President Donald Trump Fires National Security Adviser John Bolton In Tweet | NBC Nightly News

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  1. He is such a dickless coward that he had to fire John Bolton over a tweet instead of in person!! What a douchbag!! 😡😡😡😠😠😠

  2. What did J Bolton "sleep on" exactly if President Trump never asked him directly or indirectly to resign? (I smell another book in the making)

  3. Of course, dickless coward Dumbo Donald fires the fuckhead Bolton via TWEET. He can't fire ANYONE in person, the spineless piece of dogshit. Can you imagine that even the biggest dickhead in the world was too much of a normal person for Dumbo Donald?

  4. 45 is always trying to save face, it's his biggest accomplishment since taking office, trying to save face. I believe Bolton offered to resign. Tho I did like 45 on the apprentice.

  5. 😲😧😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧

  6. NPCs: Bolton is a warhawk!! Trump is a tyrant for keeping warmongers around him!!
    Trump: Fires the warhawk.

  7. "Your Fired" The Days of the apprentice are creaping back into my mind. Donald is not the greatest President we've had…but by far the most entertaining

  8. Fat Don has a great track record with cabinet turnover. He’s lost more in 2 1/2 years than his five predecessors lost in their first full term. Good job stupid.

  9. I still blame Mexicans, Blacks and Jews and Homosexuals for the decline of this country. White People are under attack and have done nothing wrong except try to build a fine country. XD

  10. This President can't seem to hold on to his staff. Who's next to get the axe? and who thinks The Mooch would make a great National Security Advisor?

  11. If by adding or moving a simple comma can change the meaning & content of a sentence, then what can a whole sentence do to the narrative? Check out time stamp 00:10…

  12. Sadly we won't be bombing Iran & North Korea now 🙁 very disappointed, I had high hopes to fights lots of wars with Bolton, Trump, and Pompeo…

  13. Thank GOD, he was nothing but a schill for Israhell, read Eustace Mullins "Curse of Canaan" and know more than 99 % of the people in the whole world.

  14. Can't believe the president doesn't know how to respect and appreciate people. Regardless of how The National security adviser had really done, Announcing it that way in twitter is highly disrespectful.

    He's just gunna go all the way with his ego when everything doesn't go his way without any control over himself….

    What a joke! A person like him was voted to run a so-called superpower country!

    He's a joke to the world….

  15. National Security Adviser John Bolton… My thought…. WHO CARES!!!President Donald Trump… Is great!!   Sometimes You have disagreements with Deep StatorsIts simply fantastic that this leftist indoctrination TV, dwell on so many stupid issues.I am so thankful that President TRUMP is constantly shaking things up.Remember, NO wars, Wonderful economy, Lowest black unemployment in our historyManufacturing jobs coming back into our country.Solving the In fair TRADE issuesSecuring our borderActually arresting criminalsI'm voting for TRUMP again……… 2020

  16. wow nbc, not a big fan, but appreciated this story, seemed direct, truthful, well investigated, and you didnt call orange man bad 10 times.. good reporting here for a change, a new stories with facts and no whacky leftist twist is refreshing. thank you

  17. Bolton was a leftist, like songbird Mc Cain, and our GREAT PRESIDENT knew that, draining the swamp of all of these haters.Well done Mr President,Best President Ever.

  18. I have over 20 years researching Islam, its primary text, theology, schools of law, history, it’s ‘Threat Doctrine’ directed towards non-Muslims (Jihad) and everything contributing to the comprehensive Islamic Worldview. Between June 2001 and mid 2010 I regularly attended Islamic meeting for Muslims by Muslims, that I might understand what Islamic leaders were saying to, especially their men. I am telling you this to say the following; There is absolutely nothing to be gained for Peace (ie: Peace from a Western understanding) by negotiating with the Taliban but a whole lot to loose! Any peace talks with the Taliban are understood by them to be weakness, to be taken advantage of, that is all! If you understand Islamic groups like the Taliban you know that the meaning of ‘Compromise’ or ‘reconciliation’ when negotiating with the unbelievers (America, us); have an entirely different definition to our Western understanding. The Jihad group view these same terms as your weakness and as an opportunity to gain ground by non-kinetic, if not kinetic means. Their strategic aim or goal is always to eventually bring you to submit to the rule of Sharia, this is always the intention. The so called, by us ‘Peace Talks’ or ‘Reconciliation, Compromise’ efforts will be understood by them to be purely an opportunity for a ‘Tactical Manoeuvre’ under the umbrella of their overarching strategy to bring us under the rule of Islam, Sharia. War against the unbelievers (that’s us) theologically can NEVER HAVE AN END until all are brought to submission to Islam. There is a proven successful way to deal with this problem but not until we understand the Islamic ‘Threat Doctrine’ we are up against. Teza from Sydney Australia

  19. Trump is crafty, keep your enemies closer. He now knows the deep state mind set, like he suspected before the oval office.

  20. Trump is the fake news originator because he is a fake president.

    Any 10 people taken randomly off the street have more presidential ability then Bozo heel spurs raindrops Trump has shown in the last 3 years. He is a National Disgrace! And embarrassment! But certainly a world-class liar! Such a loser!!! What a buffoon!!!

  21. I agree the Taliban should never have been brought to Camp David, and many bad moves with N. Korea. Trump will end up with egg on his face concerning his dealing with Kim Jong.

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