President Trump has fired national security adviser John Bolton, live stream

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  1. Behold un-indicted criminal trump with his ragtag motley crew of so-called expert and experienced advisors in tow … dithering Pompeo, bombastic Bolton, amateur Kudlow, silver-tongued Mulvaney and corrupt Mnuchin … a shameful pack of incompetents on full display before the G7 and the world. Totally appalling and pathetic!

  2. Everybody laughs at Trump but what IF it turns out he’s right about firing this guy? This country will be fundamentally changed forever once all these investigations are completed. Then everybody’s love affair with these traitors will be OVER! Sorry to burst your fantasies sheeple but you’re about to get the education you so rightly and deservedly needed. You will find out why you got the government you deserve!!!!!!!!

  3. no concious human being will keep John Bolton in the Job.He is a cruel,merciless Person, want to engage in war without any reason,he never think about the loss of lives in the war.

  4. I believe Trump is doing the right thing as the man has been a warmonger for many years but before anyone gets excited let's see who replaces Bolton and take it from there

  5. Woulda been sooooo much more satisfying if Bolton woulda been JFK'd. Or ,, if killary and him weren't such good neocon partners in crime,, she coulda had him suicided.  Dam…. Soo much more satisfying ending.. The planet needs closure with that POS.

  6. Trump said he would drain the swamp, then threw the biggest monster in there. Glad the monster is gone, but his promotion by Trump in the first place was unforgivable.


  8. Oh how traumatic for the war loving media. He was sitting at the table among world leaders at the G7 w a big crybaby face. Good riddance.

  9. Don't be so pessimistic, there is a job opening for Boris Johnson. Then we will have the sequel to Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy.

  10. About the only good thing about Bolton is that Trump may have used Bolton to enhance his knowledge of World affairs going back a long time. Other than that I say good riddance. It's always the guys like Bolton who are not ex military, who are the biggest hawks. Even if you don't like Obama he didn't start any new wars and hopefully Trump will manage to do the same. (Unlike GW Bush & Tony Blair)

  11. The Trio White House Hawks,John Bolton,Mike Pompeo and Manuchin ,who are the Puppets of the Israeli Zionist War Criminal Crooked Lying PM,Mr Natanyahu, These Trio wanted to spill the US Young Soldiers Blood for the Interest Of Israel,also with their Lying Fake Reports and Advises to the Brave President Trump in order to attack Iran,Syria,Iraq and Brave Lebanese Hezbullah Organization in Lebanon ,because of the Extreme Pressures from the Sneaky Old Fox Natanyahu who feeds The White House With Lies,Fake Intel,News against Iran,Syria,Iraq,Iran and Russia ,also they wanted Our Young Soldier,s Blood spilled for the Zionist Apartheid ,Inhumane and War Criminals Israeli Leaders. who Once Provided Out National Security Agencies with Lies,Fake Intel,about Iraq,s Having a Nuclear,Chemical and Biological Weapons which Till NOW NONE Found By UN Nusclear Inspectors,But caused the Destruction of Iraq,Killing,Displaced Millions of innocent Iraqi Families,also 50 thousands of Young Soldier,s Dead,Injured,and with PTSD , Just to Keep the Israeli Safe ,also Trillion of American,s Taxes wasted.,also the same dirty games they played in Syria,But Failed with Iran because of the Military Power of Iran,also the President Trump waked up early and Realized that all our Military Forces in Middle East will be under the Mercies of the Iranian,Le

  12. Firing John Bolton is fake staged news, Fire them Socall Israelis where everybodies tax dollars going to finance there military.

  13. WTF he want to bring our military men and women home we got Marines standing guard that's a joke they need to come home now

  14. the next man on fire line is pompeo,,,,,,,,,trump don't want to make money from wars anymore he shifted usa ideas of making money from military wars to economy wars ,,,which he doesn't need old tactics by older secretaries….

  15. Trump didn't want him to resign because he wanted to be able to fire him. I wonder if he'll draw a picture depicting it with his Sharpie.

