Registering for Classes

Alright in this video we are going over how to
register for classes here at LCC. The first step here at the main page
you sign in which is located at the top. You’re going to log in with your TUID and password, which of course you should know at this
point if you are watching these videos. From here, our home page, you will recognize this from other videos. You are going to locate the banner tab located
right at the top of the screen. You can click on that, this is gonna take
you to banners of service. From here you have three options you
have personal information, student, and financial aid. Let’s take a quick look at them before
we go any further. First we have personal information, here you can verify and
update your phones an addresses, your email, all the information about you
as a student LCC probably needs to know. The third tab over here is financial
aid, you can view record, your student account, loans you’ve taken, a lot a very important
thanks along with going to the FAFSA application. Which you’ll know from financial aid
videos is very very important. But what we are gonna focus on
today is the student tab. From here you can see registration, student records, student account, and your
credit card payments. So we’re gonna look at how to register for classes. You’ve got your pre-registration
tasks, and that includes looking up classes, verify, all the personal information, check for holds, everything that you need to do before you register for classes to make sure LCC has got everything in order for you. After that, down at the bottom is
continue to registration tasks. You’re going to click that and up here at the top
you will see these four things. These are the four steps you need to
complete to get a seat in your classes. So click “Add or Drop Classes”. The CRN boxes here; ignore them. This is a horrible way to look to
for a class and its horrible. We are going to click on class search here in the
middle and we are going to start looking through the desired classes. Normally you’d pick a semester but at the time of this video, only I spring is available. So we are going to go
down to Student Development which has our demonstration class, you click on
core search. And we’re looking at first year
experience the 101 class right here. From here you can just you classes and
you can click on view sections. From there it shows you all the sections. Now to see if a class is available for registration, under Select
there should be a box that if it’s open for registration.
NR means it’s not available for registration at this point. There’s also “C” which means the class is
full. But someone could drop from and you can
register so if there’s a class that you want to get in but its full, keep an eye on it you might get lucky.
Moving farther on the right we’ve got CMP that stands for campus
OM stands for online, M is for main, W C stands for West
Campus. There’s also abbreviations for our East Campus, the Livingston Center in
Howell, along with our Saint Johns location. Next we have days. Obviously if the course is an online course
there’s not any specific day for the class is held. You have M for Monday, T for Tuesday, W for Wednesday, R for Thursday, F for Friday, and S for Saturday. From
that there’s the times the classes are held are held. Over here far on the right are the dates the class is held, some
classes are only eight weeks long. Maybe the first eight weeks or last 8 weeks
of the semester. Gonna pay attention that so you know
when your schedule is. You might wind up having only two classes for part of a semester
and then go to three. And then another more in-depth look at
location. As in to what building number it is,
this is all very good stuff to know. Alright, here’s a look at your classes
after you’ve selected them. Normally at the beginning of a semester there will be a little thing called
action right here where you can drop a class or change what you’re enrolled for. Right now we can’t do that
so what we have here is a breakdown of what a class would be. Here we have video post production one. The subject it is, the course number, the CRN for it, and how many credits you’re getting. If you’re done here you can go down to continue
to student class schedule and here’s where you can get a real
breakdown on where you’re gonna see all your classes. This is a good time to print it out right now
because this is what you can submit for ID or just to have on hand. Breakdown of
where it is, what time it is, what days you meet. Everything you need to know. If you’re done here at this point you will go on to
tuition and fees. Alright, here’s the page where it gives you a
break down what you owe for a semester. Nice and simple you can see what you owe at a certain point. For 12 credit hours this is what you would see. At this point we’re gonna go on to step four Select payment options. Normally, right up
in here you would see the due dates for the
semester. At this point there are no due dates. And here you can select your payment plan. If you’re paying by cash or check in full they can be paid at the Student
Finance office and credit card can be paid online
in full. And the fourth option for most students is going to be the payment plan. Now that will take you to the next set of slides here. Select a term. It will give you nice break
down, sign up for a payment plan right here
and more than to be covered in the Financial Aid video.

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