Record Breaking Hamburguesa Picante Challenge at Bentley’s Madrid!!

This is Randy Santel ‘Atlas’ estoy muy muy nerviosa because this hamburguesa is
Gigante! This will be the biggest challenge so far in Spain!
Estoy in Central Madrid at Bentleys there Princesa location I’m taking on
the English translation is “Do you want to be immortal?” I’m taking on that burger
challenge! They’ve got two here, this one is where I’m going for the record!
A while back somebody ate three kilos of hamburger meat, so in order to beat the
record I have to one-up that and I decided to go for 2.3 kilos
or seven pounds of hamburger beef and for the burger I had multiple options
but I went with their picante, it’s got some spicy jalapeno a secret sauce it’s
got red onion and then a whole bunch of cheddar cheese, but yeah just the beat is
3.2 kilos or seven pounds so this is a massive challenge, there’s a one sitting
time limit, so I don’t have only one hour anything like that, I’ve got some time to
finish whether I win or not it’s still 108 euros, but if I win I will get a
sweet t-shirt and my photo will be posted on the front counter, not just on
the wall of fame but on the front counter so
that is awesome, then everybody walking into the restaurant will see that I got
the record I am The King! Let’s get this challenge started! All right so I’ve gotten part of the USA
on the start because this is frickin huge!
A lot of the past ones I’ve done so far haven’t been that big, but I think I’m
ready! let’s eat! Un, dos, tres. . . boom! Alright
first thing I’m going to do is this bottom bun has to be disgusting with all
of the juices and stuff so I’m going to get that out of the way and then we’ll
eat some beef! Oh no! We’re 15 minutes in, what just happened
is that, that was a 3.2 kilo patty, totally understandable, but the middle wasn’t all
the way cooked, so I’m eating the outside. It’s a very very good and juicy burger,
but they’re going to stir fry cook through inside of it while I eat this,
and then once they bring that back I’ll eat that, and we’ll get the victory! All right we’re 20 minutes, 15 seconds
in while they’re cooking the rest of the middle of that meat would finish the bun,
I already did that bottom part to start but now we’ll get this done once they
get back we’ll just have that meat and the toppings to finish! Alright, 24:30 in,Thank You to Bentleys for cooking the middle of it, now all
that’s just perfect still have plenty of jalapenos and some cheddar cheese on
here but let’s get this down we’ve already done the buns, then we’ll have
the victory, we’ll have the new record! You are my master, come on! Ah Si! 46:20 in we’re trying to beat one hour you don’t have to that’s the goal. Fifty three minutes and 25 seconds was the
official finishing time, very very happy that they cooked the middle and let me
do that, I was really happy with the toppings I chose, I got the picante
burger with that little spicy sauce along with the cheddar cheese on it
thank you guys all for coming to watch special, shout out to my friend Mariana she’s one of our biggest fans in Spain
we got her shirt here and then she was at the first Spanish challenge that
burger that I did! and I signed her hat!
muchas gracias for watching, asta luego!

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  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching the video!! 2 things!! #1 I didn't actually pay for the burger myself, which is why I still turned my hat around. #2 Please don't let this video reflect Bentley's food as a whole, since the kitchen was rushed and not used to cooking a burger patty of that magnitude. It all worked out in the end and their smaller burgers are absolutely delicious (and fully cooked lol)!! If you live in the area or go to Madrid on a trip/vacation, there are five locations and their menu burgers are surely recommended!!

  2. I think the taste of that product is worst …your face reaction at starting showed that😂😂😂😂😂💥💢

  3. What a bunch of wusses. Ever hear of steak tartare sandwiches? Raw burger with salt and pepper on rye bread and onions to boot.

  4. Do yall ever just come back and watch old videos, coz i do and this is amazing to think it was okay to give a challenger a uncooked burger. However being such a huge patty as Randy said it is understandable but that is not an excuse to not use a thermometer. ALL THE BEST RANDY FROM NEW ZEALAND

  5. Read the comments before I started my comment and sure thing people were thinking the same thing about how raw that burger looked🤢🤮..
    Hope you didn't get sick bro!.
    Cheers 💪

  6. I went to a place that ground and cooked their own beef and I got a burger this rare (on purpose) and it was amazing and I was fine. I think good handling is the big issue. Rare burger life.

  7. What restaurant is this they deserve a health code violation after putting your food on the grill after you ate it 😂😂😂

  8. Did he get sick from eating this I wonder 🤔? Just thinking about that bottom bun full of raw meat juices. Just hope that was amazing quality beef keep in optimal conditions.

  9. Now that’s dedication Randy! Good job! Not only keeping that amount of food down but keeping that amount of raw and frankly potentially dangerous food down. You’re a champ and you have way stronger gag reflexes than I. I would have hurled if I’d had to eat that pink ground beef. Love your videos man, plus you’re just so polite and great to your fans! It’s honestly refreshing!

  10. I'll charge them with this: getting nervous because of the level of celebrity they had to compete in this challenge. Other than that, mistakes happen. Great job champ!

  11. Charges even if you win… definitely Spanish owners even without seeing the staff. Cheap ass MF'ers And what is up with the raw ass hamburger? Guess they want it to be "authentic Mexican"… you know… gives you the runs and might kill you.

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