President Donald Trump Primary Challenger: Team Trump “Scared To Death” | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. There are vast points of commonality between English speaking democracies. We are mutually supportive in defence, foregn policy and innovation. There are millions of strong person to person happy friendships. With the exception of America, people self identify as Brittish, Canadian, Kiwi ( NZ ), Aussies etc. Ever since Putin's attack on the domestic USA which resulted in Russia's deepest and most successful ongoing intelligece operation to insert a Russian asset into the Oval Office, America has diverged from the primary values shared between english speaking free trade democracies. The result is disturbing. Corruption is becoming normalised from a Fake President, a political party held hostage, Moscow Mitch and almost every political appointee which collectively have produced the least open, most number of snouts in the public funded trough, overwhelmingly racist, white male dominated, openly antidemocratic, dictatorial, anti free press, child abusing administration in US history.. I know of no time in US history when the nation has chosen to throw a cover over the torch of democracy and become an empty seat in world affairs: this is a grievously weakened nation where the POTUS spends more time improving his finances then he does ignoring the people's business. There is a single puppet master, Rupert Murdoch, who works in the dark to rip social faultlines via Fox Infotainment. There is a ray of hope: old age claims everyone eventually.

  2. They seem to be equating Republicans and Trump supporters, and assuming that lack of support for Trump from some Repubs mean lack of support from the American people. But most Trump supporters are not right-wngers or Repubs at all. I"m a former liberal in California who strongly supports Trump but can't stand the Republicans. The fact that the Repubs won't get behind him only adds to his attraction among independents and those appalled at the racism and sexism of the Dems. It helps him a lot among the center, which is where his support has always been.


  4. We as Americans need to start doing what other nations are doing to protect their democracy. They need to do what they did for their healthcare. Women see what happened during the March. You people see what happened and how many people all over the world showed out during that march. Men you had a million men march. The political sector doesn't seem to be doing anything. Unless the American people step we will no longer be able to step up. SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE TO GET THIS MAN OUT AND THEN THE SNAKES THAT IS BLINDLY FOLLOWING WILL SLITHER AWAY.

  5. trumps not nervous because he cant comprehend being held accountable… Similar to a serial killer not considering the possibility of a Judgement Day until being strapped in the electric chair.

  6. Narcissists have pathological need to be "right". This is why they are masters of word-salad so they be on whatever side they perceive to be "correct" at any time- this is also why they "flip-flop' on issues or viewpoints. They possess an inane belief that they can talk their way out of any situation at any time because they are "smarter" or somehow "superior" to anyone else. It is a a mental illness and should viewed as that – mental illness…

  7. Be afraid America, very afraid. He's pushing it TO become president for life. He is NOT kidding here. Look what's happening now since this report.

  8. Still don't understand how a person could run for president, who is a co-conspirator in an indictment. Refuse to show tax returns.
    One Nation under God!

  9. I didn't know cancelling primaries were a legal thing to do – seems un-American. But I sure if he didn't have GOP competitors no one will l dig out and spout all his past crap and nutty actions..

  10. You blew it, You told the truth. They are such a long shot, it is a waste of time, and money. THey can always get on the DEM ticket. They like crazies…

  11. Dumpster fire Donny is so obviously corrupt and bent over showing his backside for his owner Putin is is nauseating.

  12. They are not scared….especially like companies like yours (MSNBC) owned by comcast who are… right at this moment trying to take away the first civil rights law made for black people….Your company(Comcast) is partnering with Trump…Somebody you dont even like, are partnering together against Byron try and water down the first Civil rights law gauranteeing rights for black business…Making sure white owned companies like yours do not shut out black business….Your all a bunch of hypocrites….You Act like You hate Trump… But will partner with him to take away black rights staying on code..Even the LA Urban league are against you and comcast has some seats on the Urban League board….Sellouts!!! Your just the same coin different side…No wonder you havent reported on the richest black media owner in the USA against Comcast…I Hope you lose the case or it will be death for black business

  13. Trump faces indictments once his term is over. And, he knows it. The GOP is strategizing (now) to move in a different direction. He'll be the last to know. He doesn't know who to trust. Bush or Romney are the GOPs best candidates.

  14. Listen…LISTEN!! If the democrats win the presidency AND DON'T GO AFTER PUTTING TRUMP IN PRISON, I will be so demoralized and discouraged, that I will leave this country. IT IS SO LOGICAL that he has to be imprisoned for Tyranny and corruption AFTER HE IS DETHRONED. You CANNOT allow him to go free, after you impeach him or defeat him in elections. LETS ACT IRONALCALLY AND USE THE CHANTE HANNITY AND TRUMP SUPPORTERS LIKE TO USE: !! Lock him up!, Lock him up!, Lock him up!

  15. There is no way this is legal. I am hoping the Supreme Court would say this is unconstitutional. HAS ANYONE EVER SEEN THE MOVIE "THE PELICAN BRIEF"? I am telling you, that Trump is not above killing off Judge Ruth Baden Ginsburg!!

  16. Look, what I want to hear, is not what this journalist women is talking about. I DONT CARE THAT she thinks they are scared. I want her TO RAISE THE QUESTION about Constitutionality and corruption of this matter. Instead, I am hearing about "politics" and why the Republicans are doing this because they are scared. I AM SCARED…RIGHT NOW…if this happens an nobody challenges it!!

