Pro-Trump News Outlet The Epoch Times Funded By Chinese Spiritual Group | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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  1. No comparison, Epoch Times to MSM,NYT,WP.
    Epoch Times,does not present the same program propaganda narrative received from George Soros,each day.
    The Epoch Times, presents,RESEARCHED, TRUTH JOURNALISM, by intelligent individuals,not tabloid so called journalists.
    May Epoch Times,replace MSM,.The "dumbing down" of Americans would cease.

  2. Facebook I really know that you are listening it's time for you find out where is all the money coming from. Come on Democrats find out who are behind the epoch times

  3. People and the media stop acting dumb and cowardly and get to the bottom of epoch times this anti Chinese and pro trump propaganda organization and where is the money coming from ( dark money).

  4. So fake news attacking truthers and mediation group.what a lie Feulong Gong have a media arm you are liars are you working for the Chinise communists. Trying to snuff out peaceful Feulong Gong it's like practicing Yoga

  5. lol wtf, china tries to get rid of these nut jobs in the 90s and america took them in because of muh freedum. and now you're blaming china for these people running your election amuck. good job usa

  6. I appreciate MSNBC immensely. When they attack a rival news outlet like Epoch Times it confirms my personal experience that the Epoch Times actually does non-biased investigative reporting. Unlike your 4am talking points to progress the deep state narrative. Maybe one day you'll leave the dark side.

    You shitheads will defend the Clinton's up until the day they are convicted.

  7. Russia and Chinese spiritual group all want Trump as a president. i am not surprised with the job performance Trump has been presenting. another four years of Trump.USA will really be screwed.

  8. This is Hilarious! They did not put forth any evidence that they did anything wrong/illegal. If this was illegal or if there was anything here the Democrats would be all over this. Just like the Mueller report, you know that if POTUS had done anything wrong the Democrats would go forward with impeachment. There is obviously a double standard, I am sure there are groups just like this on the Left also.

  9. MSNBC, Hello America!!!
    My perspective is that…
    This Chinese Religious Sect,
    is more than likely associated
    with the Russian brutal evildoer dictator Vladimir Putin's military intelligence criminal cyberspace illegal hackers.
    I'm sure, there's a significant coordinated effort to advance President Trump's reelection.
    China and Russia dictators had reached an all-inclusive alliance agreement to help their countries advances towards their evildoer dictatorship agendas.
    It was interestingly newsworthy a few years ago.
    They cannot be successful in their plotting, without President Trump winning reelection in the 2020 presidential election.

  10. This might have been the best advertisement for the Epoch Times I have ever seen. They should use this in their adverts. MSNBC literally acted like Epoch Times is evil for thinking Trump could destroy communism in China.

  11. The truth Falun Dafa is very positive for the humanity. Because is meditation and free. The meditation is healthy. Shen Yun are positive values. Shen Yun is Wonderfull. If you want to see the truth. You see www.shenyun performing arts

  12. You guys should be hanged for spreading fake news. The Epoch times was founded by Chinese Americans who were the followers of that religion which is similar to Bhuddhism. All of its funding comes from American sources. China banned their religion because communists want total obedience just like the DemocRATS. The fact that you made such a big deal out of the fact that it's founders are religious of a non abrahamic religion is fake news of the highest order, just like the #RussiaHoax.

  13. I find it very interesting that The Epoch Times has been reporting on Communist China's Forced Organ Harvesting Genocide against innocent Falun Gong practitioners in China. I did extensive research and here are the links of the evidence of this crime and what Falun Gong is:

    What is Falun Gong?

    Cold Genocide: Falun Gong in China

    The evidence:

    The Kilgour-Matas Report:

    Ethan Guttman’s book: The Slaughter

    8 years of investigative evidence:

    Award-winning documentary:

  14. I love the way NBC attacks an individuals religious beliefs. It's very Hitlerish. You never attacked Epoch Times for their journalism.

    We do get it. NBC is a very pro China and pro communism news organization. That's why America sees NBC as fake news and the enemy of the people.

  15. This is bias and irresponsible reporting in the light of what is happening in Hong Kong and the fight for freedom. This gives so-called journalism a bad name if it ever had a good one.
    There should be an investigation – Is Chinese Communist party behind the talking heads on MSNBC?

