President Trump Cancels Secret Meeting With Taliban Leaders At Camp David | MSNBC

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  1. trump needs to understand, these nations, terrorist groups, dictators are just like him, they seldom tell the truth,; they lie about their motives, how they are there to get rich while breaking or using citizens. So ask yourself, would you trust you?

  2. Can these clowns in the white house do anything right?

    I can't believe they'd have the enemy over for talks and tea within the US borders.

    Why would they come?

    Why would they trust the US to not just hold them?

    How could you trust them not to make a spectacle while there?

  3. There have been a series of bombing attacks, including bombing a wedding, killing and wounding over 300 people! AT a wedding! And, that was less than 2 weeks ago, clearly a sign, like Thursday's attack which was near the US Embassy, and killing a US serviceman, from Puerto Rico, of all places! (You know where a Cat 5 hurricane damaged much of the island and the POTUS, and the paper towel throwing C-in-C, just took $400 MILLION targeted for infrastructure there is now heading for part of a fence on the US southern border!) How do you repay a US territory for supporting and volunteering to serve in our armed services? If you are the POTUS, you give them funds to rebuild and then take it away! Not really surprising given that he hasn't done any infrastructure work in the rest of the country for the last 2 and a half years! If he hadn't been so busy with lying about Dorian heading for Alabama, he could have cancelled the Camp David/Taliban meeting on Friday morning! Guess we know the POTUS' priories after all!

  4. I think this was true. Trump has been looking for another Kim Jong Un type photo op for a while. He is working on one involving Iran most likely but needs more than one. The plan forTrump actually being there is the give away on this. Presidents just don't do this. Apparently the death of one US soldier was enough to deter cadet bone spurs from the risk. Not a brave guy.

  5. Trump is now a Taliwacker sympathizer all because he got busted for sharpiegate. So the people chewed him out so now hes tryna slide in the taliwackers DM? Lol……

    Trump: keep calling me out on my lies..look who's on my team now walks in the taliwackers

    His subliminal message should be loud n clear.

  6. President Trump didnt get that sildier killed!!! Your satire trying to lead in any way that hes at fault is why your fake news

  7. The Trump administration thinks people are idiots. This never happened, all they're doing is pulling out the sharpie again. Trump side is so scripted they want you to think they're quoting the Taliban verbatim. As though Taliban leaders came right out and said, "BTW, we killed an American to improve our negotiating position. Just so you know…"
    Never. Happened.

  8. you see how they try to make him seem as bad as possible JUST 3 DAYS BEFORE 9/11

    and thats how you manipulate the public kids…

  9. The Taliban in the USA ? released from Guantanamo for the weekend perhaps? to go camping with Uncle Don. its nice to see them getting along.

  10. Negotiations with the Taliban will not work. They believe they are on a mission from God and any "agreement" will not be honored. The best approach to eliminating the militant Sunni sects of Islam, whether it is the Taliban or al qaeda, goes through Saudi Arabia the source of their support and inspiration, but Washington seems to believe that the Saudi's are assisting with the fight against terrorism. The only cooperation coming from the Saudi's is a result of the tension between US and Iran…… Iran is their rival.

    Two things to remember: most of the attackers were Saudi's and the Senate buried the investigation into the Saudi's involvement.

  11. What’s the point in making a huge deal about a cancelled meeting that was supposed to be secret anyways? Distraction tactic perhaps?

  12. Sounds like the Taliban has got the upper hand over paedophile trump aka individual one, vote out paedophile trump aka individual one 2020.

  13. Americas great army can't defeat a rag tag group of terrorists who dont even have a country! Why are you spending so much on a military that can't defeat a simple enemy? Imagine if you had a real war against a real army….
    Dont you remember these are the guys who allowed al Qaida to train and attack america killing thousands of innocent americans! And you want to invite them to america? The Afghans dont want them, why are you letting them take over that country, why are you even there.
    The Taliban are a terrorist group that requires no consideration. They are the "Hells Angels" of the Arab world! They are criminals to humanity! And they deserve to be wiped out, not rewarded with a country! America, if your going to get involved, finish the job!

  14. i can't believe the news media is getting played by this moron. this is just like the secret deal he had with Mexico which vanished like a card in a magic trick. or the phone calls from china over trade talks. this is just trump lying in an attempt to boost his numbers in the polls.

  15. President Trump Cancels Secret Meeting With Taliban Leaders At Camp David

    Translation…. Trump cancel meeting (nobody knew about and probably never was going to happen) to move the news narritive away from Sharpiegate and the media let him get away with it.

  16. The only thing left to do is to get Trump out of office ASAP! Whatever and However it might be done, it must be done to save the United States.!

