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*Upbeat music* Greetings lovelies! Hi, it’s Emmy. Welcome back to another prison recipe test. Today, I have a new cookbook for you. It’s called “Commissary Kitchen: My Infamous Prison Cookbook.” And it is written by Albert “Prodigy” Johnson; and in particular, it shares his recipes and his struggles on trying to maintain good health in prison. So he has sickle cell — so he found it even more challenging to maintain good health using the few things that he has out of the commissary, or out of packages that his loved ones sent him. So Prodigy has a section here called Classic Prison Dishes and I’m just going to do this one and this is P’s Jail Break. And if you like these kinds of prison recipe taste tests, be sure to subscribe, and I’ll also put the playlist to the other recipes that I’ve tried out, down below. All right, let’s go ahead and make this! I’m just gonna cook it with some hot water like I’ve done in the past. Add it to a bowl and then microwave it, and then I’ll strain it. I just added some boiling water, I’m gonna put a lid on it and let that sit for a little while. As I mentioned, Prodigy also has sickle cell, so he tried to stay away from these packets ’cause they’re full of sodium. So, I think that’s a wise decision. I’m gonna set that aside. While my ramen is cooking, I’m going to prepare my meat. So the recipe calls for using canned sausage, which I believe is like Vienna sausage, which I didn’t have on hand. But, I did have some leftover spam, from my spam taste test — I’ll put that link down below in case you missed that. So, I’m gonna substitute that. Another kind of canned meat, right? *grunting* As you can imagine, inmates are not allowed access to knives, generally, so you often have to make due, and can lids are sometimes used as knives. So I’m gonna go ahead and test that, I’m gonna be very careful because I don’t want to cut myself *laughs* Yep, it works beautifully! Just gotta be really careful. So now that I have the meat chopped up, I’m gonna use a little snack-sized bag of Doritos and crush ’em up. Okay, let’s check on our noodles! And, indeed, they have plumped up. This stuff is wicked salty, so I’m just gonna use a tiny amount Now I’m gonna add the chopped meat and my crushed up Doritos. So the book shares a lot of stories about prison life, and in particular, how food is an integral part of that, in terms of maintaining an emotional sanity in prison. As you can imagine, you don’t have a lot of privileges, and you don’t have a lot to do. So cooking things and cooking breaks, and making things like this…. But you have something to eat, and you have a feeling of satisfaction. So as you can see, this isn’t exactly healthy, but I’m encouraged by some of the other recipes in this book. So, I’m looking forward to try those ones out. So that’s pretty much it — now we’re gonna add some hot sauce. Prodigy said they had Frank’s Red Hot in his prison, but I have Tabasco, so I’m gonna use that. Heck, I’m going to add some Sriracha on that, too, because, it’s my prison, after all! I’m a big fan of mixing my hot sauces, and that was also listed in Prison Ramen as one of the hot sauce options in his prison, so, it is legitimized in that sense. All right, let’s give that a taste! Itadakimasu! Humph… There’s still a little bit of a residual crunch from the Doritos, and, it does taste like Doritos — vaguely. It’s kind of watered down, because it’s spread out with the ramen noodles. It’s not overly salty, which I like. And, let me try to get a piece with the Spam in it. Hm… When you get a bite with a piece of Spam in it, it actually gives it a lot of flavor, a little bit of a smokiness, a little bit of protein. Believe it or not, I think this could actually use a little more Spam, because I didn’t use the seasoning packet this isn’t overly salty. Like always, for me, hot sauce is a welcome addition, and I think it works in this recipe as well. But to be honest, this is not very delicious. I’m sure it would fill your belly, and I’m sure it’s very satisfying to make something for yourself, But it’s not exactly tasty. So that was Commissary Kitchen: My Infamous Prison Cookbook. Let me know if you want to see more recipes from here. And yeah! Hope you guys enjoyed that one; I hope you guys learned something; don’t forget to follow me on social media, share this video with your friends, give it a little bit of love, and I shall see you in my next video! Toodaloo, take care, bye! Um… *burps* We’ll just leave it at that.

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  1. Now that our home boy P pasted away it would be an honor for us, his fans, if you cook your favorite recipe from his book. Lemme know if you will. Keep doing what you re doing, you re really good at it. Peace!

  2. Tbh if he was going to use all that dorito powder, might as well just used the packet and leave out the doritos. Add more spam and some hot sauce and bam, a much better tasting recipe.

  3. Prodigy is a rapper who just died from complications due to his sicklecell . He was one of the two mc's in the group mobb deep which is an iconic group that started in the early 90s when him and havoc were teenagers. Rest in peace Prodigy.

  4. I love Ramen but I can't have it because I am HIGHLY allergic to onions. But I would love to do some of these recipes. They are easy, inexpensive, and being a college student, these would be great, quick, recipes.