  16. Actually I was for Iraq war. Can you imagine Saddam still in power ? Messing up in Syria, supporting Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Buying off Americans to vote for Hilary.

  17. The guy's a neoconservative nutcase – a nightmarish throwback from W's era. Bolton has never seen a country he wouldn't love to bomb. Good riddance!

  18. Having read several hundred of these comments, I find it highly amusing how the Lefties all want to say how stupid Trump is, yet I see barely one comment by them which is not wrought with multiple spelling and grammatical errors. Does anyone on the Left know how to speak intelligently while also using proper grammar, word usage and spelling? Just one? Come on, I know one of you has some inkling of intelligence! Where are you hiding?

  19. Thanks be to GOD that another wicked and war monger has been kick out. JOHN BOLTON and deceased JOHN MCCAIN were threat to the peace and stability of the world's population. 👏👏

  20. They are falling one by one, I hope he is not surprise after he witnessed others falling at the feet of trump Hahahaha it serve him right Hahahaha

  21. The world would be a much safer place if Trump had not merely fired this psychopath..but had him hanged from the nearest flagpole..!

  22. The Cheeto in charge is a coward, he proves it everyday…he can tweet insults, tweet terminations, tweet war rhetoric…but when confronted, he buckles like Jenga blocks. He fears women with power, is intimidated by them, and so he attacks them, “putting them in their place.” So when he has a disagreement, he “deal with it tomorrow, buddy.” Then on the toilet of power he tweets, “you’re fired”.

  23. Well when your advice is no longer effective then it's time to leave, and how to leave a war zone isn't a easy task at best of times.

    "Trump and Bolton have two opposing stories… How could we ever know the Truth?"

    Easily actually. The Habitual Compulsive Liar with the worlds most fragile and entitled ego is OBVIOUSLY LYING. Uhm DUH

  25. Bolton wants WW3 so bad because he got the orders from Isreal to wipe out 80% world population so the antichrist can pop out .

  26. I wish we had a counter on peoples forehead. With how much money/blood they cost or made us. Those that have negative numbers we just don't trust. When he dies we need to drive a stake through his heart…to make sure he's really gone forever.

  27. The jackhammer noise made beautiful black metal blast beats. It's bleak nihilist and atonal rhythm gives the flavori want when consuming US national news.

  28. Bolton (National Security Advisor) FAILED. He didn't even comment on the fact that the Las Vegas shooter (per coroner's report) died 10/2/17 at 12:00 hours. Which means SWAT didn't find him dead in his room after the 10/1/17 shooting.
    Here's the link:

  29. Well, so Donald Duck Trump says he fired Bolton, well I believe Bolton offered his resignation and Donald Duck Trump did tell him he would get back with him in the morning, just so he could get his lie out that he had fired him, because for Donald Duck Trump knew what Bolton was about when he hired him, or was that the plan all alone? Was Bolton only there to fill time? So now Donald Duck Trump can get another yes man to take Bolton’s place and say that all the problems that have taken place since Bolton has held his office under Trump, is Bolton’s doing. But I guess they both used, or at least tried to use each other, but I guess you could say Trump won lolololol Better luck next time Bolton. But I still think Donald Duck Trump is going to get his. LOL. YAHAWASHI is coming soon.

  30. Dude you know damn well Donald Trump fired John Bolton cut it out quit acting like children back to the study wow

  31. Just like Donald Trump fired all the other guys John Bolton is hardcore he's trying to save face he was fired just like the others back to the study wow

  32. One reason the news agent reporters keep trying to say Trump is unfit for the presidency he is a Gemini you guys are dealing with twin Brains thought you reporters knew this back to the study wow

  33. If anything John Bolton was surprised by being fired did you guys see him out there on the side of the White House on his cell phone by himself they don't usually act in that matter back to the study wow

  34. Also John Bolton other nations are tired of fighting people want peace understanding tranquility love and being able to do business with other countries all of this war stuff back to the study wow

  35. Media is pathetic. This man should never have been put in this position in the first place. A certifiably insane warmonger that scared the pants out of the whole world. First decent decision Trump has made his whole term

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