  17. Hey, MSNBC.
    I read this information that was obtained yesterday from Tass, as reported by Russian Media Analyst Julia Davis:
    "Draft peace agreement between the Taliban and the Trump admin said that U.S. forces will leave five bases in Afghanistan within 135 days of signing the document, the U.S. & the Taliban insist that Russia be present at the possible signing of the agreements."
    There is more information available (at)JuliaDavisNews on twitter.

  18. LMAO…. didnt the americans have a policy of not negotiating with terrorists?… this is the us now… lmao . the best comedy show ever!

  19. While @BarackObama is slashing the military, he is also negotiating with our sworn enemy the Taliban–who facilitated 9/11.

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 13, 2012

  20. More trump duckass Bull honk , jasper jabbing look at me up your nose, like you never seen be for weather changing, build a wall I'm the chosen one , wow this goof keeps lying, TRUMP look in a mirror and hold your head in shame,

  21. Bunch of Hippocrates reason why I left the Democratic party. It doesn't matter what Trump says it is always an issue. It's getting old. You can smell the desperation in their party. I want my president to do for my country not for me….that is my job as a MAN and head of household. Without a strong base you can't have a strong building. Dems look shaky and weak not working to get the people but working to get the president.🤔 🤨

  22. Unbelievable, get that lunatic out of the White House before he gets more Americans killed, please GOD. Trump is NOT a foreign policy expert….daah…

  23. Don't believe Trump at all. There was no meeting scheduled and if it were……how STUPID can Trump be to allow Taliban leaders onto US soil, much less Camp David grounds.
    I don't believe any such meeting was scheduled. Another one of Trump's lies. I don't believe a word that comes out of Trump's mouth…..
    Can't wait 'til Trump and his administration are gone.

  24. How can anyone trust anything that Trump or Pompeo say? They have built a tower of lies, and can only keep adding more on top of it…

  25. Our mission is to instigate weaker people so that they retaliate and give us an excuse
    to keep ourselves busy by counter attack. If you stop bullying others, the world may have peace.

  26. Taliban, I think. would of taken advantage of the meeting and would of probably sneak in bombs.
    I would use the phone to speak with them, just to keep them OUT.

  27. Lie there was never any meeting!! Them folks the a Taliban was never gonna agree to that. Don't believe it people it's a lie!!!

  28. Just try to imagine if President Obama had said/done this same thing … 🤔
    GOTPers would've been screaming about him "…dishonoring the anniversary of 9/11…" and his 'treason to the fallen'. 😒
    Their silent hypocrisy now is beyond shameful…and yet utterly unsurprising. 🤨

  29. Wait, so 1 solder dies & trump loses his 💩 but nearly 300 mass shooter victims of domestic terrorist & trump & Republicans are crickets???? Trumps office is a reality show set for a reason! Do you think the “terrorist are wanting to meet the figure head of their war” um ok 🙄😐. Somethings not right!!

  30. And, oh yeah, there was no meeting, "secret" or otherwise. More lies from the clowns who say "we lie, we cheat and we steal". That's a conversation stopper if I've ever heard one.

  31. This is like the report that the Iranians blew up a ship when they were about to meet with another country about shipping oil.  This has a look of a great big steaming heap of Bu…….it.  Why do they think that we will accept this stupid explanation.  Trump and his buddies just want to feed the military/industrial complex. If Trump had really wanted to meet with these people he would have insisted the meeting take place at one of his money loosing properties.

  32. Let’s square this up, we are asked to suspend reality and accept that a Sharpie wielding man child Degenerate & Liar in Chief is able to negotiate peace with a foreign entity that want to see harm on us?
    Trump can’t even negotiate with a friend and ally! Unless the foreign entity is prepared to line his pocket… aka Saudi & Israel & Russian Kleptocrats

  33. Had to secretly cancel a secret meeting with a secret group of secret Taliban secret agents because they secretly agreed to secretly not expose the secret mission of the secret mission. Very secretly disappointing.

  34. trump dreaming again , thinking he is THE man …….what a laugh and a half once again, and they all play along…….let’s get done with this trump old geyser….

  35. Talibans didn’t agree to the fast food menu on offer so our Degenerate in Chief threw his toys and called the whole thing off

  36. So, the MF'er-in-chief set up a meeting at Camp David with the Taliban. What a disgrace that Trump and all those die-hard supporters and enablers are.

  37. Why doesn't Trump invite about 20,000 ISIS fighters to come over and talk. And then Trump can stand there and say that we have a problem at our southern border because too many Hispanic people are crossing the border……what a bunch of sh*t! The border wall is pure racism…..not one thing more.


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