President Trump addresses weekend’s deadly mass shootings, live stream | CBS News Special Report

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  1. In USA What Congress is NOT doing is simply wickedness. It’s insane that the people voted some of them into power. The left are failing at the jobs the citizenry hired them to do. We have the same problem in Canada with the liberal Govt with a majority right now. Canadians are the most misinformed group of people due to media control by liberal socialist prime minister Justin Trudeau. One of our conservative parties is being prevented from the debates with the changed rules by the liberals and their deceptive news media. Canadians planning to vote Trudeau out! End of October 2019! One of our conservative parties under liberal attack and being quieted. Only Social media networks to inform Canadians thus far. Peoples party of Canada is our only hope. Rebel Media under threat by liberals. Law suit in process to prevent rebel media from informing Canadians. Americans must keep democrat crazies out of power for their own survival. Socialist governments are a countries worst nightmare! Bad for economy, bad for educating our children, manipulate less informed public watching fake news and detrimental to any country. Also finding a doctor in Canada is impossible with privatized care since 2005. Bad drugs free but no doctors and 5-10 year waiting lists for needed surgeries unless Canadians pay cash. Most don’t have the cash. This is detrimental! Your Bernie Sanders has been misinformed by liberals. All lies! Pass the damn bill people are being killed!

  2. My condolences to the families that lost loved ones from Canada 🇨🇦 Evil prevails when good people do nothing worldwide.

  3. When ever he opens his mouth, I need a barf bag! He incites violence at his rallies and his tweets! Actions speak louder than words. Is he going to declare a state of emergency in this country and quickly get gun control laws through? Get theses fcking war weapons out of the hands of civilians!

  4. You don't have a Constitutional voice unless ya got 40 acres or more. If ya ain't got 40 acres or more you don't have the right to voice your opinion. You're a cityiot. You're a group of socialist and communist inspired cityiots. Hens.

  5. I'm smelling even MORE militarization of local police. Marshal law will happen slowly…city by city(in the name of compassion). Same old fremmason/zionist trick. Cause the problem, then using the solution to consolidate more power. The NOOSE is closing tighter with this century old Good Cop/Bad Cop Routine.

  6. He 100% used those words exactly that it was an act of white supremacist hatred what part of his speech did you miss there lady

  7. Mr. TRUMP…How many.people by far have been killed by psycopathic shootings like this?? This will.happen again sadly…because it's more important the GUN BUSINESS than the HUMAN LIFE! PERIOD.

  8. SHOOTER: "i was inspired by Trump"
    MEDIA: "What could have caused this?"
    SHOOTER: "Look at this cool photo of the word "trump' spelled out in firearms"
    MEDIA: "He probably played too much fortnite"
    SHOOTER: "Its like Trump said the Hispanics are invading us"
    MEDIA: "we may never know"

  9. Trump is the problem he is a racist but tells WHITE PEOPLE exactly what they want to hear. He is a sick person And the people that follow his hate for other ethnicity…. DONALD TRUMP is and will be USED AS AN EXAMPLE on HOW NOT A U.S. PRESIDENT SHOULD NOT BE.


  11. Bless your heart Greg!! You're the true MVP for making those crosses to keep the victims names and memory alive, as well as helping the families! This is truly remarkable to do this incredibly selfless act of kindness. #crossesforlosses

  12. it's called video "programming".
    Those who create and program games also program the idiot playing them.
    No more games.
    Work, you lazy gaming idiots.
    Get a real life.

  13. The mass shootings will end if you dumb americans get rid off that damn Gunlaw allowing you to buy a gun at a gun store. But no you americans like buying guns at a store and want to keep the gun law. And trump blames videogames for mass shootings?? Really😒😒😒???? This massshootings never happens in Europe because you can not buy a gun at a gunstore. We don't have gunstore's here. Only in america!!! Smfh

  14. Trump must leave the White House. He is not the mature voice of reason or goodwill that is needed to unifiy an enthnically diverse nation. His words are the sly and sometimes direct reason for social mistrust and division that trips radicals into violent action. His responses to accurate criticisms of his devisive rhetoric show only concern for adding more devisive push back. We know what you are Trump and you disgrace the office.

