President Trump rallies for Kentucky’s Republican governor

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  1. So what are you going to do now loser, you going to call Trump for help, I forgot you lost so Trump will have nothing to do with you or even say he knows you.

  2. Our Country is so stupid. Democrats are really stupid. If you vote Democrat you are idiots.

    Democrats are cheating and we all know it.

  3. Liberals actually won an election tonight? Oh that was just DC (the town that looks like a 3rd world country) voting in Virginia. The midt unpopular Gov. in the USA has tied with the Democommie in Kentucky but every single seat went red…lol. Repubs won across the board AGAIN

  4. Oh no Fox clip about Bevin defeat in KY even after Trump support ?? Can't wait for Trump's loony rant "the election was rigged, conspiracy of the red state to defeat Bevin" LOL

  5. Oh wow! Kentucky brought something to the table! It took a while but you saw through the con artist.

    Now squash the Traitor Turtle.

  6. Do fox know that he kost the governor's seat to a Democrat? they're so silent about this and I wonder why? Is it because they're embarrassed about Kentucky going from red to blue over a night?


  7. What the media mob didn't say is the Republicans won all the other states in Kentucky y'all didn't win the presidency and you won't win the president for years and years to come because they are too far radical and too far left with their free free free and 52 trillion-dollar Healthcare Bill Green New Deal climate change it's all a hoax

  8. And he's gone. Bevin lost. Trump lost. And the right is once again too vain and ignorant to see their defeat, instead crying their little eyes out.

  9. How much does Trump have to pay those morons behind him to wear those "read the transcript" t-shirts???? LMAO ANYONE with even half a brain who has actually read even that highly redacted version of the transcript sees how bad it looks for Trump. Now it appears that the unredacted version will be released, and that one will have to be REALLY UGLY for the Idiot-in-Chief. OMG

  10. Today is Nov. 6, 2019 Dems have been getting huge money from Soro & the like who are communist enemies of the State and our nation's conservative values;.
    Beshear and his, want to steal Kentucky's votes for Pres. Trump in 2020. You can be sure Beshear did NOT win, if they say he won, the votes have been manipulated in corruption of the voting process. Its been seen how Dems rig elections by dishonest methods to grab power. Let the votes be recounted fairly and corruption rooted out, the crooks are at it again! Bevin won this election, Kentuckians should NOT allow the Dems to steal their choice of Governor for their State.

  11. Matt Bevin needs to accept defeat gracefully instead of being a sore loser. Thank you Kentucky in deciding to accept hope over fear…unity over division…what is right over what is wrong. Catch the unbridled spirit of Kentucky.

  12. See what happens when you hook your wagon to a trust fund baby wannabe thug, Rand Paul. You either LOSE or go to jail!!. Never thought I'd go blue, but these guys sold their soul and tucked their testicles for a criminal! How pathetic!

  13. Kentucky is strange. Bevin is the only the states 3rd republican governor in the last 70 years. The state though for every other election going on voted a republican. A lot of people are talking about how this will impact Trump. I really dont think it will for a few reasons. First is Bevin was hated so much here in Kentucky and he still only lost by 4,000 votes, second is look at all the other races that happened in the state, all went to the republicans, and unless the dems get better candidates than what they have so far, Trump will win fairly easy.

  14. It’s really not that much of a shock that he lost Kentucky he had the Lowest approval rating of any governor in America

  15. And there you go – We ask the President for a lot and HE (the President) gives us a lot. That's why he is beloved and respected. He cares for the American people. He gives where it is needed and doesn't where it isn't.

  16. The Republican candidate had a solid nearly 6 point lead in this election before Trump came to the state to campaign for him. Lo and behold he wound up losing thanks to the great people of Kentucky for seeing Trump for the scum that he is. Hallelujah there is hope for the country I love!!!!!

  17. Didn’t age well did it? Americans like pensions we have Grandparents and parents whom have them FYI we support paying our teachers. We know what made our Country great and it was policies that made us great.

  18. Lol!!!and then TRUMP goes to Kentucky and helps his boy lose the Kentucky governorship..Im sure this guy ain't liking TRUMP after his lost to a democrat with trump`s help ha?

  19. @grapas100 34 INDICTMENTS? But before wrapping up, Mueller's investigation did result in indictments for 34 individuals – seven of whom have been convicted so far – including some senior members of the Trump campaign (although none of the charges involved a conspiracy between the campaign and Russians).


  20. No matter who wins! President Trump will win in 2020! It's already been prophesized by the late Kim Clement! Thank you LORD!

  21. Gov. Matt Bevin was ahead in his race before Trump came to campaign for him.
    I think the title of a book written by Rick Wilson kind of explains things – Everything Trump Touches Dies.
    Gov. Bevin should have read Wilson’s book.

  22. LoL Trump really delivered for You, bye bye Bevin – He will help to burn down all the Republicans. Can't wait to see Moscow Mitch get Burned by Trump.

  23. I am asking Faux "news": When the fck the "president" is going to be the "unifier" he boasted during his 2016 campaign? So far he has been the wedge of DIVISION.

  24. Just work at fixing the problems of the state of Kentucky and the people of Kentucky!! Stop with this childish playground behavior!!

  25. You love him, you love him, you suck @$$ soo good, you may recount your losses ! YOU ARE SUCKER AND THERE FORE YOURE OUT ! Take your rags and get out of goverment ! L

  26. Donald Trump is the best President I ever had in USA. He is American patriots he is our voices 👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸  God Bless President Trump!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🏻🙏🏻The last three years President Trump bring America back again with respect & make America Great again with respect. 👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸 President Trump 2020!! 👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸The Democrats will not let President Trump be alone enough to do his job “Make America Great” these garbage Democrats Commie trying to take down the USA!! Stupid Democrats calling for impeachment for 3 years from now since the beginning of his term in office!! Traitors Democrats vote them out!! We The People!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  27. Suck it up big baby bevins. You were back by the most unpopular and worst POTUS ever. Dumbass donald is a corrupt , incompetent , racist and perverted scumbag.

  28. Later when Matt loses in Kentucky he won't accept the truth. Then later Jr. said it is not his dad's fault. Fox "news" points out the republicans victory. But says nothing, Fox have you forgot about a state called Virginia?

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