President Donald Trump’s Unsettling Week In Headlines | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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  1. DoTards say…"Great Economy" "Low Unemployment" "No Lies" …………………………..Yet we got guilty Plea's and Indictments, DOW is down -400, …..and finally Individual 1 "Mexico Will Pay for Wall" or "I'll be Glad To Shut Down the Gov't" !! Plain and Simple so the "LooneyToonz" can comprehend

  2. The fact that some of our fellow Americans still support this dumpster fire of a presidency speaks to how many people around us either don't give a sh$t or enjoy the chaos caused by our CRIMINAL President.

  3. Trump repeatedly said that Mexico was going to be paying for the wall. So why is he shutting down our government? Shouldn't he be telling Mexico to shutdown their government unless they pay for the wall? Just sayin…

  4. Trump is slowly discovering that real life is not a scripted reality TV show in which he is written to look like a great man and a genius. In real life he looks like the loser and incompetent bumbler that he really is. Maybe he could star in a new reality TV show pretty soon called Men Behind Bars or something like that.

  5. Not even during Watergate were there so many stories and scandals. I feel like i am binge watching the presidency. What will we watch when he is gone?

  6. Trump is not allowed to serve as board of any non-profit organisation for the nex ten years, NY AG said. US government is a non-profit organisation, even he makes money from it with Russia and Saudi Arabia.

  7. MSNBC!! why do you keep taking down videos don't you understand people don't always have a TV and can't you get ratings off of YouTube

  8. lol….lots of Trumps low-educated cornflakes here right now. I guess there is no WWE fight or NASCAR race on TV right this minute? lol

  9. Rachel and crew must be getting close on this, because russian state tv is starting to focus on her for attacks and mis-information. RT TV

  10. Oh wait a minute trumpty dumpy said he's the best of deals, only employs the best people. Knows more about nuclear, climate change, great deals but yet. All he has touched is under investigation and still people are saying he's right. What is going on, seriously wake up. Make a difference ignore his latest rants on Twitter and start calling him out. Make America gracious again, really do you want this putin clone in charge. Merry Christmas and God bless you all

  11. Trump Backing Putin and Backing Saudi Crown Prince , his son in law under table deals with Crown Prince, Saudi Crown prince Caught saying has Jared in his Pocket. Plus Natanyahu itching for a War while Trump's in office. Saudis Funded Jared's 666 Building. The wall is just a distraction. Trump wants Government Shut down so he can do Evil with No Over sight! Wake Up People The list is Unending. Birth pains are getting closer and closer So to be an Full Scale explosion.

  12. This week..from Chump's POV…was mostly about keeping us distracted from Trump Tower Moscow and other likely deals he's preparing…with Putin's assistance…to finalize in Russia.

  13. Stay Tuned: Next week, we'll see just how close Trumpski can get to the button without actually touching it?

    Hint: The KFC grease on his fingers gives it away.

  14. Didn't Trump say in the White House that he was going to shut it all down, tear it all down, something he's just going to mess everybody up, something of those effects. remember Hitler saying something like that he was going to destroy everything, everyone fight and die for me. destroy all ! didn't Hitler say those kind of things. I'll destroy it all if I can't win and I'll take everyone with me !
    Haven't historians heard those things before ? Curious minds would like to know.😱

  15. This has always been the way that T-rump operates, whether in personal or business affairs. He expects loyalty from you, but he will give you betrayal in return.

  16. Come on president pigshit. Clog up your arteries and stuff your fat face with all that pork fat, triple bacon cheeseburgers, two dozen buckets of Kentucky fried chicken, potato chips, donuts, 200 hotdogs, extra large salty French fries, Oreo cookies, etc.

  17. I bet there are Republicans in DC sweating by the buckets for aligning themselves with 45. ROTFL 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  18. I think it's great the leaders of the world's superpowers agree. After all, peace on earth is what we all want. We are all God's children. I see the top comments in here have no meaning or message. Just hate. You must replace your hate with love and support for our great president Trump and make or country and world a better place. The take over of fake MSM and censorship on YouTube is trying to manipulating America. We had the mass censorship in February 2018 of conservatives from youtube and other platforms. This was used as a despicable, political weapon. Also, when doing simple searches on youtube over the last 2 years such as or "Trump" or "mueller", 1 video in 15 favors a conservative view and it will be about 10 videos down off the initial search results page. You call Trump a criminal when he's been convicted of no crime. Maybe I should explain it in terms you're more familiar with. Liberaly Lumpy Liyin Loony! FAKE LIBERAL WACKOS, Capisce?

  19. You forgot to mention that the Judge asked the prosecutor about charging Flynn with Treason…and that there are at least 17 different investigations into every aspect of Donald Trumps life..

    Oh.. and he was talking to President of Turkey on the 14th… and told him that he was going to remove troops from Syria… and for 4 days DoD, Pentagon, and others desperately tried to stop him… .. but.. he just did it anyway, and instantly destroyed the USA reputation/Trust with allies, and gained support and praise from adversaries!

    It takes a long time to gain trust with others…. but just an instant to lose it… the consequences of his actions will last well beyond his time in office!

  20. Trump isn't making a SINGLE decision. Billionaires don't typically run for office and risk losing everything they built. People need to pull their head out of the sand. Think Trump's running the show? Think again.

  21. But Trump had his own "Personal Vietnam", sleeping with supermodels, lucky enough to experience his "Mario Kart – Toad" advances, hoping for fame and fortune. The horrors he endured & suffered, makes him uniquely qualified, better than any military personnel, especially generals.

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  23. Rasmussen has Trump approval at 48% which is higher than Obama's at anytime in his presidency
    and he does not have the liberal media licking his boots.

  24. 2018 senate races: democrats lost 2 seats. 52,717,195 popular votes. 59.3% Senate Races won: 22. republicans: gained 2 seats. 34,825,535 popular votes. 39.2% Senate Races won 11

  25. You know we’re on the right track when the liberal democrats and Hollywood entitled elites go against our president. Keep going Trump! The American people are with you all the way!

  26. Pelosi has a charitable foundation through which she can be bribed… THE PAUL AND NANCY PELOSI CHARITABLE FOUNDATION
    This needs to be dissolved. Like Trump’s foundation

  27. I've been said that President Trump and president Putin is working together Democrat need to stop it he pulling them troops out of Syria for President Putin to invade it Trump know exactly what he's doing

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  29. We real Americans stand by our President, just like dems stood by crooked Hillary Clinton and do nothing, but got rich Obama.

  30. Your fake news ! Joy Reed showed a clip of border patrol pouring out water in jugs in the desert ,said o the illegals will die ,what's funny is MSNBC hid the date with a little icon ,and they knew everyone would think it's because of trump ,but when you split the screen ,the date was January 2011 the first term of Obama , why would you pull up a 2011 video , because they knew the could hide the date and people would automatically think it was just done under trump ,. This is propaganda my friends ! Fake news ,. CNN and MSNBC and abc and Hollywood all do the same low life human being tricks ! Fake fkn news ! CNN and MSNBC and abc don't have to lie ,they just make you assume that's what's going on at the moment ! Fake as fk !

  31. Republicans- are EVIL, Nazi Fourth Riech, they need to see justice. $25 trillion national debt and growing, hate your neigbors (Mexico), everyone needs a gun in the USA, neverending wars on people who don't look like us, then tax breaks for the richest. Life expectancy is declining. Not cool

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