Princess Eugenie’s wedding: The latest news about big day

Earlier this year, the Queen’s granddaughter,
Princess Eugenie revealed she is getting married to her long-term boyfriend, Jack Brooksbank.
Now the time for this year’s second royal wedding.
That’s all we know about Princess Eugenie’s wedding so far. Princess Eugenie is set to marry Jack Brooksbank at St. George’s Chapel in the precincts
of Windsor on 12 October 2018. Earlier this year, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle became
the sixteenth couple to wed at Windsor. It is quite rare for a royal couple to get
married in October. According to Royal Central, the last time the House of Windsor gathered
for a major marriage in October was back in 1993 when the Queen’s nephew, now Earl Snowdon,
wed Serena Stanhope in London. Other recent royal October brides include Luxembourg’s
Princess Stephanie who wed Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume in civil and religious ceremonies
in 2012 and Spain’s Infanta Cristina, sister of King Felipe VI, who married Inaki Urdangarin
in October 1997. Princess Eugenie’s sister, Princess Beatrice, will be her Maid of Honour. There is also
a lot of speculation that Prince George and Princess Charlotte will be pageboy and bridesmaid
while other names to follow the princess down the aisle include Maud, eldest daughter of
Lord Frederick Windsor and his wife, Sophie. The couple is set to follow in the footsteps of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex with a string
of celebrities in attendance. George and Amal Clooney are thought to be on the list as Brooksbank
is a brand ambassador for the actor’s tequila company. Model Cara Delevigne and singer,
Ellie Goulding, are both friends of Eugenie and are rumored to be attending their nuptials. The Duke of Edinburgh is expected to join the Queen at St. George’s to see their third
granddaughter get married even though Prince Philip hasn’t been seen in public much since
August 2017. The Duke of York is set to walk his daughter
down the aisle while his former wife, Sarah, Duchess of York will be back in the heart
of the Royal Family to see her younger child wed. Other royal family members are also set
to attend. The newlyweds will share their special day with 1,200 other invited guests. Tickets to
be inside the castle grounds to see the couple and their guests as they arrive and depart
were distributed after a ballot while Eugenie and Jack, like Harry and Meghan, are also
inviting those associated with charities close to their hearts to be in the Windsor grounds
on their wedding day. The newlyweds are set to enjoy a carriage procession through Windsor immediately after
their ceremony. Eugenie and Jack’s tour of the town will be more limited than the
one carried out by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex back in May with their carriage heading
out into Windsor at Castle Hill before travelling along Windsor High Street and then returning
to the royal residence via Cambridge Gate. Eugenie told The One Show, just after her engagement, that there would be ‘no meringue
shoulders’ while Vogue was told just weeks ago that the designer is definitely ‘British
based’, but of course all the details surrounding the dress will only be made available on her
actual wedding day. The Queen is set to host the reception immediately after the marriage of the couple when their
guests will celebrate with them at Windsor. There will also be an evening party, hosted
by the bride’s parents. The later party is believed to be set for the Royal Lodge
at Windsor which has been Prince Andrew’s official country home since 2004. Fans are speculating that the princess will share some photos of her nuptials on Instagram
as she is the only royal with an Instagram account (she is ninth in line to the throne
which makes it quite unusual). She told Vogue earlier this year:
“My whole house is anti-plastic now – and Jack and I want our wedding to be like that
as well,” she said.

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  1. Anti plastic? What the hell were they going to eat off of, Dixie plates and solo cups? Odd. What plastic would there be at a royal wedding?

  2. God Bless the couple on there wedding day ! And may your union last forever and may you be blessed with healthy children.I'm happy for your mom and dad to be blessed with such a wonderful daughter.💜 I'll be watching from Georgia US. It will be live here at 4:30 a.m.! God bless your new husband and his family will be your family to .

  3. Good onthem..they are low key and don't lord it over others in the media that's what I love about those two..I think she is sensible and got to know him well first of all…unlike her silly cousin who I don't think his Marriage will last. .. ut he will stick atit as Harry will not want others to say they told him so.These two though look like they have great energy together and he will not be after fame and fortune …happiness to them oth.

  4. Then THEY'LL start breeding like fucking rabbits to further burden the UK tax-payer for life ……. time to lull the plug on ALL these social parasites and leeches. The thousands of homeless, rough-sleepers, state of our NHS and police forces are testimony to that fact.

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