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  1. Annalise is not dying she will just fake it just like the story of the snow white and her step mother murder Case that she talked about it in the classroom.

  2. I can think of not just one but 2 that would be better: beer and sluts party 2: Drinking beer and eating icecream while watching the adult versions of the puppies fight each other over a bone, and betting money over which one will win lol.

  3. Idiots, he is just trying to get them to buy a puppy from him, so he can start his own dog fight club in the basement in order to pay for his Student loans and heroin addiction lol

  4. So sweet. Love Ollie. God Jack……. could you be a little more obvious that you hate showing the fact that your character wears a wedding ring? I did not think there was any other way you could come up with to cover it up or hide it from camera. Congrats on new and creative ways to do so.

  5. I got so scared when I first saw some random person sitting on the couch but then realized is the person who brought the puppies lol

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