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  1. What a fucking scammer, he will make alot of money if they use his property, not only the leaders, their people and security but the his security people, he will make thousands if dollars next year. He is milking this cow really good…

  2. I’m not siding with “communist” China over my country is the biggest trade war in history. Has our country 🇺🇸 gone completely nuts?

  3. I can barely listen or watch this liar anymore. His lies are prolific and he blames everyone else for his ineptness. I think the others in the G7 just feel sorry for the US now and are placating the egotistical idiot.

  4. this clip shows two things; 1) he can sound normal (almost human) if he wants to, and 2) he knows China and the polls are spanking him for the trade wars; and thus the muted, almost sane and conciliatory tone.

    Think about the 180 here. Suddenly, Merkle is just fine (instead of the "nasty woman" he usually depicts) and he is't "looking for surprises" and they're "all getting along" just hunky dory and he's even managed to use actual words without the exaggerated Hitler gestures and the shocking rhetoric. Just think about the level of deviousness and shockingly scandalous lying (well, it all used to shock us) that he plans so we can all experience chaos on a daily basis.

    I'm surprised CNN reporters didn't spend time discussing how he "finally sounds presidential"–as usual when he actually speaks sensibly (other than the explicit display of greed involved in emolument snatching, with his plans to hold the G7 at his property so he can pinch every last euro for his own pockets); perhaps they've finally figured out he'll do some shitty, stupid thing in a minute?

  5. This from a guy that thinks dropping a nuke on a hurricane is as good idea…. SMFH and I'd be willing to bet dollars to doughnuts China didn't call. They'd loose face, and they are all about not doing that.Past time to put Donnie Dotard in a home where he won't hurt anyone.

  6. Did you see the part where Trump was speaking to reporters of "A very big, important area in the Middle East" and "a certain section of Ukraine that you know very well" — IN OTHER WORDS, he was jumping through hoops to avoid the fact that HE DIDN'T KNOW WHAT THEY WERE CALLED!!!!

  7. I love how uncomfortable this buffoon, always looks soooo out of his depth on the world stage! Like a bumbling drunk, who accidentally stumbled on stage!



  10. Merkel is a childless traitor to Germany. Cologne was like a sewer full of leering migrants when I was there last year.

  11. So this is how it ends. The most important stand for this country's and our children's economic future is appeased away because of temporary discomfort and upcoming elections. The best thing about Trump was his stand against the Chinese Dragon swallowing us whole. Smacks of the kicking the can down the road past game plans on North Korea and will end with worse trouble for this countries future. Strong stand is required here for America's future.

  12. The Democrats say President Trump is worse than Hilter, Mao, and Stalin. Geez, I'm surprised they knew the names of Socialist/Communists.

    Isn't the Democrats pushings Socialism, not Trump!

    Let's take a look a Hitler who eradicated an entire people on racial grounds (the Jews) isn't that what Omar and Tliab are doing? Hilter killed six million Jews. 14 million soldiers, 28 million civilians, by starvation, concentration camps, gas chambers, prison camps, torture and more. Omar and Tliab is that what you plan on doing killing the Jews? Hilter was a Socialist remember!. President Trump is a Capitalist, which is an economic system for the people. Shame on you Democrats!

    How about Mao Zedong i.e. Chairman Mao, China, Communist Party, which is still in effect i.e. the People Republic of China. 30-70 million victims died through starvation, prison, labor camps, and mass executions. I don't see that with Trump! So in this regard to this statement like the one above, your talking out of your ass!

    How about Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Lenin, Socialism again, they killed between 20-60 million people. What does that tell you about your push for Socialism!

    FYI Death by Communism 94 million, so let's not go there!

    This is the thing, Democrats, what your pushing is shit! You don't know what the hell you are talking about 98% of the time. Just like all the rest of democrat candidates that tell lies upon lies, scaping the bottom of the cesspool, along with Democrat whore News Channels, scraping the bottom of the barrel for a dollar!

    Your loyalty to the United States is more than weak. In truth, your the blame for this country being weak like yourself.
    You're the reason why we are in the mess we are in, as Democrats continue to line their personal pockets with money, not the people's pockets!.
    Your just a bunch of lowlife crybabies, who expect free rides along with your freedom and privilege to be here. You offer NOTHING in RETURN!
    FREEDOM Democrats is NOT FREE! Good people fought and died to make your dumb ass free and to listen to your dumb ass speeches/remarks!

    I'm voting for President Trump again because he is a Capitalist, not a Socialist.
    He is for all the people in the United States (citizens) with immigrants coming in legally and offering something in return. There is no such thing as a FREE RIDE!
    He has the best interest for the United States.
    He is proud to be an American, proud of our soldiers, proud of the citizens of the United States.
    President Trump is making good deals, good jobs, bringing back US Companies, great medical plans, and more.
    President Trump is making the United States STRONGER, not weaker!
    I don't want to be the "Paper Tiger" with no power, a nation that doesn't walk the talk, no responsibility, no pride in our country.