  5. I just thought about how these people went to prison got out and then wrote a book about prison recipes and we don't know what they did and went to prison for or how long they went for…

  6. It's called Chi Chi. My favorite recipe is broken down beef ramen usually 6 to 8 packs. I only use half of the salt packets. One or 2 cans of instant chili, one or 2 packs of tuna, preferably the Thai sweet chili, one or 2 bags of beef jerky, but I use the steak nuggets cause they're more tender. I use one thing of nacho cheese, the whole thing. I skip the crushed chips. I put that all in a pot dry and stir it up. Add my water and boil it until the noodles are soft. I then turn it down to a simmer until it dries up a good bit. Then I serve it with the chips on top.
    It's delicious and beats doing it in a bag which is how it's done in prison.

  7. lol… yeah i have almost tried this one time i was in jail.. it's called spread… i never liked/cared for it. however, i always thought it's a better idea to eat the ramen, doritios, and vienna sausages seperately….? lol

  8. try this with cup o noodles , minced onions, spicy doritos, ruffles potato chips… that is yummy. i think cup o noodles taste better than ramen..

  9. these are all variations on jailhouse gumbo (as I heard it called many times.) Ramen noodles, some kind of chips (could be any kind really, depending on what was available or what was most liked) and anything else that seemed like it might be good in the "gumbo". Summer sausage and some kind of very highly processed yellow cheese (like a velveeta type cheese) were the usual additions when I was in the clink (for a very brief stay). I assume those two items were available from the commissary, as were various types of ramen and chips (and I assume some kind of water heater to cook the noodles.) Frankly I thought the baked chicken and the sloppy joes were the best food I had in jail, along with the turkey ham sandwiches and some breakfast cereal every breakfast. Really not too bad at all but all there is to do is eat and talk to lunatics!

  10. Hi Emmy, I hate watching you struggle with eating salty spam. You can rinse it in running water with get rid of some of that on the surface.

  11. Oh man. I don't know if I should be proud of this but, I spent a short time in prison and I was really good at making "pizzas". But a different way, using a bag and by flatting it out and cooking with small amounts of hot water can then adding various things as toppings. I'd use a big fritoes bag, four ramen packs, two season packs, chili, corn chips, and pickles, jalapeños, cheese (not in that order). And basically cut the bag open the reveal a nice square ramen pizza then add everything accordingly!

  12. Hello Emmy!!!! greatings from Venezuela!! I love your channel!! What is the song of this video?? the music intro is spectacular!!! thanks!!!!

  13. That looks really tasty to me. For some reason, some of the things that look tastiest to me are things that are orange, contain ramen, or are cubed. I’m odd, I know.

  14. Umm….They don't let you have can lids either….lol…well really anything metal they don't let you have, and they count EVERYTHING when they hand them out to make sure nothing that could become a weapon falls into the wrong hands lol

  15. Hi Emmy
    I was looking for the physical recepe. Do I need to buy the book?…
    Also I have not seen on your channel that you have a website where all the recepies are. Do you have one?
    I wanted to send these recepies to some people I know in prison. If you can direct me where I can get the recepies it would be nice. Thank you.

  16. Prisoners aren’t even allowed canned items any longer due to the lids being used as weapons (heard that from After Prison Show) so everything comes in pouches now. Apparently inmates use their ID card to cut ingredients if not having access to a plastic knife (stolen from the kitchen), or a shank to cut things with

  17. lol the Author passes on the seasoning packet because it's full of salt.. but then makes a meal out of salty Ramen Noodles, salty Doritos, salty Spam, and salty Franks Red Hot Sauce.

  18. USEFUL TOOLS Shanks, rolling papers, sporks, balloons, Ziploc bags (gallon size for toilet wine), chapstick and Vaseline.

  19. These take me back. I retired in April 2016 after 25 years working at our County Jail. Inmates are serious about making their food. I saw a guy loose it over someone stealing his flavor pack from his noodles. I called him the Green Mile. Nicest fellow never had a temper until that day. Was only in for non-child support so he wasn't prone to violence. He lost it that day. Said noodles no good without the seasoning. Of course he was right.

  20. Cant have the flavor packet because of the sodium…BUT can have SPAM and doritos….because thats so much less sodium 🤨

  21. I had something similar, it had ramen, Doritos and cheezits. It was delicious but I can't get it right when I try to do it myself.

  22. She literally sounds and looks like a little girl!!! I really enjoy her channel though!!! But the fact that some one slept with her is weird to me because she seems so much like a kid!!

  23. I really enjoy your personality and when they eat something new I say iko daki maaz …I know that's not right but I still say it!

  24. Inmates aren't allowed access to cans either. All the products are in plastic. I used the lid of a jar of peanut butter, cut in half to chop food.

  25. Prodigy's cook book but they make some white/Asian girl to make the shit… fohhhhhhh and on top of that shes substituting items and then complains about the taste

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