  17. None…NONE…none of the guest this woman had, talked ANYTHING about the Constitutional dangers of this. why not??? this is not about scared. this is about rigging elections!!

  18. Yes but its solidifying trumps gradually shrinking base of hard core white rural racists. Ironically and hopefully trump will go to his convention as the just impeached candidate. 😉


  20. From what I've been seeing on this, it would not be the first time an in-party challenger was blocked from primaries against an incumbent president in some states. My concern is that a) it shouldn't be allowed no matter who the president is or what party they represent, and b) I'm afraid they may try to block the GOP challengers in every state they can manage.

  21. I won't use the word but I will say Trump's actions are a disgrace and he should be grabbing himself all over daily…Just sayin'

  22. Don't these pundits understand that the RNC will be just as pleased whether Trump or Biden wins the election, in fact they may prefer Biden over the buffoon. Biden and other Democrats will keep their tax breaks in force for years to come.

  23. DickTater must've gotten a lot from Putin in his secret meeting. And this trade war? Americans will lose jobs and some Chinese have too. An interview with an electronics employer mentioned the Middle East getting business. Imagine that.

  24. Trump knows the polls are fake false and fabricated.
    None of the dems can fill a high school gymnasium with supporters.
    MSNBCCCP is totally fake news.

  25. The republicans can't fix Trump so they will fix the primaries and the couscous. Then comes the election allow Russia to continue to interfere, gerrymandering and use different tools of voter suppression. Republicans can't win without these efforts never could.

  26. The centralist republicans could switch their vote to the Biden centralist. It isn't the idealogy difference between the two centralists but what they have in common and that is corporate votes and legal bribery. If Bernie wins then that could be an end to corporate influence in Washington. For the centralist republicans it may be that a vote for Biden is a vote for the continuation of the status quo. Then if four years the centralist republicans could present a winning candidate.

  27. As TRUMP pressure's Republican Party not to primary him in select states. Who really thinks win or lose Trump will actually RELINQUISH The Office of the Presidency of the United States in any type of Normal, Orderly fashion ! I think he attempts to Fight for yet another lie !

  28. Joe Walsh ought to stick to music… wait… that's another Joe Walsh. I wonder how many republicans realize this as they don't appear to be the sharpest tool in the shed re: Trump.

  29. So what. Trump wants to ensure victory. Trump will win anyway, the Democrats are crazy open border nuts and traitors.

  30. Thank you, Tiffany Cross, for voicing one of my biggest pet peeves. Democrats spend far too much time trying to appeal to Republicans rather than trying to energize Democrats.

  31. Geez… I WISH this conversation were focusing more on voter suppression!!! Diluting the people’s voice by removing primaries, really!???!?!

  32. Democrats are Center Right…didn't know that did you? It all goes back to the founding of the GOP which was based on Liberalism. Liberalism is a political and moral philosophy based on liberty, consent of the governed, and equality before the law. Liberals generally support limited government, individual rights (including civil rights and human rights), capitalism (free markets), democracy, secularism, gender equality, racial equality, internationalism, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion. When you think about it that makes sense about Lincoln who was the first Liberal Republican president.
    Later the GOP shifted its stance towards the Right replacing Liberalism with Conservatism as we have today. The Democrats also changed their stance and adopted Liberalism and moved more to the Center and today they're Center Right and not Left which is misinformation pulmugated by the GOP. Some Democrats are more left while some are more right, same as the GOP.
    I wish people learned more about Government in High School today like I did in High School in the early 70's. If you have the power to vote you ought to be at lease a little informed and understand about how the government works. This why the founding fathers debated so much about having a president elected by the people and settled on cobbled together compromises which we have today.
    The founding fathers also debated about political parties and they feared loyalty would be given to the party over the nation, which we are seeing today! America would be a more perfect union with a president voted on by congress to lead, and political parties were not allowed.

  33. God bless President Trump. Such a wonderful man. After my mother was murdered in 2016, I made Donald J. Trump President. He has completely humiliated the city of New York, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Wages have gone up spectacularly. TRUMP 2020!

  34. What about the fear that the climate lunatics are instilling on our youth that the Earth is going to end, used to be we used to see those guys walking up and down the street with sign boards saying repent the end is near , now they all been elected to congress

  35. I've heard Republicans speak of how to grab Democratic voters. I guess Ms. Cross is just isn't paying attention. Also, there are more independent voters, than those aligned with either party. And, if the unaligned in certain swing states go with one party, that party will win the electoral College. It is far more important to get the purple centrist vote, for a win, than super liberal voters in solid blue states. The unfortunate reality is, if we want to win back the White House, we have to focus on centrist voters in purple states.

  36. Doesn't matter if we vote or not , we will still get screwed by trump ! The whole republican party should be behind bars wearing orange suits !

  37. Republicans don’t care. They know that trumps a moron. They just want control. And if YOU thinks trumps smart when it comes to this country then YOU are a moron too. Trump is smart to dummies…

  38. I don't think there should be a discussion about trump and 2020. Impeachment should be the one and only option… Get on with it!!!

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