, keep spewing words that someone else wrote. The left will always eat it up….He is an excellent narrator though i do agree on that.

  5. 16 millions jobs created
    Bin Laden killed
    10 million have health care
    talks with iran
    talks with cuba
    unemployment rate down to 4.0
    and many more accomplishments
    Thank You Obama despite what the Far right say you were a great President and you did everything in your power to help this country i am grateful for it and many more are grateful as well from around the world May God Bless You and your Family

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