  15. She has a very poor attempt to split hairs here 1:55 By saying Trump has failed to call it what it is. He did say it is mental illness and I would say that all sane people will agree that the type of hateful racism that allows a person's mind to be ok with doing something as horrible as this is in fact a severely mentally ill person. Do not get me wrong, I am not talking about legal defence when I say that. I think it is two very different things. The good news is that we can stop this from happening again withouts taking people taking away american freedom. We do need some new laws but not for gun control. The new laws we need are with the big pharma drugs that treat mental illness and with the medical industry. Currently the treatments are designed in a way that is a business strategy to maximize profits, all while it is well known what is happening in the brain, why it becomes injured and how to fix the problem.

  16. 30:20 (what sets us apart is we have more guns per capita than any other nation in the world) Why didn't she tell us that the other countries also have more non gun related violence than we do? Because it doesn't fit her BS. We need to look at the real problem causing this crisis (the treatments provided for mental health) Because this is the main (MOST RELEVANT) thing that sets us apart from other countries, not by much but obviously enough. Our healthcare system is profit driven and this is unexceptable when it comes to the this type of illness. Maintenance drugs are not working. Put more effort into what I am saying and we will cure this problem. Keep doing the same crap over and over expecting different results each time and you will keep getting the same insane outcomes. Gun control is not the answer. Gaming control will not fix this. Stopping the division will help. fixing how mental health is treated will cure us from this crisis.

  17. Wow! Talk about lacking any compassion or concern. Attributes of a psychopath lacking ANY empathy. Reading from a prompt. Like reading bullet points.
    Never forget? Can't get anymore active than that.
    The White House writers really pulled out the adjectives. s
    NO REAL CHANGES. Just terrible, terrible thing.
    Video games? Really? Video games? The "Send her/him back" video game ?
    Death penalty without "due process!"
    We don't need quick due process but the elimination of illegal access and automatic weapons!

  18. 18 And 21 are within the same age range, 26 would make more sense, because the frontal lobe is than developed

  19. i have a perfect idea ! how about you take a lie detector test before you buy an assault rifle ! they will ask a simple question like have you ever thought of killing someone with it ? chances are they wont pass the test , only a law abiding person will pass !

  20. I want to know when has it not been mandated for the State and Federal Representatives to report when local authorities are harassing Someone without probable cause or reason. I know the President, Congress, and the DOJ are aware August 7, 2019 any time Sheriffs, Polices, or DA's uphold and help harass an American Citizen who proved that they won their cases and that's why they are being retaliated against. The State and Federal Representatives report that crime to the appropriate authorities and these People are removed. How can these People convince the Public that when they investigate they are not finding what we are saying to be accurate when they cannot give a name, date, time, place, or anything about when and where an investigation took place. These investigations are not coming out with accurate information because the Investigators are not being honest about investigating the crimes. I. E. My case has the correct jurisdiction on the order. It has the correct date I moved in. It will not make sense during these orders and agreements that a Police or DA will think to accept an Assessor's Office document that does not fit the time frame of when I moved in and believe that Someone else is supposed to be at my house. We have not earned nor do we deserve Investigators that do not investigate documents only accept the documents and keep letting these blank blank Asians play with my home without me wanting them hurt badly for even putting my name in this kind of mess. No damn Asians own my damn house. These misguided liars do not get to play with my life and include me in their wack game and think that I don't want them dead. Years of my life for some deranged liars. I do not have any respect for these liars. None!

  21. There are more legal guns than people in murica. Thank god no crazies have them….nearly 500 million guns….illegal ones not included.

  22. Trumpenstein using a mass shootings to push the political agenda of his (((overlords)))..the hypocrisy is beyond words..oh well i'll join you all in the soviet style e-education facility for simply criticising big brother

    1. Make it known that every adult shopper, every adult theater-goer, every adult church-member, every teacher, and every bartender is possibly a qualified CCW Holder.
    2. In areas where patron-carry if not permitted, (bars and sporting events) insure a heavy police presence.
    These two measures will not end killings but they (the two alone) will significantly reduce the number of mass-shootings

  24. The blood of El Paso is on Trump's hands.
    When Trump goes there the people of El Paso need to defend themselves against the man who called for these murders.
    It will be a good place to add one more to the death toll.

