President Donald Trump: If U.S. Has To Act Against Iran, ‘We’ll Do It Without Hesitation’ | MSNBC

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  1. What happened to locked and loaded? This moron couldn't lead a little league baseball team. Typical Republican all talk and no go. Lol

  2. Please never forget that 15 of the 19 terrorists that committed 9/11 came from Saudi Arabia, the country that Trump loves and wants to defend because of all the Saudi money that is being put in his and his family pockets….

  3. We are very much at a point that every time this orange clown opens his fat lying mouth a river of jumbled garbage pours forth.

  4. I just love the way he says we have the greatest military now as if it wasn't the greatest before him. There is only one thing and one thing only that I like about tRump and that is he is always good for a laugh.

  5. This is 1932 Germany and the American People are falling inline, with their 1% lords & masters propaganda. It is truly The Time of the Gentiles and you cannot stop them, until their time has been fulfilled. I still think that the really smart brain of traitor drumpf will start a war, declares Martial Law, and ends elections. Then you will not have to worry about self-rule anymore; the 1% donor controlled senate will back the puppet! So get your favorite Corporate Flags out, it's only going to cost millions of your children! Just close your eyes and return to your Reality TV, FakeBook and your Flat Earth. Watch as drumpf's biggest distraction is to come. MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN, I mean Great. The only question left now is, will you bow down and take their mark? Still don't get it yet, understand your place in this world of the filth of man.

  6. But they can play golf, decorate the White House and threaten war all in a month's timeframe, because trumppigs got money like that.

  7. Attacking Iran, the Medes, will be America's biggest mistake if Russia and China are forced to back Iran up. Then we will see Jeremiah ch 50 and 51kjv unfold on OUR soil

  8. If the war is between others 45 shouldn't get into it and mind his own business and keep that trash mouth of his close, when he opens it causes problems, that's all he's given this nation. He untrustworthy and unpresidential.

  9. Just exactly WTH does this country owe to Saudi Arabia and why do we owe it? trump is going to use our military as hired mercenaries when they had a huge hand in 9-11. And we're supposed to be okay with that. trump profits and our enlisted die. That's where we are now?

  10. We don't need to get involved in the Iranian, Israel, Saudi soap opera. Let them kick the crap out of each other without American participation. We have enough of our own problems.

  11. He is contradicting himself in the same sentence. It’s obvious he has absolutely no idea what’s going on or how to resolve it. Dastardly things?

  12. This was the plan all along. Get out of the Iran deal. Make it seem like they are attacking Saudis. Take military action. Trump: Ahh, that feels good…

  13. There's not much I like about Donald Trump, but I do think he at least sees war as a huge waste of money. That's not a bad thing.

  14. So this conveniently happened on the same month as 9/11, and they're building a case that will lead to another major conflict. Obviously the new world order will be paid with much money, as well as blood and lies.

  15. If trump only takes swipes at the ez biden pedo (as the lazy news raises biden pedo up, during this election), then being surprised about his weak hits at weak places is a joke.

  16. My bet is, that if Trump will bomb Iran, Iran will sink a couple of her own old ships, loaded with mines, in the Straights of Hormuz, drop few hundreds of mines there as well, and set on fire, with drones and missiles, ALL Saudi Arabia oil pumping and processing facilities! It would be strange if they didn't do that, as it is, obviously, the logical and the best response to any American attack on Iran.

    Will Donald be THAT stupid, to trigger such Apocalyptic disaster on the economy of the entire world, including the American economy? Who knows, what this deranged lunatic could do??

  17. Good luck. This isn't our war. US military dosent side with the enemy. We not negotiate with terrorists. Trump has no power here. He just thinks he does. Saudi Arabi is responsible for 9/11.

  18. Why is MSNBCoverUp news covering up the arrest of Ed BUCK a mega donor for Ted Lieu Adam Schiff HRC and the rest of the MSNBCannibal candidates ??????

  19. 1. Leave Iran deal
    2. Offer no replacement
    3. Increase sanctions
    4. Act surprised when Iran starts their nuclear program and retaliates.
    5. Blame Obama
    6. Appease Saudi’s in exchange for Jared’s funding

    That’s the t’rump approach to the Middle East right there. 😆😝

  20. I think he’s hesitant because nothing has happened on U.S. soil yet.

    He can’t claim a great victory if there’s no Pearl Harbour, no 9/11 first. It just wouldn’t be jazzy enough for him. He’d lose viewership and rally goers too if most U.S. citizens can’t find the war on a map and don’t have a home base to mourn about as an anchor for their anger and outrage. He’d have nothing to truly manipulate voters minds with.

    He may win in 2020… but with no third term, I suspect if he doesn’t get his war he’ll have nothing else to keep him in the spotlight. He’ll probably just phone in the second term.

  21. It’s very clear that US they say something and do something else, this low trust will effects world economy and shift a economy attention to other places. What we see today that US is distractive act country.

  22. Imagine our great service men and women. Imagine hearing your "leader" talking like a complete and utter dunderhead. Mr. We'll see what happens after the crown prince bends me over a desk.

  23. Spoken like a true NON Educated person,knows nothing,listens to nothing and acts out on his stupidity,go to war with Iran and see what happens America

  24. Trump has no idea. He says
    " We'll see " and " If you ask Lyndsey"….
    In other words " I have no idea what is going on but Auntie Lyndsey will get back to you soon"

  25. 🗣️ This is how 45 gets manipulated..MICE 🤔 He doesn't respect our government.
    Using MICE to Understand Your Adversary | Optiv

  26. Said Mr Flip Flop, I will nuke North Korea and weeks after, kim is my BFF. Expect Trump to kiss the Ayatollahs on the mouth once they declared trump the smartest leader in the world. Not very hard to win negotiations with Donny, just flatter his ego

  27. Reporter: "Mr pResident, any update on your thinking?" pResident tRump: "Yah, nothing to report yet." …yep, that pretty much sums up the last couple of years.

  28. Trump is getting more stupid people to work for him.trump already has a corruption Republican staff.a fraud staff.a lying staff. Now he has a new puppet on his list.

  29. President Trump, additional sanctions won't work. You need to use Ovomits Reign threat that put the whole world on notice. Obama's Red Line ought to work right now.

  30. This guy is an absolute horror. My God help us all. It's all a reality tv show to him, literally, and he's scared to death. Goddess help us all.

  31. Just cut your crap dumb dumb Trump… War with Iran can only happen in your dream. To attack a Regional power with complete military defense and offense system can bankrupt US. One Iran equals to five Iraq.

  32. Interviewer: So, President Trump, what country are you trying to start a war with?
    Trump: Iran.
    Interviewer: And when you were drafted for Vietnam what did you do?
    Trump: I RAN!

  33. Trump is only 73. He looks like garbage! Looks much older… I hope WH doctors can do something to keep him alive and coherent before he leaves office in 2021.

  34. Woe the Iran shills outnumber the Chinese shills here, that’s a first. We can see where you’re commenting from, you know that, don’t you?

  35. Trump's main concern is the economy and how it could affect his chances of re-election. He flip, flops every few hours. He should not be regarded as an ally. His MAGA supporters put America first.

  36. I love my President! Love the great economy, my tax cut, a stronger military and the fact that so many people are off of welfare and out of poverty!

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