  16. NBC is fake news arm of the Democrat party! Spreading lies about a news paper that actually covers the news! I won’t be watching NBC CNN or FoxNews

  17. Please check the response from Stephen Gregory from the Epoch Times here if you want to know the real truth:

  18. MSNBC and NBC should be ashamed of themselves for twisting the truth and lying to try to smear and restrict the freedom of speech of the Epoch Times, one of the most honest news channels in existence today. I really don't understand how these MSNBC and NBC boobs can look in the mirror and live with themselves. What an outrage! Shame on you all. MSNBC, CNN and NBC viewership is plummeting while channels like The Epoch Times is skyrocketing because most people understand the truth when they see it.

  19. I subscribed to Epoch it's not bad actually, MSNBC criticizing fake news is the definition of Irony. Rachel spent a year telling us Russia controlled everything from the president to the weather and it all turned out to be boo.

  20. MSNBC is such a disgrace, are you guys pro Communist now? In addition to spending half your time being an attack arm of the DNC? . The ads are 95% for subscribers, not for Trump. Falun Gong is a deeply anti Chinese Communist religious group and are constantly being cracked down on by the Government. The Chinese have tortured and executed these people for opposing the Government. They have ZERO to do with the Government. The founder lives in the US, he is Chinese and would be SHOT on sight if he went there. Meanwhile COMCAST, MSNBC's owner is making deals with the Chinese for broadcast rights. Shame on you guys…carrying the Communist party Water for them. MSNBC just hates better news outlets than them, which isn't hard.

  21. Falun Gong is a big company. One of the way to make money is helping people apply for refugee immigration. Usually they get a "donation " each month in return, as usually foreign government has refugee subsidies And also you need to join their event once a week the first 2 year. It is not a big secret in Canada.but I think they has more money sources, as they are worldwide business, these fake refugees are basically everywhere.

  22. What's the name of that religious group that opposed the Third Reich? If Trump is getting the anti-communist money, who is getting the communist's money? MSNBC?

  23. Epoch Times is the most credible reporting I've ever seen. The reason you got to put out this hit piece is your ratings are suffering and your reporting is totally tailored to the leftist mentality. It's The Epoch Times for me from now on!

  24. Far-left MSNBC says Chinese immigrants to the US who were persecuted for their religious beliefs should be deleted from the internet for running a legitimate news outlet and supporting Trump & republicans. Btw How's that "Russia collusion" fantasy working out for you? 🤣🤣 MSNBC are an embarrassment to journalism when compared to the Epoch Times. You are a tabloid rag compared to them. You are nothing more than misinformation peddlers & dirty smear merchants. You are the enemies of truth and purveyors of tyranny. Filth.

  25. Your basic leftist ad hominem smear. No discussion on facts just a lot of loaded language.
    I knew it as an anti-communist religious group (I had forgotten the name) when I first saw Epoch Times when they were doing free handouts.
    I don't trust media, so for a long time and I was leary. After looking it over for some months, realized they were a good middle of the road source of news

    Real eyes – Realize – Real Lies & Epoch Times tells the truth. NBC speaks with forked tongue.

  26. It's sad, that over the last 30 years, MSNBC has totally gone deep into the darkness to the level of propaganda instead of journalism.

  27. Wait, so there is a group of people who want the communist party of China to no longer be in power… and we are bashing them because they are pro-Trump?! Since when did all the MSM (minus FOX) become pro-communist? Sorry, I look at multiple news sources, and the only thing I’ve seen the Epoch Times put out is stuff that can be verified. I find it funny that MSNBC and NBC are trying to make it seem like these people are conspiracy nuts, when you look through the same glass CNN, MSNBC, NBC, and many others are trying to make conspiracies become reality, aka: Trump is a Russian, Trump colluded with Russia, Trump is a racist, Trump killed more people than Hitler, Stalin, and Mao combined… Once again, you prove that what you present to people to watch isn’t real news, it is simply politically motivated like the owners of these MSM outlets are!

  28. They are a peaceful meditation, a dance group that has been banned in China. Hong Kong tensions, trade war all make Epoch times more important as a force against CCP.

  29. you guys are a fkn joke …shame on you …looking forward to seeing many of you liars being prosecuted….losers

  30. Pro Trump advertising??? Lol So, any ad promoting news that contradicts the fakestream, collusion delusion narrative…. Is pro Trump? So, I, an Obama voting progressive who also condemns the Russia "witch hunt"… I'm what, "far right"… A Trump supporter? I'm a proud subscriber to Epoch and appreciate true, intrepid, investigative journalism. Unlike the state propoganda spread by MSNBC, CNN.

