President Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May hold joint news conference, live stream

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  1. President Trump, you make us so very proud. We are so thankful to have you as our President. Good people love the truth and we thank you for speaking it always and for your phenomenal leadership of our blessed country. God bless you and our First Family, America and our great military, and the UK and her great patriots. And may God eternally bless our brave soldiers of D-Day and their families for their most sacred of sacrifices. Godspeed BREXIT!

  2. Thx for telling me what I heard clearly – your editorializing and fake news is so busted – so old – AWAKE

  3. This video must be a tremendous threat to Trump. Putin's pro-Trump trolls are all over this video. It must be worth watching.

  4. CBS News I will never watch this again. It is a GIANT commercial for CBS News This Morning on CBSN. You get a big 👎🏻. You need less promotion and more news!!!!!

  5. Make America Great Again Impeach Donald J Trump 🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. ohh great – a speech to detail and entire 15 minutes of work – should not take 1 hour -thank you interns fer yer great writings of speeches…but stop making them so long!!!!!

  7. Jeremy is anti jew, he would not get a long with Mr Trump, he was involved in protests! So if he is elected then I doubt the relations will remain good. Nigel or Boris would be a way better match.

  8. So much hate in this country and it is obviously contagious with protesters acting uncivilized. Sad where we are. Everyone has been duped by politicians and the media. How would you people like to be judged on your being liked even though your work instead of your productivity? Most of you cannot understand because you are blinded by the poisons being fed to you.

  9. Why does everyone seem to hate Theresa May? I'm American and only see her press conferences where she seems like a pretty smart lady. Do people hate her or is it exaggerated by the media like the media does to Trump

  10. Just like to point out that Trump is hated here in the UK. We laugh at the 40% of US voters who fall for Trump's lies, but we stand together with every right-thinking American. The only fake news is Trump. Read some books and don't fall for false prophets.

  11. Like ⏰ work, the orange ding-bat strikes again! Liar, there were more protesters than supporters.

  12. Manufactured artificial schizophrenia frequencies inflicted on a British man for over 15 years.A deliberately Organised theft of a human life.The scientist the psychologists the psychiatrists the television company are all human rights criminals even the two in the picture.They will must face court for this grotesque human exploitation and psychological abuse torture and Brain experiments done in secret.

  13. OMG Trump – Talk about a NEGATIVE FORCE in the world!!! "What protests? I didn't see any protests"…. Sociopathic Narcissists can only see what their shattered sense of self allows them to see…

  14. As a wised up Uk resident, it's obvious that CBS is WAY off on their commentary here. The demonstators were a few hundred out of work anti everything nobodies. Trump is quite right to be wary of Corbyn. Corbyn has a record of being anti everything. He has forced (whipped) his party to block the genuine and reasonable and tireless work that T may has done to secure a deal with the EU. He has done that purely to try to gain power. His negative input is not in the natiuonal interest. He changes his tune to try to get morevotes (as the US democrats). Neither deserve any respect from the electorate

  15. Surely he should have returned to America by now. How long does it take for someone this dim to realise their not welcome.

  16. Why did Trump waste even a second of his time with this corrupt, incompetent, soon-to-be-unemployed old fish?

  17. subscribe to the white house channel, they show Trump conferences etc in their entirety and without opinions before and after

  18. The MSM just cant stop being negative and reporting their BS. No wonder their ratings are in the tank.

  19. My God, she still thinks it was Assad who did the chemical attacks in Syria. FGS woman get up to date with the truth.


  21. this Fascist sociopath is the most dangerous person after HITLER..what the most people do not get ,,same as was with Hitler 1939!!!

  22. I would like to see how they impose tariffs on mexico and know if the Americans are happy to pay that 5% in everything that matters for mexico, especially the heavy oil aver if they like to pay up to 25% increase in fuel I do not think his government dares to paralyze its economy. He lacks pants to impose tariffs he knows he would lose the elections of 2020.

  23. #FREE TOMMY ROBINSON !!! UK corrupt government, police, judicial system and
    media for decades. The next prime minister (should it be Boris Johnson) has a unique
    opportunity to release this man and turn around the corruption. #FREE TOMMY
    ROBINSON !!!

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