  25. Whether the shooter/terrorist is ANTIFA, white supremacist or any other radicalized extremist, I agree that they deserve the death penalty.

  26. 47 people were killed this past Saturday in Chicago by guns. 59 total shot over the weekend in Chicago. That’s more than the last three mass shootings combined. Yet the democratic controlled mainstream news does not talk about it. Because the democrats cannot tie their agenda to it is why.

  27. Pretty impotent delivery, Donnie. Shows just how little you believe. But don't whine. You'll get another chance to smile again and whip your idiot base into a rootin', tootin' frenzy at your next (white) rally!

  28. I can't believe trump is feeding in to this crap. People need to realize the Democratic party are behind these shootings. They seem to pop up as election times approach. Trump you were elected to voice the working Patriots of the United States. Now you are being a turn coat and running the same rails as the left. Get it together trump. Stay true to the voters.

  29. "So glad to have experts here to help"
    They don't even understand what a semi-automatic firearm is or what they are actually capable of. Then they mention all the rampant gun violence in New York and Chicago without acknowledging the fact that those two cities in particular have some of the nation's strictest anti-gun legislation… Some experts

  30. I only watch MSM to hear the address, not this "journalist". Take a hike, CBS. You were once a good news network. Do you think we respect you?

  31. Don't think trump can fix this mess in 4 years…….Obama had 8 years and did nothing…….give me a break

  32. The left absolutely sees Trump as Hitler and does not trust him at all and that's why they want him to take away all the guns so that only he has power. It's amazing!

  33. How about the way the shooter talked about socialism and the Democrats and Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren he said he was Elizabeth Warren supporter

  34. trump has NO CLASS. People should yell at him, trump tells McConnell what to pass and block in the house.Then trump go's golfing at one of his clubs which the taxpayers pay for him to be there!!!!

  35. I keep hearing this was done by a white supremist which I condemn.
    But all the media forgets more Americans of all descents have been killed by illegal aliens and yet the left ignore it. The other day a hit and run on an American of hispanic desent on glenoaks and van nuys blvd, la ca. The person who ran non citizen, sipekervisors daughter molested by immigrant selling flowers acton ca. After getting off school bus, city employees attacked by vagrant immigrant and killed, others attacked and injured. The shooting is a travesty and a shame on our country just as uncontrolled borders have caused so many tragedy's.
    Ask the family s of dead Americans they are just as mad and hurt as the people killed in the last to shootings. Think about the 20 bodies found in los angeles national forest cut up by el salvadorian gang members MS13.
    Please obey our laws.
    All this brought not by guns but by lawless behavior on all sides.
    I pray for all the familys affected by the shootings and for our imigrants legal and illegal.
    Please! on all sides stop the violence and lawlessness.
    Violence is never the answer!

  36. sad to see our society falling apart over the last 20 years but even more the last 10, religion ,politics, news and opinions{social media} are to thank and its supporters , blaming our country when we have been atomized down to individuals and let it happen, and support it

  37. Just watching him talk, with literally NO emotion, is sickening. And I am so let down by the amount of sick people who support this POS.

  38. You can tell these aren’t even his words. I’m so sad that people in our country actually support this monster.

  39. President Trump. Betrayed and deceived Americans by giving far-left democrats his Red Flag and Pre-Crime Prison and other new laws violating the US constitution and 1st and 2nd amendment rights. Trump knows the many recent staged set up fake preplanned premeditated multiple “mass shootings” committed by far-left democrat dictators using tricks and heinous crimes against humanity to take guns from good US citizens.

  40. The only people committing these mass murders are WHITE PEOPLE…….White kids shooting up schools and public places….. ain't no other races but them….Track the history!!


    They always trying to put it off on MENTAL HEALTH cause they dont wanna accept it…. Yea, okay…….

  41. I agree with most of what he is saying and it is very poetic but the way he says it sounds scripted. I get you can only put so much emotion into your speech but to me it doesn't sound real.

  42. How come no one provides any evidence of this, other than by word of mouth? Do you expect everyone to believe everything because its on TV? People can think and make up their own minds you know.

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