  31. Sooo Trump is holding the Chinese' feet to the fire while at the same time being funded? You know that sounds ridiculous right? Either you are evil or just really deluded. Good luck with that.

  32. I guess reporting facts makes you pro trump. Smsh 😜 epoch times is excellent, check it out for yourself. Congrats Epich, they're threatened, you've made it!

  33. MSNBC, isn't that the tabloid that promotes lesbian propaganda articles stating 'heterosexuality does not work' while failing to see the point that the article was written by someone who got born from a mother, pregnant by means of the seed of a father. Mwuhahahaharr!!

  34. Hey, whoever the presenter us …. how do you feel about exploiting really nice people who mind their own business and get arrested thrown into jail and have their internal organs cut out of their body stolen and sold just because spiritual people have healthier organs so command a higher price …. How do you feel about this?

  35. Because why would ANYONE oppose the peace and freedom-loving PRC government? It's come to this. An American media outlet attacking another media outlet for opposing a government that abridges every human right possible – especially the right to free expression.

  36. how poor and obvious the strategy of mainstream media can be seen, i am glad that your times are over. epoch times is independend and real journalism

  37. Well, they're Chinese-Americans so…., theres that. Thanks MSHIV for yet again, proving to the world that you are still fake news and you are the enemy of the people and nothing but a trash propaganda network.

  38. So far the Epoch Times had been dead on accurate about everything and been FACTUALLY BASED (and noted their opinions as opinions). They were even right about Rosenstein being on Trump's side when I thought he was against Trump.
    The more I listen and read the Epoch Times, the more I laugh at the media stations like CNN, NBC, ABC, and MSNBC which seem to consistently get it wrong and outright LIE to the public or omit information to make for a more one sided story/narrative !

    Epoch times may be funded by Falun Gong but they are NOT Falun Gong but thanks for trying to obfuscate and make it appear as though they are the same. Same NCB , Same FAKE NEWS!!

    1.5 million on 11K advertisements? FALSE AND A BLATANT LIE. But it's MSNBC what do you expect, facts?! 😀
    Falun Gong has done the advertisements and not Epoch Times !! And no , there is no spirituality or requirement to work for the news paper. Many of them DO work for the Asian version but not for the English/USA Epoch times.

  39. Its sad the founders of the Epoch Times fled an oppressive censoring communist state only to find the lefty’s in America… not much difference.

  40. Pro-SOCIALISM News Outlet MSNBC engaging in PROPAGANDA once again. I wonder will they have to state a retraction like their Lawrence O'Donnell did! CNN and MSNBC typical Leftist spin masters of Yellow Journalism and Muckraking…Orwellian!

  41. So? Did everyone just forget the entire 2016 primaries and election where ALL the corporate media (that the liberals used to hate) were ALL pro-hitlery?

  42. Wow. To listen to these commentators I have to ask how they were able to keep a straight face. Never in my life did I think I'd see such fake information on a news source. It is astonishing MSNBC is trying to pass this information as real. LOL

  43. I did not see any facts in this video. I also don't see any comments with anyone providing links who are claiming things that are facts. It doesn't take long to do research on falun gong, feel free to show me where their propaganda money is coming from, because MSNBC doesn't seem to want to do that for us.

    Guess we gotta just believe it. Or, before having a passionate opinion, take some time to verify the truths and/or holes here. No publication gets an automatic trust, especially these days. Epoch times routinely provides cites to follow up on. MSNBC please just show us the connection to the money.

    Does epoch times fund falun gong with their revenue (as if there is anything to fund if you actually know anything about it) or does falun gong fund epoch times' ads (with money it doesn't have but I am open to some evidence if anyone has it)?

    If you have a passionate opinion please at least base it on something. If you could watch this video and agree with it, you are painfully undisciplined in how you reach conclusions. This is a major media publication that has provided no hard facts for its claims. The evidence provided is out of context and presented with narrative, which is fine, if it's being reported as such. Except it's been reported as 'exclusive' facts.

    Please give yourself more credit and actually look into things, people. Peace. Praise be to Krishna.

    P.S. here's an easy headstart

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