  13. He's a genuine keyboard warrior! All strength and venom on Twitter until siding next to a member of the EU … Then backs all the way down next to Angela Merkel. Such a giant orange turd, a rotten POS!!!

  14. Like it or not he is going to win the 2020 election in a landslide. Democratic party will be bankrupted and forgotten once and for all.

  15. 6:18 That was a good answer. Take notes Trump. That women has better leadership qualities, dignity and backnone than you.

  16. He’s a money president but bureaucrats, politicians don’t understand economics. One way they do is grab taxes they have no clue how to deal with tax payers dollars

  17. As a German I can tell, that Merkel never was this annoyed by anyone. She hates him so much that even Merkel loses her Pokerface haha. She kept her cool for 15 yeara but here she looks like she wanna kill him.

  18. You do have wonder at times, I've wondered many times, if there is lead in Trumps facepaint. Some type of toxic heavy metal that absorbs right through his face everyday, into his brain… and just slowly rots it out. It's so obvious that noone actually mentions it or ever tests his facepaint. But I wouldn't be surprised if 50 yrs from now some scientist does test it, and finds lead.

  19. To those now suffering farmers who put this tyrannical abomination in power, we don't even have to tell you to go fuck yourselves, you already did that!!!!!!!

  20. He's actually right about China. The open door policy for china which the world followed is now ruining the world economy.

  21. The Pentagon just said last week that directly because of trump's policies ISIS is not defeated and making a comeback.

  22. When you put a nigga like Obama in office , Countries walk all over him because of his ghetto level intelligence.

  23. Trump is pushing his business and gluing to make tens of millions on the g7 next year which is illegal. Fucking bs. Must be nice to be obedient and go on vacation on the tax payer money and pocket it then have thousands of people from world leaders come okay full price at your property to profit on. Not going to make money my ass.

  24. Amazing, Trump can talk and behave normal. I start to think all the other stuff is just a show to keep us all at bay? Interesting. Nevertheless, his actions are still erratic.

  25. No Donald!!! You can not blame others people for your China mess!!! It's your fault, you did this!!! There's a saying 'If it ain't broken…don't fix it!!!

  26. Most people hand gestures are culturally inherited, where heck does Trump get his unique double-puffing-a-pillow hand gesture from?

  27. Summary: Trump doesn't know what's going on, because they wouldn't let him in on the important stuff.

    The usual.

  28. Donald Trump sucks at diplomacy and global politics. But there is one thing he is really good at ~ he is the sort of guy who will not hesitate to drop a MOAB on the house of a person he dislikes. Not even the former US Presidents Obama, George W.Bush have balls like him. He is perfect to take out dictators like Bashar Al Assad, Hassan Rouhani, Kim Jong Un, Shi Jinping, Vladimir Putin.

  29. Trump now at the stage he will say the first thing that comes into his head to suit his argument Here he looks really pathetic weak & empty He’s just not up to job of President

  30. No he does not blame China because he also used China to get rich. Fuck Americans who believe he has their welfare under his concern. You are pons for this jackass who thinks nothing of lying and cheating. You stupid morons fell for his faults because he is stupid like yourself. Ivanka used China to fill her pockets. MAGA…THINK TWICE. GET RID OF THIS ASS.

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  32. In my book he is now President D.J. Scumbag. Check out the videos here from Fox news. Read some of the comments. His supporters still do not understand what a crazy lunatic this man is.

  33. Here is solid proof that Trump is not fit to be president. He thinks it would be a great idea to blow up hurricanes with atomic bombs despite the fact he has been told by experts why it will not work plus the fact it would be dangerous to the environment. Trump has a hamster wheel for a brain !!!!!!!!

  34. It's so perfectly Trumpian, that Merkel says something positive about deepening the conversation between USA and EU and Trump, not understanding a single word, goes "This doesn't sound good." 🤦‍♂️

  35. This Prime Minister Trump has an unhealthy fixation on that Obama guy. Probably something to do with his small pussy grabbing hands. Obama had large hands.

  36. CNN's Jim Acosta blasts Trump for ignoring his question about climate change LOL poor Jimmy his ego was bruised. No worries climate change is fake! America has nothing to worry about. So go and buy some charcoal in your huge SUV … start up the grill and enjoy an AOC farting cow medium rare steak mooooo y'all 🐴

  37. He'll love it once he's not president (hopefully Jan. 2021) and every president for the next 20 years will comment how they're still fixing the Trump administrations fuck ups.

  38. hahahaha……if he nuked a tornado and created a radiationado that turned everyone into extras for TWD, then he would still blame obama or and clinton!!!! this guy is a total loooooser.

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